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  Tests Never Really End (open)
Posted by: Reath - 2 hours ago - No Replies

A new day once again graced the landscape with its warm glow; allowing the frost covered foliage to soak in the dancing sunlight greedily and they were eager to cast off their icy prisons. Yet the creatures that roamed around the forest floor cared little, if not at all, for the plants plight as they were all focused on providing for themselves. Life was ever flowing onward so one had to stay in constant motion in order not to be left behind. Everyone else was on their own. No one knew this truth more than the owner of a cramping stomach.

Another wave of pain washed over the small canine as his stomach twisted and rolled in agony. The pup was stuck in a reoccurring loop of need and ability. He needed food, he knew it, but he was in too much pain to hunt. Every minute seemed to be torture as he was battered with wave after wave of gut wrenching pain. Blue eyes clenched shut as he wobbled on unsteady legs. In his drained state he tried to recall the last time he had a decent meal.

A week ago?

No good; he couldn't remember. The six month old silver dire pup knew that he wasn't in any shape to hunt. Sighing to himself he knew that he'd have to scavenge if he wanted to see another sunrise. While scavenging in the summer months were easy and met with little to no aggression. Winter was a whole 'nother beast itself. Slowly making his way between the large trunks of evergreens and oaks the pup scented the air in hopes of picking up a scent. Nothing. Reath knew he'd have to travel a mile or more before possibly finding something. That mile proved to be the most difficult travel he could possibly remember having to make in his short life. Hopefully he'd be able to avoid this scenario in the future...yeah, he would definitely be a better hunter when he grew up. The pup kept imagining himself as the most respected and well liked hunter of his pack. Loved and admired by all who gazed upon him. Everyone would want to know his secret and want to be his friend to just have the honor of watching his prowess in action. In no time at all the pups tired mind traveled along this avenue of thought as his body was set to auto pilot. Stopping every so often to scent the air before moving onward.

The small dire didn't know how much time, or distance, passed before a delightful scent wafted through his flared nostrils. Pupils dilated as the brain alerted to the promise of an easy meal. Carefully the pup approached the area in which the scent was originating. Hopefully it wouldn't be his last meal. Sticking to the foliage for cover the pup circled the area and his eager blue eyes landed on the carcass of a half eaten doe. Steam could be seen dancing in the cold winter air as it stole the warmth from the formerly living creature. He knew that whatever had killed the doe could possibly still be lingering around the pup scanned the surroundings and listened for a few moments before approaching the unguarded meal. When he was close enough he began to gnaw and tear off pieces of flesh and soon lost himself in desperation to fill his hunger. Carelessly forgetting the possible danger that lurked in the shadows.

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  Abstract Reality
Posted by: freeform sandbox universe - 2 hours ago - No Replies

Abstract Reality
Roleplay Site with open IC leadership opportunities, group-creation, etc.

You may play any kind of race/species, real, mythical, fandom, or original.

You may have any abilities you wish.

All plots can tie into the main lore and story, and new events may come of it.

No wordcount! Bios are optional!

Creativity and freedom are encouraged!

What is Abstract Reality? What are Abstract Realities in general? That is ultimately for you to decide. Welcome to a place where anything you can imagine exists. From the meekest of mice, to the most average of humans, to the greatest of gods, all of them dwell here, and thrive. Abstract Realities is an original, multiverse, free roleplay all tied together with the base of a single and simple lore. Here, any plot is possible, and you may tie it into the main story as you please.
♦ ♦ ♦
In the beginning, there was a world, a simple one that was so large, vast, and great, that there were few natural laws that could dare try to govern it. It is at least fifty times the size of earth, with grand continents and booming civilizations, both in its physical realm, where the mortals tread, and its unseen realm, where the spirits wander. One known continent is just like earth, where the humans either deny or are oblivious to the existence of magic and mythicals. On another known continent, there exists a sanctuary for mythicals alone, to live free and in peace. But everything in between?
It all exists- societies that accept both humans and non-humans thrive together, great kingdoms where demons, angels, and gods struggle for domination, towns where vampires and other creatures lurk at night, tribes where dragons rule the skies, clans where humble animals come together to claim territory... anything you can think of, it truly does exist. Where do your loyalties lie?


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  Tricks and Treasure (Acceptance)
Posted by: Piquet - 3 hours ago - No Replies

Piquet had heard murmuring in the underbrush, talk between nomads of a pack of nomads, of tricks and treasure and a safe place to call home. The world’s teeth grew sharper every waning year, and piquet no longer turned her nose up at the thought of a pack. So they followed the rumors and then the scents, and found themself walking on a little sliver of earth that jutted above the waves, to an island that shone like fire on the horizon.

