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  when i was older
Posted by: sterling. - Yesterday, 05:53:20 PM - No Replies

[Image: o6mGh8y.png]

The ocean frothed gently at his feet, washing away his sins with each gentle ebb and flow. He stared at the vast nothingness beyond the dark horizon, where black skies met black water, lit with only the subtle white crests of waves rolling shoreward. The only familiar aspect of this strange territory didn't have the same haunting pull as his family's kingdom. No jutting cliffs hundreds of feet above tumultuous seas that sung to you in the wind. But it did have an exquisite waterfall. He supposed the two could have the same purpose. 

He turned from the dark ocean and moved inland, being sure to shake the sand from between his toes and from the furls of his tail. After a short while grooming, he sought out the other things familiar to him: family. 

He wondered what his mother had been doing on their little trip to Inaria. If she was mingling with the other royalty. If she'd heard of the absolute ruckus Shuck had caused. He'd nearly forgotten the storm born child after what felt like mONTHS IN INARIA, and his annoyance flared. Almost! Forgot! That he wanted to murder multiple children and point the finger entirely on her. And they'd believe him -- all of them, because she was nothing but an illegal child of a pirate hiding behind the kindness of Serrate. Or murder her, both seemed equally pleasant. 

He smells her near, but the scent of a wild girl catches his attention first. He smiles to himself, then approaches like a ghost in the night. There's blood on the wind, too, and that smile fades and his pace quickens. Something flares in his chest and it grows as her scent becomes more intwined with blood.

" Mae? " He calls out, voice pricked with something akin to concern, but not entirely. Then he sees her, leg mangled and spotted with dark dried blood.

" What happened? " Anger began to rise to his cheeks, crawling through his features like ugly little worms.

Did she do this?


[Image: Vrcpgmj.jpg?1][Image: bg4MGUr.jpg?1][Image: qTmBFcE.jpg?1][Image: RgOKR87.jpg?1]

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  INFIDELIS: A Modern Street Dog Gangs RP
Posted by: Sammiie - June 17, 2019, 06:35:31 AM - No Replies

[Image: 3cRBBSEH_o.png]

Four dog gangs fight for survival in the sprawling city of Komorrah, both warring with themselves and their enemy: the humans. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, but goodwill always follows. What path will you take in the ever-changing city of Komorrah?

Infidelis is a modern day stray dog RP set in a fictional city much like New York City. Infidelis is a story of survival where challenges await each character. Four rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character's existence. You can choose to join one of these gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, the choice shouldn't be taken lightly!

Infidelis has been going strong since November 2017! We strive for an extremely friendly, player-devoted atmosphere where players of all types feel at home and welcomed. Check us out, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile!


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  dreaming of somewhere, but not here
Posted by: Harriette - June 11, 2019, 11:13:09 AM - No Replies

ooc: please let Corvo post first with Gaven!

[Image: fxRP7W1.png]
It had been days.

Harriette and her travel partner had walked for what seemed like ages, stopping only to eat and sleep. Despite the fact that Gaven needed time to set up a small camp each time they stopped, they managed to keep their halts brief and efficient. Harriette tried to handle most of the hunting, but her elven friend would lend a hand now and then. Even if he annoyed her now and then with his incessant chattering, he was helpful, and Harriette couldn’t deny that fact.

The pale wolf’s body was growing tired as the trekked onward – she was carrying a lot of supplies for Gaven and a good amount of her own (herbs and various other medicinal materials). It was easier for her to carry them, but they were beginning to weigh her down as they reached the last leg of their journey. She’d rather be tired than short on necessities though, and she was always thankful to have things to help them sleep or ease their aches and pains.

The weather didn’t always cooperate for the pair, and they had traveled through a couple of wind storms and a nasty cold spell as well. But when the trails they walked remained brown with dirt rather than white from snow, Gaven was quick to voice his concerns. From what Sveyn had told them of his home, Bacchus, it was a wintry location – arctic and cold year round. This didn’t seem to be what they were approaching, and there was more than a few times where Gaven questioned their path, telling Harriette that it didn’t seem right.

Harriette didn’t know what to tell him, aside from the fact that she had been following any scent markers that Sveyn had left on his travels back to his home. This is where he went, this is the path he took, and this was where they’d find him. Maybe the weather was changing, maybe he was exaggerating the cold. It didn’t matter – this was where they had to go to find him.

Gaven never seemed too convinced, but trusted in his four-legged companion nonetheless.

As they walked, the air around them began to grow warmer and denser. Harriette wasn’t used to such a sticky atmosphere and it was making her tire quickly, feeling as though she couldn’t fill her lungs with enough oxygen to keep herself going. What a terrible feeling, like suffocating, or drowning above water.

“Ugh, Gaven, this is unbearable. The air is so … Thick.” She complained lightly, panting as she spoke.

Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, she rubbed her face down the inside of her foreleg, as though trying to wipe the moist air from her fur. When she brought her head up and looked ahead of where they stood, she thought she saw something.

