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  customer service representative (prp Aeolus)
Posted by: Dali (RP) - 3 hours ago - No Replies

Dali was pacing up and down the patch of grass in front of his den. His mind was racing, full of both anxiety and excitement. He was a sentinel in training. The face that one would greet upon entering Inaria. The hound looked down at a rain puddle and sat down, the face in the reflection scrunched up in thoughtfulness until he forced himself to speak with a grin. 

"Hello! Welcome to Inaria, my name is Dali and I shall be your sentinel for today."

No, Dali. Too friendly. What if you bump into an enemy, you idiot? 


Too aggressive. Especially for Inaria. This is meant to be a peaceful, friendly place. Maybe mix it up a bit?

"Welcome to Inaria! NAME. BUSINESS. RIGHT NOW!" 

Oh, this totally wasn't him at all. How do you get that perfect balance between benevolent and intimidating, though? As Dali examined his stick-like limbs, he wished he was more imposing and larger like the dires that made up the packlands. Anybody approaching the borders was probably going to look at him like he was either a clown masquerading as a wolf or an entry snack. Scratching behind his ear, Dali began to ponder and thought back to his own acceptance. Moons had been nice but she had also been accompanied by a stricter Yoki, who had balanced things out quite nicely. Was he really cut out to be like one of them? Had he really done the right thing in... Oh, a butterfly! His deep, troubling thoughts were disturbed by a flutter of pink wings, causing him to bite instinctively at the air.

No, no, don't get distracted. Focus on the problem at hand. Even though it would help if he had somebody to help him keep him focused on the problem at hand. Maybe he should try and find Aeolus? Cockatrice had placed them together in this whole 'buddy system' thing he had going on so it wouldn't hurt to ask him for some pointers. Only problem is he had no idea where to find him, and Inaria was a big place. Not big enough for his long legs, however. Setting off in a brisk trot, the hound headed for the borders, sniffing here and there for any scent of his 'partner'... or a potential snack. He concentrated better when he ate, and it had been a good half an hour since he had consumed a whole rabbit. 

So, naturally, he was ravenous.

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  Starstruck [Brielle]
Posted by: Genim - August 12, 2018, 09:26:19 PM - No Replies

It had been a productive day thus far for Genim, why he'd managed not only to reorganize his meager collection but he had finally gotten a few strips of deerskin twisted together well enough to actually use for his not so shiny new necklace. And boy was he ever proud of his work; every so often glancing down at the stone nestled in the fur of his chest with a fond expression. His first real necklace made from the first rock in his collection...Genim might not show it but he was all but jumping for joy on the inside.

In fact, he was so happy to have finally completed his project that his mind started to spin into overdrive; he could make them for all his family! Except, his muzzle would wrinkle in thought as he stretched upward, maybe they wouldn't like something as plain as his current pride and joy. With a harsh shake of his head Nim would try to ignore such thoughts and instead focus on what he wanted to try and make next, and knew just the thing to use only he didn't have any of them in his hoard he was willing to give up right now. Nope, they'd have to pry his current collection out of his dead paws.

It was definitely with a certain amount of trepidation that the male would make his way across the highlands and to the very faerie pools where his own stone had come from only this time there was no one along to help him with his task, and having to potentially get into the pools was not something he was looking forward to. Well, at least he hadn't heard of anyone being eaten recently and he was pretty much fully grown now therefore it would be harder for something to pull him under (although monsters could get pretty big he would think). There was nothing to be done for it though, he was determined that he had to get new stones and he couldn't wait on someone to have the free time to go with him. So with a deep breath and straightening of his shoulders Genim would approach the first pool and pause there to finish building up his courage before acting.

He could do this. Totally.

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  wrap it up [acceptance]
Posted by: brannigan - August 12, 2018, 08:05:01 PM - Replies (6)

sometimes he felt bad. actually, make that most of the time. he felt bad about his choice to leave romelo, he felt bad about his anxiety, he felt bad about the fact that he had no idea where his sister was, he felt bad about his lack of thieving skills. he felt bad about the fact that he aided thieves at all, but that was a whole other problem.

right now, however, he felt pretty good. he had been traveling for a while, and while it was rather nerve wracking sometimes, he was having a fun time. chasing words barely breathed into the wind took up a lot of his spare time, but he didn’t mind. sometimes he liked to pretend that he was some sort of detective.

most rumors turned out to be absolute bullshit, most of the time they were wrong. but this one. he was sure of it. it had to be her. surely there was no other fox with stars in her fur. the magician. that was her name. bellamy would certainly go by that. she had that hair of professional grandeur.

but he was getting nervous. he really was. what if he was wrong? he had heard terrible things about the packs, he could so easily be wrong. swallowing, he approached the border, looking left and right. maybe this was a bad idea. he was being a fucking fool.

flattening his ears, he took a seat. so this was arcana. a place rumored to be full of magical and spiritual folk. the black and gray boy was very intrigued by the whole thing. he had used to help bellamy with her shows back home, so he wouldn’t be surprised to find her here. and if she wasn’t, they’d let him leave. right? they wouldn’t enslave him like some other packs might, right? right? “Shit.

