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  Viagra generic 100mg 9442
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  Guide to Tír na nÓg
Posted by: EhwazAzi - Yesterday, 12:47:23 PM - Replies (6)

[Image: queni-yar-ranyar-ullumc3ab-vanwc3ab-umir.png]

Tír na nÓg is a gentle land of rolling hills and small forests inspired by the countryside of Ireland, and is named for the Celtic land of the fairies.

Rank Descriptions / Link to Rank List

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  Soter: Influenza
Posted by: Churchill - February 20, 2018, 02:51:30 PM - No Replies

[ooc; Open to Nhu, Canaan, Indra, and Tibet. Achilles may join too if he would like!]

When Church blinked open his eyes for the first time that morning, what he noticed right away was that he could breathe through his nose. He laid there for a second, perplexed at this discovery, and tested it out… breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. It was true. Oh, happy day! He never realized how much he had taken that ability for granted until he was lying on the floor of the den, riddled with illness and mouth hanging open like a simple-minded barbarian as he sucked in oxygen.

Every other symptom was gone as well.

The dark-colored male climbed to his paws, gold eyes narrowing as he realized he felt better than he had indays. Curious. The sickness had struck him all of a sudden, and he had been a mess of chills, difficulty breathing, joint aches, nausea and vomiting, and hazy mental states. Most wolves might have panicked and made their way to an herbalist, but he recognized the symptoms of a flu—especially for a wolf his age—right away. He immediately went to work making sure he would be okay; no need to bother anyone else and risk getting them sick as well. If he was the first in the valley to get the flu this year, he would make sure it ended with him too. With that attitude in mind, he went to work: he gathered some food, made sure he was hydrated, and gathered all the herbs he’d need to manage his symptoms. It was difficult, but he knew it would only get harder as the sickness progressed. He knew what to expect and how to take care of himself. His prognosis? To be clear in three days.

His body disobeyed in ways it wasn’t supposed to. The herbs did nothing they should have. The illness progressed in patterns he’d never seen. It did not make sense. He knew how to handle this, and it wasn’t working; when he complained about this a passerby friend on day 3—how kind they were, bringing him food!—the other chalked it up to mere chance. “Sometimes things just do not work”. The conversationalist in him had flashed a friendly smile, a nod, and a thank you—he was in no state to teach today—but the scientist in him rebelled. There were many situations where chance played a role, of course he knew that, but there were many more situations that followed the laws and rules of the world. When it came down to the nitty-gritty, even chance had patterns and rules it had to follow. Specific herbs always managed certain symptoms, and those same herbs should consistently react the same way in the same body. He knew his own body and he knew the valley’s flora… so he SHOULD have been able to overcome this cold. There was only one explanation.

This sickness was something else. It could only have been the will of the Rosa.

When he resigned to that thought on day five… Churchill laid down on the floor of the den and decided to let whatever was attacking his body run its course. If that course was not to be changed, he would not waste his energy fighting the inevitable. If there was some lesson to be learned in this, something the Holy Trinity was trying to teach him, he hoped he would find it soon. He was too old to be put through his paces like this.

When he opened his eyes this morning, he had found no answers. There was no rhyme or reason to greet him like he had expected… just the ability to breathe through his nose again—which he did, deeply, every time he thought about it—and someone at the mouth of his den. 

”Ah, welcome, welcome!” Church called, eyes narrowing as he tried to make out the figure standing at the entrance of his home. The sunlight blurred the edges of his vision, making it impossible to see who was there, and despite being able to breathe again, his nose wasn’t quite up to speed just yet."Could we perhaps speak outside? I haven’t been well as of late… only very recently been feeling better! I wouldn’t want you getting sick coming in here.”

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  Funeral Pyre (Mass Ranking)
Posted by: Makoshark - February 19, 2018, 06:38:46 PM - Replies (2)

The sweet surrender of silence forces me to live alone
Locked and loaded, where the hell is peace of mind?
I wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea
I wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue

"speech" | thoughts
Command them to come, Mako thought, repeating the words of Desdemonda in his head as he took a place on high ground. Their home was gone, destroyed by wind and water as their last home had been ravaged by fire. It seemed they were cursed to wander the earth forever and in the back of the young prince's mind, he wondered why they were plauged by misfortune. They would have to move on once more and he wondered if he was strong enough to lead them.