Squinting lightly, she tried to determine what it was she was seeing up ahead; It seemed there was a forest, but between them and the forest there appeared to be a sort of structure. Harriette had just caught Sveyn’s scent not too long beforehand, leading her this way. This was where he had gone, she knew she was following his footsteps. She’d never forget his sweet, yet strong and musty scent.

She knew this was where he’d gone. But why here? This didn’t seem like the Bacchus he spoke of when he told her about home. This felt wrong, and yet she knew this was the right way to go.

A sinking feeling began to twist in her stomach, the lurking shadow of dread falling over her. This seemed … Odd.

Glancing at her elven friend, she pushed onward again, curious to find out what they were walking toward.

As they closed the gap between themselves and the mysterious structure, it became apparent that it was a wooden bridge arching over a deep crevice filled with water The scent of a pack grew thicker and stronger as they neared. At least there was the scent of a pack, but this smelled different from the way Sveyn smelled. Harriette grew more anxious with every step they took.

The bridge was right in front of them now and there was remnants of old, dried up blood on the wood. Clenching her teeth together, Harriette glanced at Gaven with a look of worry on her face. “This is where he came, this is where his scent leads.” She said quietly, her hackles prickling slightly. “There’s a pack here, I don’t know if we should go any farther. This doesn’t seem like Bacchus…”

Turning her head to look into the forest before them, she couldn’t help but wonder if the blood on the bridge belonged to Sveyn.

Or if he was still alive.

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  When the world becomes a fantasy and you're more than you could ever be
Posted by: Iorek - June 09, 2019, 01:58:55 PM - No Replies

The moment you arrived
they built you up
The sun was in your eyes
You couldn't believe it
Riches all around, you're walking
Stars are on the ground
You start to believe it
Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you
You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do
      Iorek wasn't one to enjoy the rain despite his tiger heritage. Even though his coat to some degree resisted water, he would rather be anywhere else than in pouring rain. Okay, maybe it wasn't pouring, more of like a drizzle but regardless. The hybrid would not get wet unless he absolutely had to. He did not have to get wet right not and had a perfectly nice cave to keep himself, his companions, and his belongings dry.

      The dark-furred male managed to find a nice den hidden away from others. It was in one of the first mountains in view of the highlands but the entrance to the den was hidden by coverings of moss, ivy, and lichen. There was a skylight that allowed the beast to see fairly well in the darkness of the cave and years of rainfall had carved out a place for the rain to collect. The first part of the cave was large enough for the beast to call comfortable but not large enough to make it feel empty. He no longer felt like he needed to hide everything in his bag and he was able to lay his collection out, but not in what he could call "the open".

      A second smaller part was where the brindled beast stored all of his treasures, separated from the main cave by stalagmites and stalactites with moss and lichens hanging off. There was an opening that allowed the beast to enter and a small amount of light was allowed in, the perfect amount for a creature like the feline to see in perfect clarity.

      In the main part of the cave, there was what could be described as a large shelf where the hybrid beast made his sleeping area with some pelts lining it. There wasn't much in the first part of the cave to be perfectly honest but the feline had moved in not too long ago.

      The birds found their own sort of home in the stalagmites and stalactites thats imperfections made them perfect for nests.

      Despite the carmine-eyed creature not wanting to leave his shelter, there was a gnawing at his stomach that did not want to be ignored. The birds were also hungry which led to them not using words but landing on his head as he gazed outside. Hermes even pecked at his ear, a movement that read easily enough.

      "Okay," the scarlet-eyed scavenger sighed almost resigned as he pulled off all but the dragon pendant and padded out in the rain. At least in the pitter-patter of the rain it would be easier to hunt. He looked at the birds if saying, 'You better help me on this hunt' as he padded out of his cave, making sure that no one saw him leave.

      The red-eyed Recruit headed further along the mountain area looking for his preferred prey, goats. The pair of avians took off from his back and he slowed down, knowing that the birds would help to guide him to a kill.
Nights at the chateau
Trapped in your sunset bungalow
You couldn't escape it, yeah
Drink of paradise
They told you "Put your blood on ice
You're not gonna make it"
Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you
You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do
Hunt with Iorek!
Table by Silverfrost9

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  wtf is a staircase ((Akira))
Posted by: Deirdre - June 05, 2019, 05:13:31 PM - No Replies

[Image: deirdre5.png]
Profile | Speaking

This Gemini had been an odd territory, lands so wildly different than anywhere settled before. Stones that were placed with purpose atop one another, to stretch a structure never before seen. Partly fallen to pieces, yet sections of Gemini made additions. She was weary of these structures, uncertain of them them.  They're require a closer inspection.

Today, was meant for herself. To explore this new home, to learn what she could and get some bearings. Lifting her head from her feet, to rise her rear into the air and stretch like a bowed cat. Shaking herself out as Deirdre move swiftly forward into a walk. A strong wind blowing her sideways slightly.

Eyes watered as her head turned into the wind, beginning to follow and pick her way toward a cliffside. Though the terrain was brutal, and she found herself curiously staring as stones leading downward... Purposely placed? Again? Cautiously moving downward along the slick steps, wet from mist and afternoon rains.