Piquet stopped at the base of a rock that towered into the sky, and let out a short series of high-pitched barks to indicate their presence and friendly intentions. Unwilling to delve any further into unknown territory, the fox sat back on their haunches and curled their tail around themself, waiting.

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Posted by: 000 - 3 hours ago - No Replies

As he continued to trek north, the weather becoming steadily harsher as the sun grew weaker, Ahote again found himself yearning for familiar sights and warmer climates.

The wind curled tight against the bony treetops, and as the forest gave way to pale grass, the currents snapped off the branches with tremendous force.
At that moment the sun blazed on the horizon, just over the faded heads of faraway mountain ranges, and what little heat the burning disk shed was stripped away the second he stepped out from the sheltering trunks.

Clouds of vaguely warm breath were blown back as a frosty mist into his eyes, and the man pulled tighter the makeshift buckskin cloak he'd been hanging onto since late autumn.
Against the roar of the wind, he couldn't even hear the muffled clatter of the small objects beneath it.
Only the rattle of the bow and instrument slung across his back, now sounding as distant as the mountains appeared to be.

He didn't linger long on the edge of the woods: north he had chosen, and so north he did head.

While the sun dipped further behind the western mountains he continued marching across the grasslands, until eventually he came across a lone grove.
By that time his ears were burning and his nose was well stuffed, and his roiling stomach growing easily louder at the pause he gave.

Ahote peered between the columns of creaking oaks and bristling pines, scanning for whispers of shadows.
He walked slowly leeward until the snarling air was better blocked by the trees, straining his ears for signs of life.

After a while of finding nothing he was unwilling to take the bitter cold any longer, and so he ducked under the shelter of the needle-strewn leaves.
He snapped off a few branches as he came in, pulling strands of dry grass from open pockets in the sparse canopy and peeling papery bark from the odd aspen or birch.
Then he tucked himself away against the hefty, windblown trunks of old conifers that had grown clustered together against the elements.

Scraping out a shallow depression with a rock he pulled from his waist, he dropped the stems and twigs and sparked them to life with a piece of flint clashed against the stone.
It took a few tries, and when at last the air flared with an orange glow, Ahote sighed at the rush of heat that washed across his skin.

He warmed himself by the fire for a few minutes before retreating back into another part of the grove, keeping his footsteps within the shadows that slowly stretched away from the setting sun.
He gathered more fuel as he moved about, aiming for enough to last him through the night, and as he stepped across the dusty soil he kept an eye out for edibles.
His rations had been falling disastrously thin ever since he'd started traveling into unfamiliar territory.

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Posted by: 000 - 5 hours ago - No Replies

In the dim hours of a late autumn morn, a lake shone in the light.
Clear, still waters reflected the land and the sky in a quiet display of azure, emerald, flame, and stone.

Embers popped in the gray ash of a dead fire pit.
A chill breeze brushed through the reeds along the lake's edge, and coal slabs collapsed from their own weight in a shower of black dust.

The sound stirred the man who'd slept beside the fire through the night.
Slowly he sat up, rolling back the pelt of a blacktail, and pulled the skin of another deer over his chest.
He shuddered in the cold, his breath frost on the air.

He stood, bare feet crossing his small campsite to bury his hand into a small pack.
Strips of dried, salted meat were pulled from it, and he gnawed on them as he folded up the blacktail's pelt and tied it with string.

Birdsong filtered in from behind the dying leaves of half-leafed branches, and amber rays slid between the tree trunks, casting long shadows across the lakeside meadow.
He packed up his things and put them together in a pile, then retreated to a boulder beside the lake, carrying a wooden instrument with him as he bit through the last of the jerky in his hands.
Sitting down, he pulled the painted turtleshell head across his knee, and began to pick and strum at the strings stretched across its dusty cottonwood neck.

Cattails danced as song after song was released into the wind.

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  Frostfall | Blair
Posted by: Aela - Yesterday, 12:14:20 AM - No Replies

[Image: RNljyQu.png]

Big fat snowflakes fell in drifts, dancing on the slight breeze that blew through the town. Aela's breath came out in small clouds, the ground beneath her paws was hard and cold; winter was here. And by the Heavenly Father, it was ever so lovely. Snow covered Borogrove in a thick white blanket, painting a wondrous scene. Everything looked so peaceful. Most of the townsfolk were huddle in their dens or houses for warmth, hunkered down in whatever blankets or cushions they had. Not her though. Aela loved the snow! Winter was her most favorite season. There was something... familiar about the snow. It reminded her of something she just couldn't remember. It was like trying to recall a word stuck on the tip of your tongue. The harder she thought about it the more she struggled to remember it. 

