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  Burning bridges [PRP Dahx]
Posted by: Shai - Today, 12:48:26 AM - No Replies

His life lately seemed to be a deluge of unexpected events and surprises, none of which he appreciated. First Stoneclaw vanishes along with all his loved ones, then he nearly crosses the entire continent to find what's left of the pride was being led by his youngest inexperienced child? 

But the kicker was this. Apparently his second in command was none other than Dahx. At first Shai had thought he'd gone too long without cleaning his ears. Dahx? What? How?? Once his most trusted friend, he'd gone and vanished from the face of the earth it had seemed... And now he was helping Roderik bring back Stoneclaw from its ashes? Incredible... Shai didn't know if he should feel grateful to his old friend for trying to guide his youngest son through this challenge, or if he should tell him he was being a fool for choosing to do so. 

Roderik was too young to rule a pride, especially one in such a state of disarray. He had half a mind to take back the throne and try to fix everything... But the way Roderik had spoken, he had made it clear that he wouldn't hand over the title without a fight. 

The fool... Didn't he realize the weight he'd taken upon his shoulders? Shai feared it would crush him. He had refused to listen to his father's wisdom... But perhaps he could get Dahx to talk to him. If the boy had taken him as his right paw, then he must have trusted him a great deal. 

"Dahx?" He barely recognized him, but perhaps Dahx would think the same of him. So much time had passed. "It really is you. I didn't think I would ever see you again..." 

It was good to see him. It truly was.

"Is it true what I've heard? You've decided to help my son rebuild the pride? I don't think he realizes what he's gotten himself into... He is too young for such a responsibility, but he won't listen to me."

Show me where your loyalty lies.

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  take me to the riot
Posted by: Sveyn - Yesterday, 08:10:39 PM - Replies (1)

s v e y n

Traveling home lacked the excitement that his exploration sent him off with. While he was leaving Bacchus, a feeling of remorse quickly dispersed as he anticipated the cultures and diverse creatures he’d meet. He wasn’t disappointed, either, having met many new comrades during his journeys. As well as an adoration that he wasn’t sure how he’d ever get over. Which contributed to the feeling of the time dragging, being lost in his thoughts.

Thankfully, Reath was able to provide opportune distractions. His subtle inquiries about Bacchus and what to expect upon their arrival was gradually inviting the feeling of homesickness again. But something was unfamiliar about their trek back, something Sveyn could not quite recall. This road they travelled was not one that he had taken when leaving Bacchus.

It wasn’t until they began to pass over a bridge that Sveyn grew restlessly paranoid over what was yet to come. The smells were unsettling, the aura of the environment unwelcoming. Looking to Reath – small, frail, and completely incapable of defending himself – immediately led Sveyn to nose him fiercely in the side, pushing him towards the opposite end of the bridge. Whispering, demanding, “Run, RUN. Do not come back. No matter what you hear. Back to Gemini…” He wouldn't allow the boy to deny or oblige.

Blue eyes would watch steadily as the boy disappeared, alleviating his heaviest worry, but still his muscles tensed as he turned to face the oncoming snickers and sneers. Several footsteps were approaching, more prominent than they had been before. Unlike those that ushered him in Inaria and then in Gemini, Sveyn assumed these greetings would be less than welcoming.

o o c
hello!!!! reath is NOT present in this RP and your character may not smell him/suspect he's around/go after him/etc. ENJOY.

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  Why pink?
Posted by: WishingWind - Yesterday, 11:24:57 AM - No Replies

A pink leaf fell onto the wolf's nose. Wishing wind shook it off and took a step. Another fell on her. Stop. she hissed at the trees. She was no where Wishingwind knew, lost, hopefully not for forever. She hiked through the forest until she couldn't walk anymore. Wishingwind plopped down and starred at all the annoying pink leaves there where. Soon, she drifted to slumber and closed her green eyes.

Wishingwind stood at the rim of an small meadow. No pink leaves, no trees, just grass. Plain green grass. She took a step and instantly felt weaker. Then, a bunch of pink leaves appeared and drowned her. 'Hmph. Why pink?' she asked herself until all the leaves covered her. She woke up in a pile of leaves and grunted. "Why? WHY?" She yowled, struggling to get out of the pile.
The leaves were annoying, they were everywhere!
Snarly, the breath that escaped her muzzle lifted a few leaves back into the air.

