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The Rules of In Dire Straits

If you have a concern or question not addressed below, check the FAQ.

The Golden Rule.
Be kind, be patient, be considerate. Remember that behind the sparkledogs are real people. Not everyone will get along, but arguments must be handled gracefully or mods will absolutely step in. Real life is difficult enough; your online wolf-adventure should not be. We're here to have fun!

OOC Discussion

  • Any OOC discussion above PG-13/T for Teen/a [Image: 211.png] RPG ranking must be marked clearly in a spoiler tag and/or thread title. Explicit topics such as (but not limited to) illegal material, drug use, underage drinking, and sexual activities aren’t allowed. Potentially triggering content such as abuse, suicidal inclination, or assault must be placed in a spoiler tag. A mod may edit your post to include a spoiler tag if you do not provide one.
  • Mildly sexual, suggestive, and nude artwork is acceptable if it's marked clearly and put in a spoiler tag. Anything featuring or suggesting pedophilia, bestiality, etc. are absolutely never allowed and will result in immediate moderator action.
  • Graphic videos are absolutely forbidden. Posting a direct link to explicit content will result in immediate moderator action
  • Cursing is not monitored, but we have zero tolerance for racial, religious, class, etc. slurs and prejudices.
  • You are never permitted to "vent" about other forum members on the forum.

“Grave Digging”.
Please don’t bump old threads (ones that haven’t been posted on for at least several days) without good reason! When in doubt, just private message the member who wrote the original post.

Double Accounts.
Members are allowed to have however many side-accounts as they want (referred to as “personas”) for RP. However, you may not pretend to be multiple forum members or use someone else’s account to sidestep bans. Due to unfortunate situations in the past, we are very stern and unforgiving of this behavior.

Harassment is when another user is repeatedly, excessively, and/or needlessly pressured, excluded, belittled, bullied, alienated, or targeted by another individual. This creates a poor environment on the forum and will not be tolerated. If you need to report harassment or believe you have been falsely reported, PM a forum guardian with the following:
  • screenshots of the incident if available.
  • what happened from beginning to end, told as objectively as possible.
  • an explanation for why you did or said what you did.
  • please include any other information that you feel is relevant.
  • do not respond to the other person or people.
  • for off-site harassment: Both users involved must have active accounts on forum, and screenshots are vital.  While moderators in the past have felt that it was unhelpful to take off-forum actions into account, we now feel that it is most constructive to change our policy.

Coding and Profile Decorations

Coding in Posts and Character Profiles.
We urge all users to keep readability in mind with post and character bio coding. The general rule of thumb is that if other members need to highlight or resize your post in another program in order to read it, please rethink your layout. The coding manual can be found here.

Quick and Dirty Guide to Coding Readability

First, a preface from Arkyls:

Quote:With the new forum having really great, expansive new coding options I'd just like to remind everyone while posting profiles, bins, and codes for future RP posts that you consider the following to maintain readability across the forum.

There will be a more extensive guide later but for now, If people need to:

- highlight your text
- copy/paste it somewhere else to size increase it
- otherwise look through the source code to read it

Please reconsider your particular formatting and coding.

This should be the overall rule of thumb when it comes to formatting. It is unkind (and, frankly, unrealistic) to expect other people to jump through hoops in order to read your posts, and how will they be able to partake in your wolfventures if they can't read them?

It is worth noting, as well, that you are not obligated to use post coding. Many members don't or only use very minimalist codes.

Colored Text

People use colored text all the time to differentiate dialogue. But, what looks good on the skin you're using might sear the eyes out of people using others.

For example, this maroon color looks pretty nice on the Forest theme.

[Image: Mma7uat.png]

...And it's illegible on the Nardir theme.

[Image: Vi15gOG.png]

To stop this from happening, Uri installed custom box codes, which allows you to put your post in... well, a box. You can see the difference:

[Image: 5FWptnt.png] [Image: brWCTla.png]

This means that your post will look the same across all themes. If you use colored text in your posts, please use a box code.

Reasonable Post Coding and Font Sizes

Most of us have seen (and some that came from) forums that rely on very graphics heavy postscripts. While we understand the appeal of such styles, keep in mind that a lot of our userbase runs on toasternet, has vision impairments, or are too tired from working a thousand hours to read size .05 font surrounded by flame photomanips. Code for, again, readability.

If your post coding is too difficult to read, the mod team will ask you to alter it.

New: Please do not use animated backgrounds to your RP post coding. It would be best if you didn't put gifs in general in them, barring small things. Absolutely never use any flashing images.