Ah, well. Not matter. She decided not to let it bother her and just enjoy the snow. Seasons would change, after all, nothing lasted forever. It was important to find joy in the little things. Like the fact that the Inn was finally cleaned out and was beginning to look decent. But she and Kujon had done as much work as they could with what they had. Aela needed to speak with Martin about finding or perhaps commissioning some furniture from the Smiths. And so she found herself stepping out of the cold and into the warmth of House Mammon. The Mammon family were particularly susceptible to the cold with their thin coats and lean builds so it wasn't surprising to find one of them curled up inside on a pile of cushions. 

Now, Aela didn't speak to the children of the Sun. It wasn't her place and she wouldn't want Martin to think she was overstepping any sort of boundaries. But her seasonal happiness filled her with a small measure of courage, enough to speak at least. "Uhm." She began hesitantly not sure why she felt so nervous to speak with a child, she was usually good with the pups. But Blair wasn't exactly a puppy anymore. And yet still not quite an adult either. Perhaps that was why she didn't know how to address her. "I'm Aela," She said with a small smile, "You're.. Blair, right? Do you know where your father is?" She asked hopefully.

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  [RII] I started this letter I'm gonna send it to Ruba
Posted by: Chrysaor - December 10, 2017, 10:29:12 PM - No Replies

[Image: PjpujqA.png]
C H R Y S A O R,

I sing anyway.

If Chrysaor still maintained any illusions of royalty, they had been decimated with the creep of this new regime. Anglachel's departure - even now she struggled to comprehend that the man who sacrificed his family would then abandon it in the next moment while the scabs on his amputated leg were still mending, and that was why she rejected Nero's reality and substituted it with her own. He couldn't leave his children. He couldn't leave his lovers or his family. She could not understand it. How could hatred for Saboro supersede love for your family? Oriana was gone. Gone, dead, maybe both-- she took Naviti and Scindere with her. It was only a matter of time before the search party discovered their collective remains decaying in a mess of elephant tracks.

Only Chrysaor remained. A child's blood and body parts salted the ruins of Halberd's empire. She condemned Enys to the undignified, ugly death that he deserved, but her heart ached all the same.

Saboro was fractured but intact; many of the towering rainforest trees had been toppled over in the stampede. The damage stretched over a straight trajectory, unlike the widespread devastation inflicted by the volcano. Trampled vegetation littered the depressions left in the wake of thundering elephant feet, gargantuan trees uprooted, splintered into firewood. Chrysaor followed the path of bulldozed rainforest to her destination. She took solemn comfort in the tattoos emblazoned on her face which granted her access into all reaches of Saboro. As the denizens of Saboro scrambled to collect their bearings in the aftermath, counting their losses and picking up the shattered pieces, Chrysaor attended to a forgotten corner of Saboro.

She was relieved to find that Naviti's tree was still standing. The elephant's rampage hadn't reached the grove. The graves of Estein and Poppy remained intact, their eternal slumber undisturbed. The fireflies, however, had been frightened away. Chrysaor arrived at a dark and empty field; the jacaranda tree swayed in a silent breeze. Chrysaor glanced over her shoulder, checking for any strangers stealing close in the darkness, and crept closer, carefully placing a single crimson orchid at the head of Estein's grave. It was a meager offering, but she liked to imagine that Estein would have understood that she couldn't bring better. It felt like a personal affront leaving Poppy's grave barren. She threw up a silent apology and promised she would return later with a flower for Poppy. For now, Chrysaor stood in silence and darkness, satisfied that the gravesite was untouched by the ruin.

ooc: here jade!!!

forest graphic © didthesqd / coding © vixxie's codes

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  The Darkness Inside
Posted by: Razi - December 10, 2017, 04:35:19 PM - No Replies

「R a z i 」
These lands were an interesting sight the further I allowed myself to explore.  It was definitely a land I could have grown accustomed too.  It had been perhaps a few days since I was allowed acceptance into the lands of Gemini.  I was almost certain the male whom had accepted me would have denied me.  He seemed so reluctant to allow me to stay.  You could have attacked him and been done with it.  You can't deny the joy you would have felt spilling his blood all over their precious land...the thrill, the... I growled, "Shut up, I am done with all that!" I raged my frustration, twisting my head from side to side as I seemed frozen where I stood.  I wanted to paw at my head until it bled, hoping that maybe they would bleed out with my blood; but I knew it would be a stupid effort.  The sad thing though, they were not wrong.

I would have enjoyed attacking him, spilling his blood all over their territory; but it would have gained me unwanted attention.  I would have enjoyed the taste of his blood in my mouth, the thrill that it would have brought me.  I was after all the Mad Hatter, the demon lurking in the shadows.  I was the monster that went bump in the night.  They had all been afraid of me.  I mean for pete's sake I pushed my own mother off a cliff!  I felt nothing and I doubt I will ever feel anything at all.  My heart was an empty void, devout of all things that a wolf was suppose to be.  My mind was black, clouded of all things where a conscious should have been.  I would have enjoyed the sickening rip of his throat as blood flowed from his wound.  It would have been sweet and tangy, orgasmic if such a thing existed; but I was a wolf.