But there was something else; a nagging sense of pride that would not let him give the pack to anyone else. His siblings were missing, Hebe lost, and Raikov.... Mako had seen his father with his own two eyes and the thought of him caught the boy's heart in his throat. His aunt, Baal, was missing as well. All he could find of her was a tattered black feather necklace that she wore all the time, caught on the side of a palm tree that had given way to the hurricane winds. It hung loosely around his neck, fluttering in a gentle breeze as he waited for those loyal to his father to light the great pyre that would consume the bodies of their loved ones and send them of to.... wherever it was they went after death.

Mako drew in a deep breath and let his eyes scan those that were working on the pyre, stacking fallen limbs, or prepaing the bodies. He knew a few of them. The purple girl, Aysu, cried quietly as she painted the bodies with odd patterns. Some were unrecognizable but he knew she was mourning Raikov. He was her adopted father after all. The Surgeon Vashe walked along the dead and tried to identify them, but he seemed to be having a hard time. He and Raikov had been friends since they were pups... Mako sighed. His father meant to much to so many. There were a few around that Mako didn't know; a hellion with long black hair, a white male with yellow eyes, and some Torches, ready to start the fire.

It was time. Mako called out, commanding the attention of the surviving Tortugans. He would watch them as they filed in, taking mental note of who had survived. When the last of them arrived he spoke, trying his best to sound confident, "Tortugans. Again we survive disaster, but we can't stay here any longer. The hurricane took a lot from us, but I'm sure we'll rebuild our empire wherever we go. As long as we stick together, we can do anything. However, first there are some things we need to do. I need everyone to state their names and ranks, and if you don't have one already, claim one. I need to know who is here, who is dead, and who is lost incase we need to send out search parties," he inhaled sharply, "Also, I'm changing some things around. From now on, Kraken is a alpha rank and I'll be it, in memory of my aunt. Desdemonda will be our new Captain but don't confuse this as sole leadership. We are alphas together, as equals," he stated. He didn't want anyone to think he had given the pack to an outsider, but they also didn't understand his reasoning for this decision either. He was young and still injured from the storm. He needed someone to help him lead and she.... well she had a lot to offer them.

His eyes slid over to her and he moved to allow her to stand beside him. "Desdemonda will be our new Captain and I hope that all of you that respected my father, will come to respect this decision. Now, mourn your dead. We leave for our new lands soon." He hoped that was it. They deserved to grieve, and while they did, he had someone to seek out...

-This is a mandatory IC check to see who is here, state who is officially dead or missing, and to mourn those lost before the move to our new island. Mako and Des will be announcing their new leadership roles IC and then we'll be "burning" the bodies of the dead. Feel free to make side RPs as if this was a regular bonfire to mourn the lost, find loved ones after the hurricane, whatever you want.

-If you are a slave or AA character, feel free to take this opportunity to claim yourself a rank. If you want to come in as a slave, we'll be having a seperate thread soon so keep an eye out for that.

-If you're super busy and just can't post for whatever reason, just PM one of us or post in bullet points. This is mostly to build up our rank list along with the OOC check. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM Ilunga or BlackRabbit.

-If you have a thread that you would like to continue from before, please include a link to it in your post. Everything else will be archived after the meeting.

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  a pain that i'm used to
Posted by: rukhsana - February 18, 2018, 04:17:06 PM - Replies (2)

It was a very quiet afternoon. A light fog shrouded the land in mystery, hiding much of the sky and sun above. Not a single blade of grass moved, swayed, or twitched in the cool air. All was still and silent. 

Ivaylo toiled up a slope leading onto open moorland covered in tough, stringy grass and clumps of gorse. But there wasn't much else. She took her time taking it all in, gazing back and forth across the landscape. How different this place was from her home back in the forest. She relaxed for a moment, revelling in the open sky and the smell of life in the motionless air. Light snowflakes were falling, dappling her pelt. She shivered. At least there was no wind. She turned her head to examine the mountains to the west, stark against the sky like a row of snaggly teeth. That must be why, she thought to herself.