Here are some examples of things you should not do, modeled by Rhiow's Rhiow:

[Image: BzLT4go.png]

[Image: uwqaomo.png]

[Image: lbxkymO.png]

[Image: nHtwRai.png]

[Image: g6FdoiG.png]

Real Good Eggs

On the flip side, here are just a few examples of very lovely and totally acceptable formats people have made so far:

[Image: 539ujga.png]

[Image: ELmDVUh.png]

[Image: sspKZIR.png]

[Image: 5BpJiyp.png]

[Image: YqjPTEn.png]

[Image: p8kfRHW.png]

If you have any questions, please ask.

User Profiles and Signatures.
  • You may decorate your profile any way you wish, barring inappropriate or stolen content and as long as it’s within our height restrictions to avoid stretching the forum. While animated backgrounds are not allowed for post codes, you may use them for avatars, signatures, and profile banners. Please avoid flashing images.
  • Signatures have a total MAXIMUM height of 400 pixels and a MAXIMUM width of 600 pixels. This includes BOTH text and picture. These are the absolute hard limits, and the forum will automatically place your signature into a scroll box if you go beyond them. Avatars are a max of 150x300 but can be smaller.

Artists, Art Theft, & Plagerism

Do not beg artists for artwork.
Our community is not obligated to make anyone free art. Please do not pester them.
Uncompleted commissions.
Many of our members take art commissions. While this is not usually monitored by the mods, if someone engages in scams or is reported to not complete their commissions, they may be suspended or prohibited from selling on the forum.

Should an artist leave a commission uncompleted for six months, and should the uncompleted commission be reported to the Moderation Team, the artist will receive a Level One warning. Temporary or permanent prohibitions from selling art on the forum may be given out for further reports of uncompleted commissions.

The Moderator Team is not going to be actively monitoring commission status. To file a report, we require proof of attempt at communication with the artist and proof of when money was sent. Once we receive logs/screenshots/other proof, it will be discussed amongst the team as usual. We will only act once a report has been filed, and the only actions we can take are to give warnings and ban members from selling on the forum. As a general note, PayPal gives a 6 month time limit on charge backs. We cannot hunt down money for you.

As a reminder, you are always allowed to report anonymously, and you’re always allowed to inquire on the status of a report.


What if my TOS state a wait time longer than 6 months?
These guidelines do not and will not override an individual artist’s Terms of Service. If an artist’s TOS state that their queue is backed up, a specific piece or project requires extra time, or any other reason behind a commission taking longer than 6 months, a report will not be valid at the 6 month period. An artist's Terms of Service are binding at the time of the commission, but because we are unable to police this, it is up to the person filing the report to provide proof of the original Terms of Service (through chat lots/screen shots/etc.).

What if I’ve been sick/away/dealing with real life issues?
Artists who receive warnings/temporary or permanent bans will be able to appeal the moderator action taken upon them, as always. We understand that real life is a priority, and things happen. Should there be an instance where an artist is unable to contact their commissioners for an extended period of time and receives a warning against them, they will be able appeal their warning or ban with proof of completing their queues.
Art/Writing Theft.
  • As IDS has a very prolific artist and writer community, we take art and writing theft very seriously. You are allowed to use art provided it was made BY you, made FOR you, or its usage was permitted by the artist (such as stock images)
  • If you are not sure you have permission to post something, when in doubt - always ask the creator.
  • If you find stolen material posted without credit, DO NOT call the thief out on the forum. Please PM a Mod.
  • Also, if the forum in general has used copyrighted material unknowingly, please let us know so we can make corrections. Thank you!

Only contact this account to inquire about or appeal a warning you have received. All other Mod-related business should be directed to individual Mods.

Staff FAQ | Forum Rules | Forum FAQ

If you need help with something, please contact one of our forum moderators!
Our current staff team is Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin.
everything happens so much
Posts: 109

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Roleplaying and Characters

IDS has an IC RPG rating of [Image: 212.png]. Some IC threads may have a rating closer to 213; we ask that these threads be marked. Threads both IC and OOC featuring potentially triggering content, such as suicidal themes, are likewise asked to be marked.

Any sexual content beyond mildly suggestive is banned both OOCly and ICly on IDS without exception.

Writing Style.
IDS is a multi-paragraph style RPG, but we have no word, line, or sentence minimum. Write however long or short you want. Generally, members use third person past tense, but this is not a requirement. Short form-- done through mediums like discord, skype, pesterchum, PMs, or google docs-- are also acceptable so long as they are PRP and would not, realistically, require the attention of other rpers. Things such as pack meetings, alpha challenges, rule breaks, trespassing, and escapes should never be short form unless they are pre-approved by an alpha.

