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"Frequently Asked Questions"!

Roleplay Specific

How many characters do I get per account?
We do not restrict character amount. You may roleplay as many as you want from one account or make side accounts for each character (referred to as “personas” on the forum). Please enter real emails because you will need to activate your account upon creation. You can use the same email for several accounts.

When can I start roleplaying?
For most characters, you can begin rping as soon as you post your profile. You do not need to wait for sorting. If there is an issue, a Directory Organizer will move your thread into the Problems and Corrections board. Hellions with more than standardized traits and characters over the height limit require moderator approval.

What sort of RP'ing style is used here?
We generally write multi-paragraph posts. Some members write more or less than others, but we do not have a word count. Shortform (Discord, Pesterchum, Skype, Google Docs, etc.) is allowed for Private Rps that would not reasonably require the attention of outside rpers, such as pack rule breaking, escaping, trespassing, or challenges, unless you have permission from pack alphas.

I don't think I'm a very good writer. Can I still join?
Of course, we allow all levels of writing skill.

What sort of species am I allowed to roleplay here?
Any species (and then some) around and after 10,000 BC(E) may be roleplayed on this forum. This includes but not limited to sabretooth tigers, dire wolves, cave lions, timber wolves, domesticated dogs, and humans. There are also a few  "created" species such as the Fringe Dire Wolf and Hellbeasts, as well as a few pack-specific species that have more details here.

Do you allow magic?
Despite a fair amount of whimsy, we do not allow powerplayable magic such as shooting fireballs, flying wolves,  telekenises, or other world-breaking features that would require a complicated fight system. We do allow things like ghosts and minor psychics, but they cannot influence other characters without the player's consent.

What about Hellions/Hellbeasts?
Hellions are just weird looking animals. They are not any more powerful than their standard animal counterpart (i.e., a hellhound is not innately stronger than a wolf).

Can my character be strange/unnatural colors?
Absolutely. We do not restrict character colors. Sparklewolf your heart out.

I can't draw my character!
Visual references aren’t required. That said, we do have templates you can use to design your character, and we allow stock photos and for-free-use art. You may only use art that was made by you, made for you, or for free-use. We do not condone art theft.

What's the land look like?
View and read about our setting here.

Does IDS have a plot?
IDS is both open world and open plot. We do not have an overarching story other than “animals live in this fictional area; they are trying to thrive” and our backstory. Members create their own plots, groups, and packs.

Can I make my own pack?
Yes! Outside a few still around from the beginning, all packs are member created. To learn how to start your own, go here.

What is The Reach?
The Reach is where you claim land and make your own pack.

Do I have to join a pack?
No. You can play in the neutral section, which encompasses everything in the playable world (including beyond it, i.e, “beyond the Fringe”, "over the Chasm") outside the packlands.

Can I make a group in the neutrals instead of a pack?
Yes, sure.

I want to join a pack, but there are so many. How do I know which one to join?
To learn about the current packs, check out the pack guidebook. You can also ask the forum for suggestions.

Are we allowed to roleplay in multiple threads at once?
Yes. There are some exceptions (fights where your character may die, etc.) but this forum uses "liquid time". Multiple threads with any certain character is fine.

Only contact this account to inquire about or appeal a warning you have received. All other Mod-related business should be directed to individual Mods.

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If you need help with something, please contact one of our forum moderators!
Our current staff team is Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin.
everything happens so much
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Forum Specific

Do I have to be invited or can I just join the forum?
There's no need for invitations to join the IDS forum. To get started, check out this guide here!

Why are your OOC boards hidden?
Our community is uncomfortable sharing our ooc information with lurkers. We understand this is an inconvenience and makes it more difficult for guests to get a bead on the member base before joining. If you want to chat with us, you can visit the guest area of our discord channel. Do bear in mind that it is held to the same rules and standards as the rest of the forum, however.

Who is the admin of In Dire Straits?
In Dire Straits is run by a team of Moderators, Admin Assistants, and our Host Admin, Brent. Go here for more information about our team.

What is the low down on your forum history? AND/OR I recognize “insert here” from BBA!
IDS began on proboards in 2005 as the official Blackblood Alliance forum, based on the DeviantArt webcomic by Kay Fedewa. In 2007 the proboards forum became near unusable due to size and technical problems, so we moved to SMF. We changed admins in 2010 and moved to another visibly identical SMF forum, and then, finally, to MYBB in 2017. The community split from it’s source material, the webcomic, years ago and is no longer affiliated. However, 10+ years of roleplay history has cemented certain features and names that were considered too central to the site to erase entirely, so some similarities remain.

What genre is IDS?
In Dire Straits is a semi-realistic animal/wolf forum with mild fantasy elements. Fantasy elements include paw dexterity, strange fur colors, odd creatures, ghosts, ambiguous psychics, flexible geography, talking animals/humans, and other small things like glowing rocks.

Do I actually have to roleplay if I join your forum?
No, you can set up camp in our OOC section if you want. Our chitchat, art, and non-rp writing areas are very active. We do recommend rping though since, well, we’re an rp forum! We also advise against joining if you only want to sell commissions/adoptables as the community considers it rude.

What rating is IDS?
IDS is rated T for teen. On the universal RPG Rating System, we are...

[Image: 211.png]

[Image: 212.png]

Some IC threads may have a rating closer to 213; these threads are marked. Threads both IC and OOC featuring potentially triggering content, such as suicidal themes, are likewise marked.

Any sexual content beyond mildly suggestive is banned both OOCly and ICly on IDS without exception.

Only contact this account to inquire about or appeal a warning you have received. All other Mod-related business should be directed to individual Mods.

Staff FAQ | Forum Rules | Forum FAQ

If you need help with something, please contact one of our forum moderators!
Our current staff team is Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin.
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