As she continued onward, she could see the scenery becoming more green and dense, and she nearly lost all track of herself just enjoying the sight of it all. This was wonderful. On her journey, she had seen many different types of places. All of them vastly different from the last. This was the only area she didn't feel nervous walking into. She stopped in her tracks, putting her thoughts to a pause. Beyond the fog, she could just make out the outline of something in the distance that stretched far both left and right. She squinted her eyes, lowering herself to the ground and slowing her pace. It was a wall.

Her eyes widened as she noticed the skulls adorning the entrance, the scents of other wolves flooding her nose. Fuck! This wasn't it. This wasn't what she wanted. She straightened up, swinging her head this way and that to look for a place to take cover. She didn't want to stick around to find out who had a thing for these sorts of knick knacks. There was nothing but clear open grass and sandpits surrounding her. She whimpered, backing away. 

No! No fear, not now. Ivaylo pounded her scarred paw against the ground, her breath heaving as she attempted to get a hold of her anxiety. Someone would notice her eventually. She had to make a good first impression, but she warned herself to be cautious. This was the first pack she had come across, after all. Without knowing any better, she gradually began walking forward again, deeper into the lands drawing closer and closer to the wall. She would soon be made to look like a fool for doing so, as always.

edit; i'm sorry i made a mistake about the territory and didn't realize, if anyone wants me to change it i will! but if not we'll just say Iv was too distracted and didn't realize she walked past the borders :')

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  Fade into you. ((Semi-PRP; Flower babies!))
Posted by: Ghost - February 18, 2018, 10:48:21 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: daddyghost1_by_arkyls-dc3i3gw.png]

What was sleep? A distant, well loved, friend that hadn't come for a long stay in what began to feel like years. Heavy eyes lifted, small snores bouncing along softly behind him. Where his pale eyes melted at the sight of Xenia and their five new, perfect, beautiful, Daughters. Five Daughters. What were the chances that five Princesses would bless them? Ghost lingered by the doorway after shuffling away from his family, eyes gooey like fresh honey as he watched each small baby snuggle closer to Mom. Heart aching with fullness, who knew the iron King's undoing would be these tiny little girls. Who could barely stumble along without toddling over into one another, to full blown face planting under their fat bellies.

Ghost pulled himself from the warm Den to carried his large self to get a drink. Taking his time to watch the fish flicker by, and to allow a pang of pain for the disappearance of his dearest friend Moons. He would have loved her to meet them, be their Guardian should anything ever happen to himself or his Queen. She'd been aging, and after years of dedication to the Monarchy... Simply vanished into the thin air. Quietly he sent his appreciation to her, telling her all about each of his new Daughters.

Despite the fog of grogginess, Ghost stalked into the stream toward unsuspecting fish, snapping unsuccessfully at first toward a few large Salmon that darted away. It took some time before he found his rhythm, and piled a few fat fish away from the water to await his mate and the children if they'd like to try something new. A hint of a sleepy smile on his face as he plopped himself down beside them to guard their breakfast, and wait for them to eat together.

He was rattled awake by the pressure of tiny feet climbing him, as Elias shouted her victory on conquering their Dad. "I WIN! I got here first, and I beat you." She squeaked with a spunky eyebrow raise and grin as her chin lifted high into the air. Peridot tugged on his remaining ear, tiny feet pressing against his cheek. Belioh had climbed up with Elias, her fluffy head plopping down as she slid down Ghost's forehead toward his face. Luna tucked in beside him with her lovely little laugh at her siblings, and finally, Pieces snuggled by his legs to watch it all unfold. Xenia likely following behind to laugh at this entire scene.

"I missed you Princesses." He'd exclaim brightly, playing as if he was weighed down by the two on his back. Exhausted, hungry, but utterly in heaven.

Semi-Private; babies and Xenia first. Then Haylyn, Haven, Kashmir, Cockatrice may join!

Welcome to your family Raining, Akante, and Rhiow! We had such a difficult time choosing, we were forced to add a bonus slot to this litter. Look what you've done to us. Now show us what you've got Princesses!