Consent vs No-Consent.
There are two basic types of RP areas on IDS: consent and no-consent. Packs can chose to be either or, or some minor variation of the two.
  • Consent areas require your permission for character injuries and deaths. The fate of your character is ultimately up to you. You cannot bypass in-character consequences, however. If your character starts a fight, they can not teleport away from it or dodge every attack. Consent areas encourage communication, compromise, and collaboration. All neutral territories are inherently consent.
  • No-Consent areas do not require your permission before attempting to hurt or kill your character. The fate of your character is ultimately up to IC interactions. However, this does not give others free reign to godmode, power play, or thrillkill. No-Consent areas encourage adaptability, risk, and intensity.

Godmoding, Power Playing, Thrillkilling, Metagaming, and dragging OOC into IC
The only time any of the above list are acceptable on IDS is if you have player permission. As this is a forum wide rule, No-Consent areas are not excluded. If you believe you are being targeted, please contact a mod. We do not know it's happening unless we're told. This includes:
  • Having an overly powerful character with no weaknesses.
  • Thrill killing and abusing no-consent pack rules for thrill killing.
  • Using OOC knowledge for IC responses.
  • Controlling another character in general without the player's permission, including injuries and death. If you DO have the player's permission, please state it at the top of your post.
  • Targeting a person's character ICly for OOC reasons.

Ghostwriting is when someone writes a post as a character they do not normally play, under the pretense that the post is written by the usual player. In threads like challenges or tournaments where the Moderation Team is deciding the winner, ghostwriting is not allowed. Otherwise, pack leaders can operate by their own rules for ghostwriting.

Character Adoptions.
Each individual who puts their characters or designs up for adoption have their own set of rules. These are not usually run or monitored by the mods.

Character Names.
IDS has a name reservation system, meaning only one character can use a name at a time unless given permission by the original owner. Many (but not all) members are willing to share names, if asked nicely. To learn how to save names for later, read the character profile rules located here.

Pack Leadership.
To avoid power hoarding, a person is usually only allowed to play one leader character. If you wish to play a second or third alpha, you may send a request to the staff explaining why you are interested and would be a suitable candidate. Generally, we are more lenient with Reach packs.

Paw Dexterity.
Animals created in this realm have a certain extent of paw dexterity, allowing them to crudely craft and grasp items. It cannot be used to overpower other characters. To learn more about the lore and extent of paw dexterity, read the section on it in the World Map & Setting thread.

The Supernatural.
Fantastical elements such as ghosts have always quietly existed on IDS since it's creation. In the past, members would have to use ambiguous language to imply such elements might be hallucinations or hysteria. While members are more than welcome to continue using ambiguity (and many do), it's no longer a requirement.

If you want your character to partake in or interact with the supernatural, please click the spoiler below and read the following:

  • Individual packs determine whether or not they will officially incorporate ghosts
  • Individual packs can write lore specific for the ghosts native to their area
  • Supernatural elements like ghosts are an opt-in, opt-out feature. You cannot be forced to rp with a ghost or to have your character acknowledge/believe in them.
  • Ghosts cannot enter "open" threads, only threads where all participating players have given consent. All ghost rps always have been and always will be 100% pre-plotted.  
  • Do not have someone else's dead character haunt yours without the player’s permission, as in literally the character and not a hallucination. This is powerplaying, as dying does not relinquish ownership over a character.
  • Ghosts cannot be used to reveal confidential IC information about another character or another pack.
  • Ghosts cannot be used to inflict physical harm on another character without permission.
  • Ghosts cannot be used to cheat IC/OOC rules in any way.
  • The existence of the afterlife is meant to be ambiguous. Individual players decide what happened to their characters after death. There is no overarching lore for when your character passes on.
  • Ghosts cannot hold ranks. They aren't considered citizens of the packs that they haunt. They're supernatural anomalies.
  • Overall rule of thumb: plot, talk to each other, include people only if they want to be included, have fun.
  • Astral projection/dream interaction rps are allowed. This means that characters from different packs/areas can meet through their dreams, but they abide by the same rules as ghosts and cannot relay confidential ic/ooc information.
  • The existence of psychics, ghosts, and the overall supernatural is meant to be ambiguous and leave room for several different interpretations.
  • Outright "spell casting" like shooting fireballs is forbidden. "Magic" and "witchcraft" is allowed, but only in the sense that magic and witchcraft is practiced IRL; through occultism and sleight of hand. Like paw dexterity and hellions, supernatural features cannot be used to overpower other characters without consent from participating parties, even if the pack you're participating in is no-consent.
  • Ghosts can be RPed in packs or locations other than the place that they died in so long as they abide by the above rules.

While IDS is primarily a wolf forum, any species existing after 10,000 BC are available for creation, including dire wolves, sabertooth tigers, lions, horses, foxes, and dogs. There are also forum specific species, such as Hellions and Fringe Dires, and we allow a small handful of exotic hybrids. Exotic hybrids always fall under the standardized hellion umbrella and thus are classified as such. All possible combinations are: wolf/dog x cat, wolf/dog x bear, wolf/dog x fox. If you want a character that resembles a different combination of animals (say, a wolf with a shark fin), you can make it a hellion instead of an outright hybrid.