As the beach below came closer into sights, Deirdre's eyes widened at the sight. The sand... was black. She stood all four feet on the last stone step, leaning forward the sniff the black sand below her. Before carefully placing a foot down, lifting it back up to look at the bottom of her toes, then moving forward leaving a neat trail behind her.

Toward the Ocean, as the sun began to go down. Little did she know the water would begin to glow in only a short half hour. Her world felt weird, and her head went upward to the sky to watch and reflect.

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  PokeOmni - Play Pokemon Your Way
Posted by: PO Staff - June 04, 2019, 04:59:00 PM - No Replies

[Image: AWHwpZT.png]

Tell the Story you've always wanted to!
Rules | Character Creation | Recent Threads

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  Something Wicked This Way Comes [Ashtaroth]
Posted by: Macbeth - June 02, 2019, 11:18:33 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: blinkie__f2u__by_deitarune-dabvn20.gif]

Smoke stings. Fire licking-- trees crack in their own weight, hollowed by the flame. Combustion. Explosive.

Crack. Vertebrae visible through his back, like the bone in mouth: teeth. A growl, background to the crackling fire.

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  Weary Shadow [Akki]
Posted by: Amalthea. - June 02, 2019, 05:58:39 PM - No Replies

Every step, no, each and every movement even spoke of one who'd taken on so much that their very bones ached under the weight of it and yet the creature housing them should be all outside appearances carry few, if any, worries at all. Amalthea knew the strange weight she carried was likely not normal, and yet it remained and seemed only to grow day by day as did disappointment. How she wished she were like all the many (many) others, and yet here she was simply watching days float by as she wandered from place to place as though that would solve everything. Perhaps she should do like others likely had and go out into the world to make a name for herself, and yet somehow that just didn't feel right; this was her home and she would never leave for long enough to do something like that.

(When was the last time she'd spoke to a litter mate anyway she would wonder with tilted head and bashful expression. Too long for sure.)

Instead of going out and doing anything super productive, however, the girl was instead simply making her way to a nice resting place for a while to regroup. Each footfall was heavy and her head kept ducked low almost as though she were trying to hide within her own fur (where ever did that ridiculously outgoing child go to? Amalthea wished she could find herself again...). A short shake of her head to clear the thoughts would follow as she paused against the mountainside, the anticipated pools in her sights but they were not abandoned as she'd hoped. Just her luck.

"Uhm, hello," she would speak perhaps softer than necessary upon her approach, "would you mind if I hung out around here too?" Of course she could leave, would if requested, but maybe Amalthea could use this time to make some kind of connection no matter how brief. Gotta start the bettering process somehow after all.

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Posted by: Eveninglight - May 31, 2019, 07:17:34 PM - Replies (1)

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Lilac padded slowly along the faint whisper of a path that wound through the forest. Her ears flicked uneasily and her green gaze flicked from tree to tree. The soft breath of a passing breeze trickled between the thick trunks of the trees and brushed against Lilac's thick brown coat. Lilac flicked her tail then froze. One paw hung suspended over the clover dusted grass. After many days of wandering. Lilac was here. At the border of the Inaria pack. Lilac took a hesitant step forward, ears pinned back. Worries assailed her. [/font][font=.SFUIText-Italic]Would they reject her as so many others had? What if she didn't belong? Where would she go if they refused her?[/font][font=.SFUIText] Lilac pushed that train of thought from her mind. [/font][font=.SFUIText-Italic]It won't change anything to worry about it...[/font][font=.SFUIText] Lilac sat, curled her tail tight around her paws, and waited.[/font][/font]

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  Terrea: a role play site, pet site, breeding game and more!
Posted by: Ichor - May 25, 2019, 06:02:28 PM - No Replies

[Image: bc2IlJ1.png]

Terrea is a mix between a role play site, a pet site, a breeding game and a semi-open species. :3

On our site, you'll raise, play as, upgrade, and shape a mochi-like blobling into any creature your heart desires! Do you want to play a talking flower with a mischievous side? We support you. Do you want to play a wolf with a lion's mane? Cool. We can help you. Do you want to play a base blobling, but with a tuft of hair and stars all over its skin? Hell yeah.

Once you're happy with your blobling, you can start breeding it with other people's creatures to form strange and exciting hybrids.

Play through the rise of a new world after an apocalyptic-level event has forced a reset. Build the world from the ground up and engage in a rules-light role play that encourages creativity over crunch. Help decide what sorts of plants and animals will populate the planet. Worship the God of Death!

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to have you!

These are just some of the creatures that are possible in the world of Terrea.

[Image: VxlYOWQ.png]
As you can see, just as long as it’s not too inappropriate, anything goes!


"These are your cute little bloblings! Make whatever you want! Worship the god of Death! Breed with your blood!" - Saerfall.

“Definitely looking forward to getting in on this, I'll finally have somewhere I can build and RP my misunderstood tentebeast without it clashing with the world-build!” - CosmicDragon.

“i want to buy a neck” - Krepta.

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