[Image: daddyghost1_by_arkyls-dc3i3gw.png]

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  Time Ticks On (Mercury)
Posted by: Sekirei - February 17, 2018, 03:12:33 PM - Replies (2)

Byakko was starting to feel his age now. Resting with Rapture sleeping between his large paws, the oldster sighed. The ruination of his left face twinged a bit as phantom pain brought to him memories of how it had happened. Looking down at his oldest granddaughter, Byakko knew in his heart he wasn't going to be around to see Akutan and Kyra have their own pups. Things were changing again, albeit not on the surface, but most of it good. He was just very tired and while fortunes were changing for the better where his, his son, were concerned, Byakko felt depressed. While a side of him still longed to see his beloved Silverstream and his family who had gone before, the thought of what he would leave behind made the once-proud and strong Fringe Dire ache. Or maybe the long years from being separated from Silverstream were finally catching up to him.

He loved Raka dearly. She wasn't a replacement goldfish for the beautiful silver and grey dire that had stolen Byakko's heart when he first arrived in Nardir's previous forest but the old man had to admit that he never quite got over her. Then there was the loss of his mother when he was much younger, followed by X's death years later. Then Starfire having all the problems that led her to give up on life and Storm following her. Byakko was also wrestling with his failures with Aylie. While the failure was on the Clan as a whole, the monochrome Fringe felt the heaviest responsibility for Starfire's death knowing that he didn't intercede to correct Aylie as he should have. Then Aylie also had her differing views on how the Clan and Nardir should work. Her being let back in without any visible improvement confused Byakko as much as it did Ticonderoga. He didn't see how that made any sense. Sighing and giving his granddaughter's white hair a lick, Byakko just watched the rest of the pack going about their lives since the quake. His family hadn't returned to their copse of trees but Akutan had run some recon and it seemed the den area were a loss. A tree had toppled and managed to break the family boulder in two, which Byakko took as a sign of upheaval to come.

"I wonder if I'll survive this." he mused.

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  on the trail that we blaze! ...THAT trail that we blaze!
Posted by: rukhsana - February 17, 2018, 12:32:39 PM - Replies (1)

Days came, days went. A silent song carried on the wind as it bellowed past trees in between their angled naked branches, and the cold sent shivers like ripples throughout Ivaylo's body, harmonizing with the creaks and whistles of the forest. She gritted her teeth and pushed through, trudging on with strong front paws. She hoped wherever she ended up would be less windy. She disliked the cold, but she could tolerate it as long as there was no wind. She pictured a forest, much like this one, with the same dead and lifelessness that she had experienced, but no wind. She attempted to smile, but growled furiously as another gust sent her fur flying upwards and burrowing its way under her skin. She was freezing. She was becoming too angry to continue. She needed to find shelter.

Ivaylo glanced around, taking in every detail she could find surrounding her. She kicked up a hefty amount of soil and relieved herself nearby a tree. She wanted to be sure that she would never get lost. She had already been lost for weeks, and she had just now came out of it. She wasn't sure exactly what kind of state she was in back then... Something terrifying and hopefully she will never have to revisit it again. Losing her family was hard enough on her. Then she spent weeks just torturing herself emotionally, mentally, physically. But now she was thinking somewhat clearly, she has fed herself enough, and her wounded paw was healing magnificently. She stopped for a moment to check on it. It looked very fleshy and ugly, but it wasn't stinging or bleeding anymore. She had to take that as a good sign. 

She stumbled upon a small cave in the side of a hill enclosed by trees. She hurried inside, shaking off tiny snow droplets that still clung to her. Finally, a place where she can warm up. But of course, she was not alone. She froze, sniffing the air, then turned to face the deep end of the cave where darkness shrouded. She couldn't see anyone or anything, but she could feel eyes on her. She could always feel the eyes.

"Hidalgo?" she called out, hoping to be correct but not really expecting much. "Sveyn?" Nothing. Well, it was a long shot. Those were the only two "friends" she knew of. She began to notice that her brother's name was the last to come to mind when she realizes that she isn't alone. She growled, shaking her head.