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  Borders + Auto-Acceptance: Open
Posted by: Fae - August 12, 2018, 03:11:17 PM - No Replies

Borders are open to welcome new little vulpine friends!

Once ranked, ANY current member of Arcana is allowed to take acceptances

For Auto Acceptance, send a message to a leader with this information

Desired Rank(s):

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Posted by: BELLAMY. - August 12, 2018, 01:50:43 PM - No Replies

After months and months of positively dreadful waiting, Arcana finally had its own territory to call home. Finally, Bellamy had somewhere to lay down her roots and lay seeds for figurative rose bushes, lovely and charming at first glance but thorny if you get too close. Finally, the vixen had somewhere to call home where she wouldn't be considered a criminal. Finally, the Lunaris had somewhere to build her stage and dazzle all those who came to see her, sometimes taking payment in more ways than one. Finally, the Magician had somewhere to perform her magic.
For now, however, Bellamy was a bit preoccupied. The triad still had a lot of work to do, organizing their people and starting up their little enterprise. Fae had decided to wait until they had gathered everyone and gotten their territory to finally figure out ranks and the like, something Bellamy had found a sound idea. As long as she got her wishes, the starry-furred fox was perfectly content with whatever Fae had in mind. After all, Arcana was initially hers before she had convinced Bellamy and Argentum to band with her. The Lunaris just wished that the warm-toned female had forewarned her of all the planning they now had to do.
It wasn't as if Bellamy disliked planning. After all, the amount of planning that went into one of her shows was appalling to many, especially if they weren't used to the flairs that she was somewhat known for. However, the planning that Arcana needed was very unlike the kind that Bellamy oft used. And it was particularly loathsome to talk about anything but her section of Arcana: the performers. But she understood the need to talk of the dominions of her comrades, the Solaris and the Terris. After all, how could you be a performer if you had no laymen to perform for?
For now, though, she was taking a not quite deserved break to laze about. She was sure Fae or Argentum would come barging over at any time, demanding she come back with them and continue with organizing--especially since her creative mind was indeed a useful one. But at least she could enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted, even if her negligence didn't merit it. Nonetheless, she lounged on a log much like the one Fae had first found her on, laying on a patch of moss as the sun filtered through the leafy trees and scattered on her unique, colorful pelt.

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Posted by: Fae - August 12, 2018, 01:24:24 PM - Replies (5)

Arcana exists for two primary purposes, the first being a haven for foxes, where they may live and grow peacefully without fear of larger predators. The second, is finding ways to keep those predators at bay, to intimidate and at times perhaps to fascinate them. The foxes here take all the preconceived notions, the myths and the stories, and use them as a guide to their own defense- as well as their own amusement.

Here they will build their reputation upon the the illusions they perform, to convince the outside world of their control of an unknown power not to be trifled with. Daring acts of acrobatics, fire-dancing and even making one-self disappear are among the tricks the foxes here are capable of. On the inside it is all hard work, an intricate set of smoke and mirrors, while on the outside it may seem entirely different.

These performances are not only to intimidate and bewitch other beasts, but are too a source of enjoyment for those that take part in them. To hone one's craft and to share it with even just the rest of the tribe is what many of the magicians live for.

Much like the territory itself, to the outside Arcana is a darker, unwelcoming place, though deeper within, beyond the deep wood and the costumed entertainers, there is a sanctuary. Defended by the more outgoing foxes, those simply seeking shelter, safety and a simple life reside among the fields, along the river forged from the a grand waterfall. Here, a portion of Arcana lives a little quieter, gardeners and teachers take their place here, growing and nurturing all its members

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Posted by: Fae - August 12, 2018, 01:22:07 PM - Replies (2)

while toby makes the code look pretty-

Earth -titles may change
Gardeners- they tend the gardens, the glowy shroom and create flower crowns or bouquets upon requests
Guardians- fighters, during peace they act as silent sentries, protect Arcana from visitors as well as new members
Healers- obvs
Teachers- babysitters, guides for newbies as well as historians
Artisans- crafters
Prospects- civilians
Youth- the wee babs


Silvertongues- bards, hype men and story tellers
Headhunters- scope out potential talent, organize and keep tabs on performers
Luminaries- most talented performers, multi skilled
Starlets- mid-level performers, a few skills
Nimbles- low level performers, newbies
Novitiate - lil baby apprentices, assistants
Thaumaturge- Special effects artists, they create many of the illusions, apply glowing paints and costumes, help set the stage for the performers


Whispers- spies!
Gatekeepers- scouts, focus on accepting in new foxes, keeping the Guardians informed of comings and goings
Scavengers- responsible collecting trinkets and materials, inside and out of the territory. also help with recruiting outsiders

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  a little faith
Posted by: Zaniah - August 10, 2018, 05:57:41 PM - Replies (1)

There was a part of this unusual forest that he found himself fond of. It was unlike anything he had seen in his homeland, but there was a willow tree that towered above the other ash trees that surrounded it. He basked beneath it's pale green leaves in the morning sun, and hid in the space beneath it's roots when the light began to fade. It was a peaceful existence, at least, and he rarely had visitors here.

