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  lessons in social ineptitude 101 (ranger recruitment/check-in)
Posted by: Livid (RP) - 46 minutes ago - No Replies

ooc: another one of those recruitment thread, guys. Throw your characters in here if you want a shot at being a Ranger, the border guards of Gemini. This is also a CHECK-IN for current Rangers, since Livid is newly appointed and wants to know who is currently on her team. There is also going to be an important announcement at the end of this so it would be awesome if you could all dive in and just be all 'I'm here'. Bullet point posts are totally fine with me. c:

So it seemed Ol' Greenie would not be coming back.
Livid had figured as much, though she had tried to hold out hope as Aela had been a good Strider. Able to accept critique and more than willing to take Rangers on despite them being not the most social butterflies (i.e. her). All the new Strider could think about as she set off to pick an adequate meeting place was what had happened on the shore last week. The incident with Hickory... and the fire. She had not got around to apologising to the hellion yet and had mostly dealt with her remorse by throwing herself into her work, trying to work out just how she was going to handle her new rank. She supposed nothing would really change: she was still a border guard. Her true place was on the borders. She just had to take on new recruits and see what was what in terms of current Rangers. 

There was also another issue to discuss. One that Livid would never admit on her own but the Queen had insisted on it and what Serrate said was not a matter of opinion that Livid could disagree with: it was law. 

Drawing her head back to let out a series of loud, commanding howls, the arctic hybrid remained standing in the clearing she had chosen for the recruitment. It was a suitable distance from the borderline but close enough for her to conduct her meeting. She wanted both her Rangers and any new recruits to be more than familiar with being in this area of the packlands. She also wanted them to feel alone and isolated from their peers. Yes, teamwork was important when you were a Ranger - that was what troubleshooting and forums were for - but Livid wanted her Rangers to be able to look after themselves in the event of an invasion. A few seconds of being able to handle yourself in a border skirmish could mean the difference between life and death for Gemini as they knew it.

Once her Rangers and any potential newcomers began to gather, she would offer them a grim smile, indicating any of her fellow Rangers to separate themselves from any recruits and stand to one side. One thing they were going to learn about the Strider was that she was not the most social or serene of creatures. The latter was why she refused to sit down and relax. She was anxious about this new rank, secretly wondering if she even had the right temperament for it. She could admit she was aloof, cold and very much uncaring towards the feelings of others. On the other paw, caring too much could get you killed in this job. It made you more susceptible to manipulation. Which was exactly why she only met her packmates with an evident frostiness. 

She would not be manipulated. Not even by those within. 

"Welcome to Ranger recruitment. I'm Livid, your Strider," she would announce once she was sure nobody else would come. "I would like any newcomers to come forward and give me your name and why you wish to become a border guard. Once we have that out of the way, we shall get on with a couple of exercises. If you impress me today, the rank is yours. Simple. I'd also like to count on any current Rangers to aid me with this recruitment. We're all here to learn today, including myself. So, let's get started."

Let's have a ball, shall we?

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  Mind like a Steel Trap [Weiss, or an available Page]
Posted by: Trillium - 3 hours ago - No Replies

The Pale Black Sheep
[Image: __by_mamasaurus-dc7dgwz.png]
"True love stories never have endings."
[Image: cream_pixel_rose_divider_gift_for_vintag...6ptlm5.png]
- Richard Bach

With her mother spending more and more time with the healers, Trillium had taken advantage of her father's distraction with her brothers to run wild.  She did as she pleased, often dragging along Birch whenever she needed an 'assistant'.  However, recently, she was starting to realize that her carefree existence could not last.  She was getting to that age where she should be making something of herself. Trillium was really more interested in fulfilling her own curiosity, but her father had hinted, more than once, that it was time for her to get a job.  The teen had scoffed and rolled her eyes, but in truth, she was kind of glad to have an excuse to get away from her family.  

She was now sporting a new set of scars, a constant reminder to her that life was in no way guaranteed or expected. She also had some measure of herself, and despite her reactive bravery in saving Birch from Roderick, she did not think herself suited to the office of 'guard'.  When Blaise had, once again, stated that she needed to be more productive with her time, she did not, as she usually did, take it as a challenge to come up with a new (and more daring) experiment.  Instead, she had gone off to have a think.