I was lonely and wolves should never be lonely.  I may be mad, but not an idiot.

I turned emerald eyes to survey my surroundings.  I suppose I walked far enough to be unaware of where I was going.  These lands were vast and wide, so it was told to me.  I had taken the time to explore as much of the lands that was offered to me.  It would have appeared that nightfall at bestowed itself upon me.  I took the moment to study it as my eyes washed over the vast darkness.  I am sure the moon was shining bright silver somewhere in the horizonal; but my ears caught the distant sound of water.  The smell of it tickled my nose as I turned to head towards it.  So much blood, beautiful blissful blood... My ears twitched at the voices haunting me.  I could not help but smile.  The sight of blood had always suited me.  It was just something I will never be able to help.  What's a conscious anyways?

I shoved my nose into the water to take my fill.  It felt like I was drowning as the water slurped up my nose, looming my tongue to allow the coldness of the liquid to quench my thirst.  I snorted, bubbles elevating to the surface.  I proceeded to shove myself to a sitting position as my muzzle was wrenched free of the suffocation.  I tilted my head to a loud buzzing in my head as they bickered at me.  I guess it was their way of scolding me of trying to rid their host of this world.  I could not help but laugh at their silly antics.  Fuck, I was going crazy.  No, I was already crazy.  Though, I suppose if anyone saw me laughing to myself, they would probably think I was insane.  What the hell was this crazy red wolf laughing at?  Nothing but my pure insanity. Ha.

I turned to look at my reflection.  Yep, I was still there.  All of my red glory of a dire wolf could ever be.

ooc: Let me know if I did anything wrong.  Gonna try a little of first person and third person with Razi.  Madness! lol

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  Sanctuary is Closed!
Posted by: Lexi - December 10, 2017, 04:03:00 PM - No Replies

We're not open just yet--we still have a lot of things to work on! We'll be up and running ASAP. In the meantime, please feel free to spitball ideas in the discord channel set up in the main IDS discord, and I am always open to suggestions or potential plots! Feel free to reply to our land claim thread in The Roots, but please don't post any new threads in the board! <3

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  darkest night, brightest star
Posted by: Century - December 10, 2017, 12:05:14 AM - Replies (1)

In the early light of dawn, a boy who was not yet a man but no longer a child sat and watched the sun rise. Red eyes took in the last of night fading away, darkness chased across the sky by pink-orange-red-yellow light. He didn't have the golden sunrises his mother had, or the clear blue skies of his father. None of his brothers or sisters shared his striking eyes, and while maybe in one universe that would've been a blessing--something to stand apart from the crowd, a way to be noticed immediately upon walking into a room--in this one, it felt like a curse.

A little red boy with blood on his paws (chest, face) and ruby eyes.

A tangle of red strings choked his heart. Were they ropes? Chains? Maybe his own veins had constricted against the pumping muscle, protesting with every life-giving pump.

Century closed his eyes, and a soft breeze blew through his fur. He was a lanky yearling now, paws still too large and proportions not quite right for adulthood. He wondered when the weight would ever be lifted off his heart, if it ever would be. He wondered what the weight even was. Was it guilt at seeing Traveler torn down? Exhaustion from too many sleepless nights? Disappointment at finding out that Gemini was not what he'd always believed? It could've been some combination of all three; it could've been something completely different.

It could've been the specters that plagued his waking moments as often as his sleeping ones. Why did Gemini have so many ghosts in the first place? How much blood stained the lands they called a refuge?

A soft, lilting sigh drifted from him as he opened his eyes again and dispersed his thoughts. Today was the day.

Century made his way down from the wall, still firmly on the highlands side. The shadow of the wall was so long. How much history had it seen throughout the years to still be standing? The yearling couldn't ponder it long; he had work to do. He needed to get everything together before most of the populace started stirring, and the sun was rising as fast as it always did. The light frost on the ground didn't hinder him from finding the gifts he planned on leaving his family, but it did leave a pretty clear trail. It was a good thing that it would all be melted before they got up.

Seashells and flowers, the prettiest he could find, left at the mouth of the den(s) where they slept.

Pretty blue morning glories found especially for his favorite brother, set apart from all the rest.

The red child turned back after everything was in place, and made his way back to the wall. Determined, sure steps. This was what he wanted to do. This was what he needed to do.

He made his way through the gap in the wall. Past the skulls.

(The weight lessened.)

He kept walking.

He turned around once he could smell the borders of their lands, and he looked back across the rolling grasslands to the ominous wall that had haunted him for so long.

It was so small.

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