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  I'll break my bones till all my scars bleed golden
Posted by: Avinalora - Yesterday, 03:05:20 PM - No Replies

       In the jungles of Syn Cardrys, amongst the stone ruins, one would be able to spot a ruin that was more well-kept than the others. From within, one could smell fire from the small fireplace and the smell of herbs permeated the air. The curtain of hanging moss and vines was pushed aside and the entrance was easily visible to anyone.

       A silver figure read by candlelight on a stone slab that functioned as a table. Her figure was small with a bottlebrush tail that made her look like a fox despite her form lacking the shorter legs and the thick fur that the species was known for. Black scars criss-crossed her body, one of which going over the spot where her left eye would be. Long, green feathers contrasted vastly from her silvery fur but matched her single green eye. An ankh was worn around her neck with added wings that marked her as an Algerim and an ancestor of Horus.

       A pine marten was curled up on top of the rock that functioned as her herb storage.

       Avinalora had just returned from her daily herb-gathering trip and left the curtain in front of her door open for anyone who required medical assistance. She was studying one of her mother's journals, refreshing her mind of information that she probably knew by heart.

       The argent Algerim could also read up on her mother's journals on other medical arts such as bone injuries, sicknesses, and wounds. Her mother was meticulous with her record-keeping and noted almost every ailment she treated and how she did it. Herbal mixtures, symptoms, illustrations, Akila had documented everything she knew about the medicine in her ten years of medicine.

       All this information was passed onto the monochrome medic when her mother and teacher passed away and they were the female's most prized possessions. She wanted to carry on Akila's legacy, her knowledge, her teachings. And after the Civil War, she realized that she could no longer cling onto her mother's memory and the healer would want nothing more than for her apprentice to share that knowledge, use it for the good of the tribe.

       The moon-washed Aviari would do just that.

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  flames of ambition
Posted by: Illidan - February 19, 2019, 08:49:15 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: bleedingheart_by_lunecy-dcsezjg.png]
Now we've reached what we've been yearning for
If the comforting cheers were shot at you
Come on, let's jump in!

Illidan couldn't quite place why he had an itch. It was something deep down inside him. He had spent most of his time exploring the jungle of El Dorado, even approached the pyramid a few times only to wander out and back into the jungle. He felt like there was something missing, so as the sun finally peaked over the horizon and a ray of light shined over the tip of the pyramid, Illidan could see the glisten of water in the far distance as he sat there.

Right, he wanted to see the ocean. So, today would be the day. He smiled, determined as ever, jumping from the steps and he sprinted into the jungle. It was this way! It would probably take an hour to two to get there with the terrain being so dense and rocky in some areas, and he would probably sit to rest, but at least he knew the direction.

The first part of his day was wandering through the vines and large roots of Syn Cardrys, leaping over moss-covered stones blotting across the streams and shoving his way past large elephant ears and fern. It was quite a feat, but the boy was still very much determined. About half way, he paused by a pool, the blue waters glistening in the morning sun as he could see the life swimming around. Illidan smiled, taking a small drink before he set off toward his destination.

The flame of adventure was hot today, the boy gradually making his way forward and it was about almost noon before he finally popped out of the jungle suddenly, his paws sinking into white sand and the sound of waves lapping at the shore was loud. Hair swept across his face as he stared wondrously at the vastness of the water. "Wow... I'm finally here!" he blurted, running forward to the warm and clear waves. He laughed as he splashed the water. "Finally, I found you!" The salt in the air was so pure.

The fairy prince now stood on the edge of the ocean, letting the waves gently push against his legs. He smiled at the greater beyond, hair swaying back. He felt so at peace.

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦

[Image: cherry_blossom_divider_by_ksanya-d8lh8yw.png]

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  shear off the weird and then watch em appear
Posted by: Beansprout - February 19, 2019, 06:48:12 PM - Replies (1)

The springs had captured her attention as of late. Since she had bumped into her brother here, she had hung around to properly explore. Essentially, she was doing what she grew up doing; exploring every nook and cranny that she was allowed to stick her nose into. She had revisited her game of chasing birds - this time the targets were the vibrant red, yellow, and blue parrots that were found all over the rainforest.

It was a step up, at least - the parrots rarely came to the ground and the trees around here towered well above her. It gave her something to do, a way for her to test herself physically while she waited for fate to set her on her path in El Dorado.

That boy - the bird wolf man - had proven that his kind were capable climbers when she had first arrived here (the cliff that newcomers had to scale to reach this place meant they had to be). So Beansprout had first dedicated herself to learning how to climb up the trunks of the colossal trees around her. It was sloppy, and she told herself it was because she did not have feathers like the natives.

So, she would just have to be inventive.

There was a particular flock of scarlet coloured birds that perched in the branches that hung above the springs. But the joys of being in this rainforest were the vines, they provided so many opportunities and over the years had snatched up branches of all shapes and sizes in their grasp. Some were large enough that she could balance on them. So since they were clearly strong...They could hold her weight too, surely?

And so she sat by the edge of the water, weaving vines together into a stronger base and then creating some strange contraption that would give her somewhere to place her paws to start climbing - how she would get this on the tree itself was a bridge she would cross when she reached it. She had some ideas.