With her front paws dangling above one of the creeks, she had stared long and hard into the water, as though expecting her reflection to provide her some insight to her life.  Her mother had gone to the healers for a long time now, and Blaise had been very adamant about the fact that she could not be visited, that she was ill.  How was she ill?  Something about how she had acted when she had last been home had frightened the girl enough to obey her father, to stay away from where Kita was being treated. But the bond between mother and daughter was something not easily broken, and she ached to see her mother.  First, though, she would do something worthy of her father's praise, so as to soften the blow of his scorn.

Getting up from her spot by the creek, she set off through the forest to find someone who could fulfill what she had in mind.  She wasn't a fighter, despite the scars that cowled her neck and shoulders.  She wasn't a healer, a meek soul like her gentle brother.  No, Trillium had it in her to be a strong, independent force.  What she lacked was any physical prowess.  Physical, brute force was not in her cards, and as such, her options were limited.  So instead of strength of conviction or medical knowledge, she decided she would try for something more ordinary.  Trill decided she would join the messenger service.  But in order for her to do that, she was going to need to find out how to apply.  To do that, she was going to need to find a Page.  Hopefully this wouldn't be a wild goose chase. Trill hated busywork.

[Image: lillt_by_alyssdream-dc8oons.png]

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  Swift Paws and a Coward's Heart
Posted by: Ashe - 4 hours ago - No Replies

[Image: swirly_divider_by_snowbellss-db6zlag.png]  [Image: page_doll_by_braindead_degenerate-datiwg9.png] [Image: swirly_divider_flipped_by_snowbellss-db6zojy.png]

"You’re wishin’ too much, baby. You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be."
- Eat, Pray, Love

[Image: leafy_gif_by_wafkie-dajdjez.gif][Image: leafy_gif_by_wafkie-dajdjez.gif][Image: leafy_gif_by_wafkie-dajdjez.gif][Image: leafy_gif_by_wafkie-dajdjez.gif]

The little doe had spent some time within the borders of Gemini, but she was still debating on whether or not she should call it home.  Despite the calm, soothing call of the land, the inhabitants were another story. So far she had probably encountered the biggest batch of mean-spirited, aggressive, psychologically volatile brutes she had ever met.  Echo had been a gentleman in comparison.  She had wished that he were around more, but his duties as a guard must be keeping him.  She thought about trying to find Razi, but something about the red wolfess made Ashe think that perhaps it was best to entertain Razi when she chose to accept company, not before.  She and Eli still had a tenuous peace, neither the type to display temper despite the rift between them.  After her encounter with Queen Serrate's newly arrived relatives, she avoided the border, despite the grassy plains that offered a plethora of micey snacks.

Ashe had mostly been making her own way, living amongst the Gemini wolves, but still apart.  A guest, rather than a true member of the pack.  In truth, she was having trouble connecting, and found it to be a day to day struggle on whether or not she was right for this territory.  It weighed heavily on her mind, and her shyness was becoming a firm barrier between her and any meaningful connection.  If she didn't find a reason to stay soon, she was unlikely to.  As she rose from her small den, nothing spectacular despite the real estate available, she pondered how she should spend her day.  Her food cache was low, and she supposed she could manage a hare or a few mice.  She needed to get a few herbs too, mostly to replenish her stock.  Should she start restocking her traveling supplies?  If she was going to move on, it would take some time to get ready.  So far, Gemini had not exactly encouraged her to stay.

She began down the trail that led to the meadow close by.  If she could catch her food early enough, she may have time to look for herbs before the heat of the day.  If she didn't have any luck today, she'd try fishing in the creek tomorrow.  Taking Eli's warning, she had avoided eating any of the frogs, despite their plentiful numbers.  While she wasn't exactly living in luxury, she at least wasn't that desperate.  As she came to the last of the trees she paused, taking sight of what was in the meadow that morning.  A few deer grazed at the far side, but she knew better than to try for one of them.  Despite her speed, she didn't have the power to take down even the youngest in the group.  It was going to be mice and rabbits for her, as usual.  She stared at the hinds for a moment longer, her mind wandering.  How long had it been since she'd had venison?  A while... a long while.  Echo hadn't brought that promised Boar, whatever that was.  With as sigh, Ashe moved along the tree line to the far side of the meadow, looking for prey much less grand than the grazing giants she could not overcome.