Coat Colors & Behavior.
Generally, we do not restrict character markings or colors. We won't tell you to take off your wolfhair or turn your purple husky into a grey one. Have fun. There are rare instances where mods may step in, such as in the case of stolen designs.

While we do encourage members to form characters with a basis in their species' natural history (however stylized or slightly referenced), we do not regulate accuracy. If you want to build a society of typically solitary hunters like bears as if they enjoy company, go for it.

You ARE allowed to rp a human if you'd like (they can speak to the animal characters), though there are very, very few active human characters on the forum. The human era IDS exists in is ambiguous and deliberately nonsensical, comprised mostly of an oddball mixture between the stone age, the bronze age, and the middle ages. There is no modern technology or weaponry; the most advanced thing you may find is a sword. Canonically, the Dire Strait and it's corresponding areas were once inhabited by mankind but were then abandoned due to the unstable and dangerous nature of its geography and wildlife. They may exist elsewhere in the world.

There is no forum-wide rule or season for breeding. Packs may have their own regulations, however. Same sex couples may also have children through hand waving. Sometimes a couple will find a spontaneous litter of orphans that miraculously look just like them; sometimes they just have children and no one asks how. Sometimes a surrogate is used. It's up to the players how they go about it.

IC season is not monitored and varies rp to rp. Generally members rp in whatever season IRL is experiencing, but this is not a requirement. Packs may have their own timelines, however.

IDS does not enforce an aging system. Packs may track litter ages, but otherwise you are welcome to rp your character however old or young you want for however long you want.

Liquid Time.
IDS uses liquid time, meaning your character is allowed to participate in more than one thread at a time. An exception to this is if your character is in a No-Consent situation that may result in their death. If this is the case, you may not put your character in any threads set after the No-Consent one until its conclusion is either reached or decided on.

Healing & Injury.
Generally this is not monitored outside a no-consent fight. Injuries that would be fatal to real wild animals, such as missing limbs, are common on IDS and the amount of scarring or permanent damage is up to the player. Your character can't recover from something like decapitation though, obviously.

Character Histories.
You are welcome to make NPCs and NPC packs for your character's history. If you want to include another player's character or a playable pack, however, you must get permission from the owner and/or alphas of the pack.

Territories & Landmarks.
If a territory or landmark is not visible on the map, you can still create it and say it's there. Our world is very big and very flexible. You do not need permission to change your pack's landscape either, though you are encouraged to find an IC reason (such as a natural disaster or the pack moving locations).

Joining Packs.
If you want your character to begin as a member of a pack, you must discuss it with the pack's alpha(s). Otherwise, you must have your character ICly seek acceptance from your chosen pack before saying they're a member. You are not obligated to join a pack either; you may play as a loner.

IC Fights.
IC fights are not usually monitored by mods unless asked OR if it's a board challenge. Rank challenges are typically monitored by that pack's alphas, but a mod may assist if asked. Members are encouraged to handle One-On-One standalone fights themselves, particularly in Consent areas, but mods and/or alphas can be asked to referee. In all fight situations, you are encouraged to communicate with your writing partners! Have fun with it! Make compromises! Let your characters bleed a little!
  • Remember, all attacks must be written as attempts unless you have permission to land the hit from the player (if you do, please say so at the top of your post). "Buck lunged towards Pinkie's throat." vs. "Buck grabbed Pinkie's throat and ripped it out."
  • Also remember to not let OOC spill into IC. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you target their character.
  • Additionally, IC does not = OOC. Just because a character doesn't like another character doesn't mean the players have problems with one another.

Retconning Characters from the Forum
Sometimes, a player may wish to remove their character entirely from the forum. When a member leaves, their character will not be allowed to be played or used by any member remaining, though they may be referenced in past threads, histories, litters, etc. Retconning a character entirely - removing their name and history - is only possible if the following is completed:

1) Notify a moderator that they are attempting to retcon their character
2) Receive permission from the alphas of their character's current pack
3) Receive permission from history-important characters (mates, litters, parents, etc).

Essentially, all parties must agree to retcon the character. The mod team is not responsible for policing character retcons or disagreements. The standing rule for members leaving the forum is, and will be, that their characters remain "historically," but will not be used or played.

written by vanagandr, Witch, Ren, and Sunblink, used with permission.

Only contact this account to inquire about or appeal a warning you have received. All other Mod-related business should be directed to individual Mods.

Staff FAQ | Forum Rules | Forum FAQ

If you need help with something, please contact one of our forum moderators!
Our current staff team is Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin.
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