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  El Dorado FAQ
Posted by: Xiuhcoatl - Yesterday, 02:08:57 AM - No Replies

[Image: 017_wings_12_by_etkri-dbzaw6c.png] El Dorado [Image: 017_wings_12_by_etkri-dbzaw6c.png]
[Image: 030_maya_by_etkri-dbzaw8x.png]  [Image: 030_maya_by_etkri-dbzaw8x.png]  [Image: 030_maya_by_etkri-dbzaw8x.png]

[Image: 018_wings_11_by_etkri-dbzaw6m.png]
         As El Dorado is rich in pre-roleplay history and culture, it is understandable that sometimes there will be lots of questions for both newcomers and veteran members. Please feel free to browse here to see if any of your curiosities are answered, and if not then drop it here and I will answer it and add it to the list! Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question! Questions asked in the discord will also be added here.
[Image: 018_wings_11_by_etkri-dbzaw6m.png]

   QUESTION: What's the difference between El Dorado and Syn Cardrys? Why two names?
   ANSWER: ICly the tribe has been known as the Syn Cardrys ("sin car-dree"), and identify as such. However, upon Kukulkan's arrival, he dubbed it El Dorado, and for various reasons the residents of the tribe let him roll with it, whether out of excitement for his entrance or just shrugging him off as an ignorant outsider. El Dorado was the original name of K's mother's empire, and he grew infatuated with its identity.

   QUESTION: How long has this tribe been around?
   ANSWER: As far as the members of the tribe are concerned, their history is ageless, as old as the gods themselves. Written records and relics date back at least 500+ years, though they boast an infinitely older existence.

   QUESTION: Can I/my character have a bird of prey?
   ANSWER: OOCly, you may roleplay a bird of prey if you desire, but please read up on the lore and culture of the tribe - birds of prey are symbolic of the gods' ferocities and therefore have certain connotations associated with it. ICly, your character may be friends with or know a bird of prey, but no one, not even the Phoenix, may have a bird of prey as their companion.  It is considered an insult to the gods to try and tame their fury and power for yourself.

   QUESTION: What's the difference between a companion and just a regular smaller animal?
   ANSWER: Animal companions are considered an intimately-bonded spirit to your character, one's energy is reflective of the other's. It is therefore shameful in essence to not have one, should you be rank-eligible, as this indicates your energy is negative or empty.

   ANSWER: --

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  Our Heart [lore & culture]
Posted by: Xiuhcoatl - Yesterday, 01:45:11 AM - Replies (1)

post save for all the juicy stuff

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  [Acceptance] I was just an only child of the universe. And then I found you
Posted by: Nightbane - Yesterday, 01:04:50 AM - No Replies

Rather be the hunter than the prey // And you're standing on the edge, face up 'cause you're a

       The sun was starting to dip into the sea and the colors of the dying sun mingled with the darkening sky creating beautiful shades of purple and red. The waves beat against the cliffs with a roar that rivaled that of a lion as it was high tide now that the sky was darkening.

       A peculiar hybrid walked a few paces away from the cliff with a pelt that looked like it had been infused by the colors of the night sky with dark fur painted with lighter blue and purple hues. A pair of sabres hung from their jaws though they were much larger than most sabretooths and notably possessing the tail that most didn't. A partially-formed mane ran down the feline's neck and stopped at their shoulders while parts of it wrapped around their neck though not fully like that of a lion's. Their gender was a mixture of both masculine and feminine scents and they didn't seem to lean towards either side appearance-wise. The cat's long tail swished back and forth as they stopped where the scent was the strongest.

       Nightbane had been looking for a place to finally rest their paws, to no longer worry about where they would be sleeping next or the next job to accomplish. They had seen a lifetime of battle, violence, and pain, even at their young age and wanted to be more than just a hired soldier or guard. They wanted to have a normal life, one that no longer revolved around work and survival, to be a part of something. And through word of mouth, the night-furred mercenary found these lands, the lands of Stoneclaw that welcomed those of the feline persuasion.

       With their back to the cliffs, the sabre-lion stared out into the lands in which they seeked entry to. Contemplating for a second, waiting for some kind of sign to tell them to turn around and return to the life that they had led for so long. But there was nothing to suggest such a thing and the dark-colored cat knew that this was the path they should take. Finally, they let out a roar, calling for entry, acceptance into these lands.
OOC: Finally got this up! Here's Nightbane on the western borders~

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  a circumstantial outcry
Posted by: Celosia - December 12, 2018, 10:11:03 PM - No Replies

   When Celosia had been young, everyone had known that she would be one of the first to strike out on her own and see the world. They could see it in her starry eyes, how she wove stories and told tales with enthusiasm and longing as she looked toward the horizons. It was obvious that she would break their lines and strive for a new beginning, somewhere to make a mark and not be a simple sled dog, pulling sleds her whole life until she could no longer. One day she would break ranks and forge a path few before her had taken, freeing herself from her binds and moving forward. She would hope and dream, spend her days planning how she would leave and see new horizons and experience new environments.

   Frankly, it hadn't taken that long to beat such optimism out of her.

   No, it hadn't taken any time at all to turn her into a cynic, making dry comments and petty remarks. In fact, she had taken to it easily. Still, she had not entirely lost her dreamy outlook. She had still gazed longingly at the horizon when her higher-ups had not been paying attention. She had still planned her escape, clever mind working quickly. Her situation was not a kind one, one that had taken her too long to realize that she had to escape from. Her feelings weren't healthy, her cynicism was not healthy, her thoughts, more defeatist every day, would be the end of her spite and fire.