It was no thanks to his 'Goddess'.

Mother Moon's guidance had led him to a near-demise, drowning her child within filthy, muddy water. His nocturnal habits that he was raised on were quickly abandoned once he had awoken, washed up on some beach with the warm rays of sun upon his face. He had wanted time to think, time to consider what his next step was now. He couldn't return to his family, not after abandoning them the way he had.

(Maybe they think Mother Moon has sent you to join the rest of your litter, sweet lunar child).

Strange things were happening during the nights he slept. Weird, deformed corpses of creatures he couldn't comprehend turned up in the forest. Sometimes he awoke in the darkness of his den to horrifying screams and screeches that had echoed to him from somewhere deep within the ash trees.

Today, blood stained the river he frequented and pieces of decaying flesh floated downstream. The corpse it came from had become caught between two boulders that sat in the middle of the river, water flowing around and over it. Zaniah had never seen a horse before, but that wasn't what worried him.

The fact that it seemed to be nearly torn in half was what worried him.

A new scent reached him, and he turned to see a woman approach.

"You should leave before night falls."

A Goddess is angry, it seems.

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Posted by: Isaiah - August 10, 2018, 04:43:29 AM - No Replies

The scraggly little one-eyed wolf sighed. 

The wheel of fortunes kept spinning. Those foolish enough to ride to the top of it inevitably found themselves crushed beneath its weight when it turned. Isaiah did not try to climb the wheel, or to stop it. It spun and spun, tearing ruts in the dirt and dripping blood as it rolled, and Isaiah's only concern was to avoid its path. That's why he was still here, after all the kings and queens who had ruled over him were dead or exiled. 

Isaiah pawed at the ground in the rose garden, dirt in his dainty toes. A pile of bulbs rested beside him. He paused to cough with exertion. A shallow bed wouldn't be good enough. Some plants were like corpses or secrets, and needed to be buried deep. 

There had been some chaos, something about the Sovereign and the Eyes, something about newly fashioned crowns for a new batch of heads. It all made so very little difference to the little one-eyed wolf. He had been born illegal, child of a slave. He'd become through deception and persistence a legitimate citizen of this forest, under some name or other. And then he was a Healer, and then he was an Acolyte, and then he was a Surgeon. Now he they called him the Star, but it didn't matter. Names were breath on the wind. His name had served Rapier, Blade, Scimitar, Ajax, Anya, Azuhel, Gideon, Azuhel again, and now three new strangers who called themselves the Greater Secret. But his heart had only ever served the forest. The forest was what ate them all in the end, swallowing their bodies into the roots and mosses and fungus. 

The wolf swept a dirty paw across his dirty face, pointlessly. He shook his shaggy, greasy coat, draped over his skeletal figure, sides still racked with coughing from the labor of his work. He looked around at the thorns and vines that surrounded the garden like a maze, blooming red against all the green. Isaiah loved flowers, though he couldn't say that roses were a favorite. "...Miss the fucking medic tower." He grumbles as he plops down by the half-finished bed. He'd put in a lot of work into that place. 

It'd gone up in flames of course. The costs of war. Oukoku and Azuhel did love their fire. 

In some distant future, incredible flora would blossom from the burned wound. But Isaiah didn't make too much of a habit of hoping for the future. That was a thing stupid people did.

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  ashes and blossoms [prp. julie]
Posted by: Rita - August 09, 2018, 07:26:51 PM - No Replies

[ set after Shark/Rita reunion, before Gemini. transferring from discord. ]

[Image: rita_by_omniwitch-dbtkwct.png]

Her form lumbered, ached.

Ever since they'd found each other again, Rita had been dutifully tending to her mate's needs. But said needs were much and many, and the days had worn heavily on her shoulders. The weight of equal guilt and ignoring heartache for his sake, for the sake of his recovery. His form was curled, shaking but asleep, as she left him that dawn. He needed new herbs.

Rita was never a skilled physician, and she couldn't pick out quick or convenient cures for what she needed. Her limited lessons with her daughter left her with only a few options she could still remember, and so she had to go the extra mile to seek them out, specifically.

Her travels led her here.
The scarred remains of what might have once been a beautiful field.

Even under the ashen remnants, dusted and scattered and seemingly reckless, puffed up at each step. The air was thick and harsh in her lungs, but she pursued. Shoulders rolled as she kept her golden gaze alight, on alert for signs of others. She'd never be able to help Shark if someone else got to her.

With a scowl on her maw she'd lean down and nudge sodden ashes away to reveal the budding plants beneath. Soft, green leaves were so wrong against the barren death that stretched over these low hills. And yet they grew, resistant to the choking grasp of ash. Resistant to death.

@julie @Nova

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