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  and kill my mind [prp zanna]
Posted by: Saturn - 7 hours ago - No Replies


[Image: f2u_decor__aquamarine_cosmos__3_by_mairu...bdii2x.png]

[Image: planet_f2u_by_disneyiand-dcbwbgt.png]

A chill gripped the air in the early morning hours, before the sun had a chance to climb the mountains and spill warm sunlight into the valley, like pour honey into a bowl. There was a frost on the ground, probably the first of the season. Summer was over and autumn was quickly careening toward winter. Snow would be without a doubt on their doorstep.

But for now, periwinkle skies of early dawn would be there to greet the large male as he pulled himself from the warmth of the family den, a caring lap placed against each sibling that slumbered in a pile. His paws met the crunch of cold grass and he had to shake the chill form his bones, nostrils flaring, sending vapors into the air every time he exhaled.

Shaggy haired bangs blocking his vision, but his wet nose was assaulted by an array of scents, and his ears perked to the sound of birdsong.  High above in the sky there was the twinkling of fading stars, the pale face of a moon, the swirling pastel hues of purple and blue that ebbed toward dawn. The slab ebbed with them.

Snaking his way around pines with something dead dangling in his jaws, he'd come to the familiar clearing, the sound of rushing water far ahead, he'd drop the small carcass licking the blood from his jaws and snorting away fur that stuck to his nose, Saturn would laid down with a harsh grunt, his heavy paws resting atop what appeared to be his kill of dead hare. Teeth biting down on the neck until it gave a sickening snap, ripping and pulling.

But he wasn't the only one out here at this hour, he'd come to find out, sooner than he'd realize.

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  Omne: A Fantasy Animal Roleplay
Posted by: Split - 7 hours ago - No Replies

[Image: omne_flyer__2__by_splitcheshirecat-dcq44sb.jpg]
Enter here.

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  is this the nice guy's club?
Posted by: Hodge (RP) - Yesterday, 10:04:18 AM - No Replies

Hodge shivered. And sneezed. It was the loudest sound that had ever escaped him.

The spotted dire trotted towards the border of Gemini, his red tattoos matching the late sunset that still emitted a kind of warmth despite its dying state. After spending some months alone, Hodge had decided he finally needed to do something for himself. He needed to find another home. Normally, such a realisation would come immediately after you leave your birth pack. You can no longer be with your family, so you try and join another, right? Except Hodge had never felt part of a family. Not even in Saboro. True, he had had his mother and Ratchet, his dinosaur. Except they had both vanished before he could even form a complex emotional system around them. Saboro, despite being an emotional complex system on its own, did not really encourage complex emotional systems.

In fact, the only emotions Hodge felt at that moment were self-pity and loneliness. The feelings of grief and guilt would come later, probably when he slept. It was just as well he had never expected to rule Saboro or else he would probably just feel a crippling disappointment. But he had never been born to rule, had he? No matter what his parents and teachers had said. 

While Gemini's land was beautiful and full of adventure and wonder, Hodge could only mope. Why was it so cold here? Why was it so quiet? The quiet was bad, bad things could hide in the quiet. He did not like quiet. He liked the rumble of the volcano, the knowledge that something - anything - was coming. The quiet was an unknown force that pounded on his ear drums with its... silence. Its nothingness. Hodge sneezed again, the sound echoing throughout the trees, startling himself. He whimpered, increasing his trot slightly. With the border in sight, the former Fledgling slowed to a halt, having enough sense (well, duh) to not cross the invisible line. His stomach growled, causing him to call out an "Hello??" before he realised that the growl had emitted from him. He was hungry. 