When she heard movement, she would pause and look up, her invention tangled around her paws - though she did not seem bothered; think of how someone lives in a messy room but instinctively knows where everything is, a method to their madness.

"Hello!" She greeted, a small smile on her face. "Would you like to sit with me? It's a nice day."

Before she returned to tying pieces of vines together, not bothered at all of whether they actually came to keep her company or not.

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  A dark horse coming for you
Posted by: Avinalora - February 19, 2019, 04:04:38 PM - No Replies

       A silver figure padded through the jungle, her silver form standing out starkly from the greens and browns of the foliage around her. Her green spread looked like leaves however it didn't hide much. Her light frame was also covered on black scars and she wore a silver necklace around her neck. A satchel carried little for once as she seemed to be looking for something. A monochrome pine marten accompanied her, draped over her back.

       Avinalora needed to restock her supplies after her latest patient. A list had already been composed in her head of all of the herbs she needed to restock as well as herbs that she could use more of. She had used a lot of Comfrey and other medicines for the injured sloth and would need to restock on those. But there were also many herbs she would need for the most common ailments she would need to treat during this time and any time of the year, wounds, swellings, and pain. Jasmine, White Wormwood, Wormwood, Arni, White Tumeric, Cleaver, and Roberts were the most sought after for their healing properties that were integral for healing wounds, cleaning them, and stopping inflammation. There were other medicines the argent Algerim could collect, but they didn't seem as needed in this kind of environment.

       With Elkumis's help, the monochrome medic had already collected the Wormwoods however she made it a goal to at least restock on Comfrey and Cleaver at the very least. There was a lot of ways to get injured in the jungles of Syn Cardrys and there were also a lot of idiots who would require her medicines after their lapses of judgment. A healer's work was never over it seemed. But the moon-washed Aviari worked tirelessly to serve her tribe the best she could.

Here's a quick starter and I'm not quite sure where I was going with it. Avi is wandering around here

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  Penny for Your Thoughts, But a Dollar for Your Insides [Wren]
Posted by: Akuna - February 19, 2019, 01:11:41 PM - No Replies

Baby, seasons change but people don't
and I'll always be waiting in the back room
   A single pearl dangles from a chain on her earlobe, a modest accessory to her already conservative form. Featherless, an outcast among the third oldest family. The one she seeks, however, is somehow even worse off.
   Her trot slows as she approaches the den. Not her own-- within the safety and nobility of the pyramid, her place as a Vulture. Lower still, for her friend, the other featherless survivor in Syn Cardrys. Wren, however, doesn't sleep alone-- Akuna almost envies her that, but the scent of the man that reeks around here is far from enticing. She comes in the mid of day, when Ragnarok is sure to be out training under the taskmaster Roc of his, filthy Obsidians, the both. A Crystalline could have so much better, is only she believed it.
   "Wren," the Sapphire starts in a sleek voice, lowering her head to enter. "Good to see you, at long last. Are the Rocs keeping you busy, or Ragnarok?" She knows the answer is both. After the war, they each threw themselves into their work-- Akuna so thoroughly, she ascended above Dove, to a position where she could work every hour in the day and not have to face the parents of whatever brats survived. She promised to stay close to Wren, and had-- until he showed up, and exerted every effort to keep the Crystalline to himself.
   Well, if he intends to drive them apart, Ragnarok will have to work a lot harder. Akuna is an expert in isolation.

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  I don't care what you think, the best of us can find happiness in misery
Posted by: Avinalora - February 19, 2019, 06:01:16 AM - No Replies

       A small, silver shape padded through the jungle foliage, her gait quick despite only using three of her legs with the fourth held off the ground. Her body was criss-crossed in scars and the left side of her face was marred by claw marks over the place where her left eye should be. The ankh, the symbol of the Algerim bloodline was worn around her neck with metal wings added to signify her being a descendant of Horus. A satchel clinked with every step however it was muffled by the leaves and other plant matter within. Her face was as cold as ice with her eye harboring a hidden fire within.

       Avinalora rarely came near the main population hub of Syn Cardrys but decided to do so today. She didn't have a real reason to, but Elkumis had been pushing her to get out more. The female didn't see the need to actually socialize with others unless it was related to her duties as a Cardinal. She didn't care if she didn't know most of the younger members' names or didn't fully recall what the new Phoenix looked like? Such things didn't really matter to her since to her, it wasn't important.

       The scarred healer cared little for bloodline, reputation, status, or species. She disliked everyone equally and some more than others. She didn't need to run into a snobbish Crystalline, a hot-headed Obsidian, or any of the other families that she probably already disliked even though she could barely recall the other bloodlines since some of them seemed the same to her.

       The monochrome medic didn't seem like she was willing to socialize as she deliberately stayed away from actually going in. She told herself that she was just looking for herbs though she knew that being so close to the tribe hub would mean that most herbs would be trampled on or already picked by the other Cardinals. But she did technically come to The Nest and could tell Elkumis just that.

       The moon-washed Aviari was going to turn and head back to her clinic.