"Well, whoever you are, leave me alone. I'm leaving soon so you can share this space while I'm here." She plopped down on her haunches, her back facing the outside of the cave. Whoever, or whatever, was hiding in the dark, she wouldn't miss it. She fidgeted her paws in the dirt, anxious to see whether this would be her first fight or possibly another friend.

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  Up Again all Night this Week (Mercury)
Posted by: Pawprint - February 16, 2018, 01:56:38 AM - Replies (1)

(Florence and the Machine lyric!  So, this takes place after the "Death and all of His Friends" thread.  Not the best post.)

After the earthquake, the falling underground, meeting Aylie and escaping with a fungus that healed him, Adolph couldn't sleep.  His mind was full of the past everything.  He expected his final resting place a day ago in the patch of fungi--he was given back life in the form of a girl who didn't give up on him.  The reunion tugged at his heart and there was no way he wanted her to see him so fragile and scared at the end of his life.

Then again, Aylie didn't give him a choice to die.

Young wolves.

Instead of staying with the safety of Byakko and the other wolves, the relic moved to the far side of the group in an open stump warmed by dead grass.  It was comfortable and roomy.  Best of all, it faced where he could see the wolves and the wolves could see him.

Just in case.

The tree stump must have belonged to a mighty tree, Adolph thought.  One that covered so much sky, seen so many things.  It must have had an amazing life.  Did Adolph have an amazing life?  Did the regrets outweigh the successes?  He shook that line of thinking away.  He and his son Buckshot became strong again.  He saw Buckshot find love (with Byakko's daughter no less!) and become a father.  Adolph became a grandpa!  Hakan returned.  Aylie came home.  He heard word Mercury came home too.  

Perhaps this homecoming was for a reason.  It was comforting, very comforting.  The relic stretched his paws and stuck his injured leg out.  The fungi had healed most of it, though it still hurt and he needed to rest between walks. That was okay.  That was fine.

He was alive to accept it.

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  you have arrived at your final destination [bacchus visit!!!!]
Posted by: Sveyn - February 16, 2018, 12:03:09 AM - Replies (8)

[Image: Kjn9Xus.png]

It had been a challenge for Sveyn, traveling with a pup. But a lesson that he would come to appreciate. Being with Reath taught him the virtues of patience. Of nurturing. It helped his conscience, though, to know the boy was with him rather than alone. Sveyn had to remind himself he was doing a good thing, even if it was slowing him down. Curiosity led him to wonder if the boy was enjoying himself, if Sveyn's tough-love was too much for him.

He hasn't disappeared, yet. That must have been a good sign.

It'd been only days since they left Inaria, but Sveyn felt as if they'd been walking for weeks. He was sure he'd gone off track, as any sign of life had been sparse between Inaria and their current path. But it was a mile or so away from the wall that was in his view that he'd picked up a scent. Many scents. And an unfamiliar one at that, something salty that tainted the air. The wall was an addition to that curiosity, as he'd never seen anything like these man-made fixtures outside of Bacchus. This didn't seem quite as sophisticated to be man-made, though. He also noted the skulls that adorned it, which made him raise his paw to interfere with Reath taking any step closer. "Wait," He began, sound unintentionally harsh. "This place isn't sitting well with me, Reath... I think it'd be best if we turned around." Frustration was overcoming him, as he'd told the boy that they were close hours before hand. That they'd be able to rest for awhile before having to retreat back to Bacchus. Sveyn also felt that after all this time he'd wasted it on only achieving relations [ooc: will edit if somehow the inarian visit goes south!!!] with just a single pack. Rainer would surely disapprove of this.

The thought of upsetting his King is what caused him to change his mind, against his better judgement.
He released a deep bellow allowing his presence to be known to those beyond the wall.

He hoped they were pleasant, and if they weren't, he took a protective step over Reath. If they had to, they'd run.

note: SOMEONE aka port convinced me to get my shit done in Gemini, too! I recycled 90% of this post do not judge me.

please wait for @Reath to post. Requesting someone higher up on the hierarchy here. And anybody else that would like to join. If you want another RP with Sveyn while he is in Gemini please lemme know!

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