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Newbie Start-Up Guide
Welcome to In Dire Straits, a semi-realistic feral RPG with light fantasy elements. We’re happy to have you!

This guide compiles all the essential things you need to begin your sparklewolf adventure. Before diving in, please take a moment to glance through the following threads so we don’t have to rehash their contents:

Character Creation.
While visual references are NOT required on IDS, we have templates you can use to design your character if you want. You may also use artwork, provided it was made by you, made for you, or for-free-use (such as stock photos).

If you don’t want to make one yourself, check out our Adoption board or Design adoption board, which feature both pre-made characters and blank slate designs.

Writing a Character Profile.
A profile tells the forum all about your character! On IDS, we do not have word counts or set profile outlines - design it however you want, and include any information or decorations you desire. We only have a small amount of required information that must be posted for the profile to be sorted into the directory, and you do NOT need to wait for your profile to be sorted to start roleplaying! With exceptions to characters requiring moderator approval, such as non-standardized hellbeasts and characters over the height limit for their species, you can begin soon as you post your profile - unless it has been moved to the Corrections Needed board, in which case you must not roleplay that character until the profile has been amended.

IDS does not delete character profiles unless asked to by the player. If you leave and come back, your character will be just where you left them.

Minimum required information in a profile-
Height: (see information about heights/weights here

If you want a simple, free use profile outline with only the most necessary information to get started, we suggest using one of the ones listed here!

For additional information on Character Creation, go here.

Roleplaying Your Character.
Once your profile is posted, you are free to roleplay your character. We do not have word count minimums for posts, and writers of all skill levels make up our community. If you want to practice in a more easygoing board, consider trying the Neutral Territory first - it is a more forgiving environment where you don’t need to worry about following a pack’s set rules.

There are no forum-wide activity requirements, and your characters will not be deleted from the forum due to inactivity. However, packs may have their own activity requirements, and you may be removed from a pack’s rank listing if you do not post for a certain amount of time. This can often be remedied by discussing with the pack’s alpha, or posting a goodbye thread ahead of time to let them know you will be away. Being removed from a pack for inactivity does not mean your character cannot be picked up later and roleplayed elsewhere, but it is best to discuss with the pack’s alpha to make sure.

Replies on IDS might be slower paced than some other forums - just because someone hasn't replied to your thread for a couple weeks doesn't mean they don't want to roleplay with you any longer! We are simply a more laid-back community and some people take longer to reply to threads, so don't feel bad if you take a while to reply, either!

Joining a Pack.
First you need to find a pack you like! Read the board descriptions to get an idea of what each pack stands for, and especially check out the Pocket Guide to Packs and Prides for more in depth information on each pack! Each one has a different culture and set of rules-- some are violent, some are peaceful, some don’t accept certain species. If you aren’t sure which pack is best suited for your character, you’re always welcome to ask the forum for advice.

If you are not sure if your character would fit in your favorite pack, whether it be because of a clashing personality or the species of your character, talk with the alphas! Oftentimes exceptions are made and lead to great plots.

Once you choose a pack, check the information available to see if borders are open and if you can just jump in there! Many packs take different kinds of acceptances, including traditional and auto-acceptance.

Traditional acceptance: Post a thread about your character at the border of the pack you’d like to join with the word “Acceptance” clearly marked in the title, and a corresponding member of that pack will answer it.
Auto-acceptance: You do not have to roleplay an acceptance thread in order to be a part of the pack. Many packs will clearly state if they are accepting auto-accepted characters and explain their process. You can adopt a character from the Character Adoption board, adopt a design from a pack’s individual threads in the Character Design board, or possibly messaging the alpha your character information if they’re allowing it.

Playing in Neutral Territory.
The Neutral Territory consists of everything within the IDS world outside packlands. This board is inherently consent, meaning your character cannot be killed or injured without your permission. It makes a good practice area for this reason!

You are under no obligation to join a pack. It’s okay to just play in Neutrals, though it’s easier to find plots in the packs.

Finding Roleplay Partners.
The easiest way to find a partner is to post in the Roleplay and Plot Requests board. Link your character profile along with any information that might help explain what you’re looking for (a meet-and-greet thread? A plot? Which pack to join?), and you’ll have replies in no time.

Participating in the Community.
We have a discord you can join if you would like to talk to forum members over IM. Otherwise, our OOC sections are very chatty.

The Introductions Board: A place to say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself.
The Spam Bin: A place of nonsense. Random topics and chitchat.
General Discussion: For more serious topics. Less memes, usually.
Health and Personal Concerns: A safe space for members to talk about off-site problems and receive support and advice.
Creative Corner: Are you an artist? Do you like coloring bases? Poetry? This is the place for you. You can also buy and sell designs and commissions here, but we caution against joining the forum only to sell stuff as the community finds that very rude.
General Discord Chat: Do our OOC boards seem quiet? Check our our Discord server! Our community is very active on Discord.

Written by Rip, Kookamunga, and Adiemus. Inspired by the original Newbie Guide by Ypput.

Only contact this account to inquire about or appeal a warning you have received. All other Mod-related business should be directed to individual Mods.

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Our current staff team is Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin.
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