   But she was nothing if not spiteful, always happy to be petty and spit at the feet of those who had even somewhat wronged her. She wouldn't be alive if she wasn't spiteful, determined to prove others wrong. She had taken her spite and turned it into a weapon, cleaving her way to freedom with sharpened words and years worth of blackmail. She took pride in the returned cruelty, striding away with a light skip to her step and a wave to her curled tail. Freedom, at last, at the cost of her optimism. Seemed like a fair enough trade if you asked her. At this point, it wasn't like optimism would help her. She needed facts to make it in a foreign world.

   Admittedly, optimism would be a nice trait to have when you were stranded in the middle of a desert, too stubborn to ask for directions and walking right into the arid lands. Sun almighty, she was going to get herself killed with her stupidity. She had no water, she had no food. She had run out of resources half a day ago and by then she was too far in to go back to a forest she had passed to resupply. She was in the middle of a gods-forsaken desert! Without water!! Or food!!! She would end up like the sorry sap whose skeleton she had eyed warily two days back. All because she was an annoying dumbass. This is what I get for never cleaning up after myself, isn't it? For biting the human whenever they tried to tie me to the sled, huh? Can't see how this punishment ties to the crime, but I guess I'll accept it.

   Although she kept on walking, eyes on the horizon as she did. She would not let her former fatalism consume her, not yet. Perhaps she was meant to die in this desert, body left for the vultures as she baked to death beneath the sun. Or perhaps she was meant to survive by some miraculous means. Means about as miraculous as mountains appearing on the horizon as she loped along, pads cracked and beginning to bleed. Huh, maybe miracles did exist. Or maybe fate was cruel and petty and planned on having her die right before she reached the mountains' bases. Now that would be funny--albeit resulting in her death. Such was the price of ironic comedy.

   Picking up her pace in hopes of not dying an ironic death, the former sled-dog pressed toward the mountains on the horizon with a determined look in her eye. At the final stretch, she sprinted toward the rocky outcroppings in hopes of finding shelter in the shade they might provide. Just as her lungs began to reach their limit and her legs almost gave out beneath her, the exhausted mutt came to the beginnings of a tunnel. She gazed toward it, puzzled by the gentle gusts of cold air. Walking toward its source, the female was flooded with the smells of wolves.

   Fitting considering her mixed heritage, she supposed. Treading closer toward the tunnel's mouth, the small canine was careful in the placement of her steps. Yes, she ached. But she wouldn't let the pain be an excuse for being careless, especially in territory that clearly belonged to a pack. Still, she moved forward. Perhaps... Perhaps she could join, if they were accepting. She certainly was in no state to travel anymore, especially in this damn desert. If anything, she hoped she could rest for a while before setting out once more. That is, if she couldn't worm her way in first.

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  Rise of Dragons: Loosely HTTYD Based, Post-Human Roleplay
Posted by: RoD Admin - December 12, 2018, 03:54:15 AM - No Replies

[Image: hiddenworldadvert-Edit3-FINALSMALLER.png]

Welcome to Rise of Dragons. Humans are extinct and Earth is healing from the wounds of humanity. Now, dragons are rising from the depths just as a great viking once hypothesized. They are rising from the sea, leaving safe-havens, and scuttling down from canopies to survey their new world.

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  Rise of Dragons: Loosely HTTYD Based, Post-Human Roleplay
Posted by: RoD Admin - December 12, 2018, 03:47:57 AM - No Replies

[div align="center"]
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Home[/a] | [a href=""]Rules[/a] | [a href=""]Plot[/a] | [a href=""]Link Back[/a] | [a href=""]Affiliate[/a]

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  me, you, and the moon [leaving]
Posted by: Sveyn - December 11, 2018, 10:34:46 AM - Replies (3)

s v e y n

He was here too long. Much too long.

Countless nights have been spent in Gemini with minimal progress to show for solidifying an alliance, which was his ultimate reason for leaving his home. There would be minimal virtuous news to share with Rainer; it caused a glimmer of worry for Sveyn, concerned for how his King would respond. But that worry was not as prominent as the guilt he felt when he turned his back and retreated from the wall. While he may not be returning to Bacchus with success, he did not feel as
though the trip ended without reason. The relationships he’d be leaving behind were enough to make him feel full, he’d felt accomplished with those alone.

Paws as heavy as concrete dragged through the dried grass. When he arrived, there was a thin layer of snow covering the Earth. It had been long melted by now, truly making the time lapse true to what he already was well aware of; it was time to go.

Reath, much larger now than when he’d found him, was following close behind. He, too, was reluctant to leave. But the young boy wouldn’t leave Sveyn behind, their bond closer now than it was before they’d arrived. He would finally have the chance to bring him home to Bacchus. But would he love the tundra as much as
he’d grown to love the lush in Gemini?

Sveyn did not want to disappoint anyone else with his choice to leave.  

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