Avinalora is sulking around The Nest. Anyone want to bother her or something?

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  Some Announcements & Promotions
Posted by: Xiuhcoatl - February 19, 2019, 05:02:25 AM - Replies (10)

Thank you so much, everyone, for your patience with me as I'm tackling the end times of my project for work. It's kept me drained and slow at keeping up with all your hype, but it warms me to know you guys continue on with your love and excitement for this place.

With that in mind, I've been giving lots of thought into promotions to help reward your hard work and to further promote all our IC funs, hehe.
PLEASE note i am STILL considering more promotions, I just need to assess what your goals are first. If you're anxious about not seeing your name below, fear not. I am not done. c:

The rise of a new, strange Phoenix gives way to a new time. Welcome the Tidal Era!
It brings some new changes with it!

Miriam is culturally refined and dutious, and is a GRIFFIN of this new Era!
Itai has scribbled enough notes to fill in his new duties as GRIFFIN!
Pearle is an APPRENTICE, choose the discipline/member she wishes to shadow
Padme is an APPRENTICE, choose the discipline/member she wishes to shadow
Illidan is an APPRENTICE, choose the discipline/member he wishes to shadow

We will be formally introducing the Apprentice status. This is an option for Fledglings and Sparrows, and on rare occasion, a Bound. It is an opportunity to study under another member who works in the rank you strive for. You may shadow under any rank beside Phoenix (that's what the Ember rank is for). It is not required to be a long-term process, and promotions are usually the result of diligent, efficient work.

FOR OUR FLEDGLINGS and FOREIGN RECRUITS we will be working to get your Trials set up soon! Hopefully first week of March but we'll get an exact date figured out asap. In the meantime I will be preparing an FAQ for you all on the Trials, so you may have a better idea on how they function and what you can do.

That being said, there's clearly others who are in need of a promotion. Everyone has worked so hard.
If you could just fill out the form below for your characters, it helps give me an idea of how to steer your characters in the right direction when it comes to promotions or otherwise large event matters that may curry favor. <3

[b]Character:[/b] and link
[b]Current Rank:[/b]
[b]Desired Ranks:[/b] in ascending order

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  OBSCURA | high fantasy multi-species rpg
Posted by: OBSCURA - February 17, 2019, 02:21:24 PM - No Replies

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  Fire Keeper [WOS - OPEN]
Posted by: Falco - February 17, 2019, 02:28:01 AM - Replies (3)

The wind is right. We move now.

Alteron lingered for days outside the twisted forest maze of Death Valley until Falco’s sudden announcement. They kept a low fire, barely detectable, and prepared long torches which were stuck into the soft dirt in a collection resembling makeshift grave markers. Between Alteron and Saboro they had surrounded the valley, cupped in their grasps like a chalice making a single path for escape. The Magus moved carefully, refusing to release the fire until the wind was at their backs, not wanting to risk more Alteron or Saboro lives to a fire they had created. They did not need to wait long. The time was now.

Spread out and move quickly. A little flame goes a long way. Once your section is lit, get out of there, and look for fleeing rats,” Falco commanded. “If anyone tries to intercept you, forget the torch and put them down, but I doubt you’ll have many issues with the natives.

Whatever survived would become the property of Alteron or Saboro. He was going to save them, rebirth them through flame, like phoenixes. Alteron would never thank him for giving them the victory they craved, a thing for them to be proud and united around, and Oukoku-kai would never thank him for saving their miserable skin from stagnancy and rot. He gave so much for so little in return and to think he had once thought being a god would be glamorous.

He would not give an inspiring speech, not today. He snatched a torch and dipped it in the coy flames of their fire. It burst into destructive plasma, hot on the side of his face, and he immediately turned to his people to face the old, dry woods of his home. Leading the charge, he galloped towards the trees, running the circumference of the shadowy bubble of woods that had always protected Oukoku-kai and kissed every passing branch with a fiery touch. He knew they feared the flame, the tool of men and the Red Dragon, which is why he needed to use it. Their Ragnarok was here and the only Paradise it would lead them to was into the Magus’ grasp. The flames danced, hopped, spread among the ancient protectors of his former packland. The wind pushed the fire deeper, spreading towards the heart of Death Valley and what denizens remained in its skeleton. Falco would never feel that rush of power his predecessor might; he was putting a dying beast down.

This was a mercy.

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  INFIDELIS: A Modern Street Dog RP
Posted by: IF Staff - February 17, 2019, 01:28:37 AM - No Replies

[Image: DSXIfNAc_o.png]

Four dog gangs fight for survival in the sprawling city of Komorrah, both warring with themselves and their enemy: the humans. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, but goodwill always follows. What path will you take in the ever-changing city of Komorrah?

Infidelis is a modern day stray dog RP set in a fictional city much like New York City. Infidelis is a story of survival where challenges await each character. Four rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character's existence. You can choose to join one of these gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, the choice shouldn't be taken lightly!

Infidelis has been going strong since November 2017! We strive for an extremely friendly, player-devoted atmosphere where players of all types feel at home and welcomed. Check us out, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile!


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