He liked being hungry. It meant that, for once, he could emit a growl without looking like he had swallowed a bug.

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  Festering Hive of Bloodflies
Posted by: Falco - October 21, 2018, 08:10:25 PM - Replies (2)

The people wasted in boredom, ambition festering in their flesh, each waiting to seize their own moment; the Magus would provide. The great wolf woke early and strode through dewey grass, foliage scraping and soaking his fur as he travelled in the direction of Ash Meadow. The beast found a thick log leaning against another and he leapt to take his place where he would reside above all his people. The Magus’ call was a deep rough howl with a cold echo that bounced against the plethora of twisted trunks, of mossy stone, and crystal lakes:

Come now, denizens, and take your place in the Kingdom of Alteron.

The Magus waited for them. He would only call them once. He said nothing as they filtered in, one by one. He did not even particularly care for their names, though they may offer them. He did not need to give his. They knew him. They would know the Magus. Soon he would take them up in his grasps to shuffle and place them like cards; give them ranks, things to do, jobs to do. Their potential wouldn’t be left to rot away in the shadows of Alteron.

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Posted by: Sarissa - October 21, 2018, 04:44:53 PM - No Replies

[Image: sarititle_by_lunecy-dboifh4.png]
The days seemed so much shorter now, the mornings she woke up to still dark and foggy. The mist coated everything in a thin layer of ice, the roses she cared for so fondly were wilting and dying. It was their time for the coming months and she was saddened her coat wouldn't be as vibrant with the scent of them. Sarissa took advantage of the last few days before they all died to smother herself in their scent and today she felt lonely.

She crawled from her hovel and looked up at the thorns that protected her so dearly, sighing softly and continued out into the forest. Sarissa wasn't quite sure to do that day, it was one of those odd days she felt like she wanted to curl up in her den and sleep all day. It was cold and her eyes were sore.

It'd be so much better with another body, however. Her heart tugged to find Miasma. Or maybe her father was in his tower? Ah, but didn't they travel to a distant land already? How unfortunate for Sarissa.

She paused next to a rotten log, a pretty large one. One that could've been used throughout history, but Sarissa was not good at history nor did she quite care for the denizens of the past. Walking down to the point of where it was lowest, she would jump up and climb, paws gliding over vines and moss. There was a perfect spot where she could lay, a bed of soft green in which she rested upon. Wrists crossed over each over as she watched the forest and listened to the somber songs of the canopy.

If anyone knew any better, she looked just like a Queen.

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦
@Angus @Kay
[Image: knife_icon_f2u__by_cimsos-da7osm2.png]

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  midnight at noon under the far east tree
Posted by: Kukulkan - October 19, 2018, 02:08:42 AM - Replies (3)

f e a t h e r e d
[Image: murdermuffin666_by_etkri-dc1wf3p.png]
p r i n c e

Well the Gemini Queenie hadn't been lying - this place was stunning.

The sunsets seemed different, the skies being painted by some invisible creatures to be filled with colors he hadn't yet imagined could be in the sky. The air smelled of softness, of tenderness, of an innocence that almost seemed sad, but it filled him with such hope. The grass almost seemed softer, like when he would cuddle with mother and his siblings when they were younger. Even the bugs seemed more magical - their fireflies danced more slowly than the ones where he grew up.

And then there were the trees. Purple motherfucking trees. He had had to see them to believe that trees could be purple. Their trunks were white! It all made him wonder what sort of magic these Inarians had trapped in their territory, what sorts of gods or goddesses they worshiped to be blessed with such unearthly beauty. It was gentle and it was ethereal, but even all this elegance and beauty and warmth could not mellow the bitter fire that simmered in his chest.

He had gathered for a reason.

He'd left word with Shuck and Croc in the early morning when they were leaving Tethys's side - big sister insisting they spend the nights together, PFT, as though they were in some sort of danger when apart. But that had been an hour or two ago, giving them plenty of time to establish some weak alibi elsewhere and finding an excuse to make their way over here. This right here was super top secret mission stuff, the type of shit that's usually done under the cover of night. Except that's what they would expect! ... and also the fact that nighttime meant supervision.

So they met under the bright noon sun, though cloistered under the shade of some of these magical purple trees and their whispering leaves. The great cluster of canopies above gave a sense of seclusion and secrecy, as though the shadows cloaked their mischievous intentions. When Shuck and Croc would appear, he'd flash a bigass grin on his face, snaggleteeth poking out. "I've gathered you all here today--" was all he could manage before he sputtered out a graceless laugh. A split second and he'd forcibly compose himself, donning a stern, straight face until it relaxed and he'd try again. This time he meant it.

"Fuckwad is here," No need to explain who exactly that was, "And I'd bet my left nut he's gonna try fer Croc's kids again. I, fer one, ain't gonna put up with that shit. So," A flash over to Shuck, "Yer the master for all things... err... strategic..." Barbaric was more like it, but it didn't matter. They needed a game plan. "Whaddya think we should do?" Because doing nothing was not an option here. Lucky needed to be avenged.

And sometimes the best defense is a fierce, fiery, vengeful offense.

ooc: Shuck and Croc only please. Other Sharitas may message me if they'd like to join. c:

text speech: #a5300d

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  Crucible of Expectations [Seki]
Posted by: Charley - October 18, 2018, 11:42:04 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: n0HcaK9.png]
K y r a,

Oh don't you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me
I said you're holding back, She said shut up and dance with me

actions - “speech” - thoughts

The pounding headache wasn't helping things. The tension in her jaws was making everything worse and she didn't know if her clenching was from the butterflies in her stomach, the state of the union, or because she couldn't find anything to fucking EAT around here. She was a lousy fisher and it seemed like it was the only thing she wanted to eat around here.

Kyra had been avoiding Akutan. With the Generals passing her heart ached every time she smelled the x-clan. The fact that Akutan had just... left, had not even tried to get her attention to go with him to see Byakko and Raka, barely acknowledge her when she showed up with her dad, and then... and then not even pursue her? Not even try to get her attention enough to see if they could console each other? Was he even concerned that she hadn't been eating lately? Moody? Off? Was he even AWARE that she had been yarking at every opportunity or looking queasy every now and then?

Her dad knew. She was sure of it. He had been pushing sweet leaves and this interesting root, that she actually liked, at her for days now. It was probably the one thing that was keeping her going until she finally caved and ate a godawful pheasant, not that it did much because she'd yark half of it up an hour later. Bleh.

She was hunting because she had nothing better to do and had to keep her mind off things. She was keeping a steady silent slinking pace along the forest floor, stalking a rustling just ahead of her.
Maybe Buckshot had got some of those fish traps up by now. She'll bring Sara and the kids a pheasant. Stars know she's good at catching those damn things, and the kids'll probably like the feathers. Maybe she can ask Buck to get his butt in gear for those traps. Stars know she can't rely on her "lover" to even notice her anymore.

Hah Gotcha! She thought as she made a clean feathery kill before it took flight. She started to make her way back to the dens. Bleh the smell was already turning her stomach. If she never had to eat one of these things again it would be too soon. She thought as the bird dangled from her jaws.

If she voiced any of these thoughts about Akutan to her father he'd just turn it around and tell her to buck up and take it up with the guy himself.
It was about time he knew anyway, looks like these kids are set on sticking around, might as well make it official.

She came into view of The Castle and paused briefly. She actually liked the central activity. She could tell where everyone was, mostly, and she loved the gossip of the place. Being so close to everyone one made it easy to keep friends. She knew everyones dens, and could even see Mercury's den and then saw her Dad making the rounds. He was probably checking on the kiddos, again. Well, those aren't going to be the only kids running around anymore.

She made her way to Sara's den at the Castle and dropped off the gift for the pacifist who wouldn't hunt. If Sara was there Kyra would ask if she knew where Akutan was. If Akutan was there (or at least easily found) she would give him a look. Not the "come hither" look she normally kept for him, no. It was the "we need to speak" look with the hint of "boiling pot of water", before starting to approach him.

ooc @Sekirei

Photo © Cedric Verstraete / coding © vixxie's codes / lyrics © Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

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