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Follows in Kastra's pawprints almost literally.

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Decides to try and find someone else

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Kyra bounds along the edge of the lake reaching a wonderful little copse of trees. The location seemed excellent for an outpost or family den site. It was full of willows being so close to the water but the forest being so close to the cliffs was an excellent defensive position.

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Vienna makes a mental note of the critters, avoiding the snapping turtles, and makes her way into a grove of trees.

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decides it's probs best to stick with kastra
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I go wander through the pines
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Round 5
I Sense Something on the Wind

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With Akutan and Kyra trailing behind her, Vienna headed into the forest.  The trees weren't very thick, but they created enough of a visual barrier that Vienna heard the growls before she saw anything.  The sound echoed over the rushing water of the waterfall that poured down the side of the trail.  Here, a few boulders had been worn into large, flat steps, upon which the trail snaked upwards towards the river that fed into Moonstone Lake.  At the top, both sides of the river were at equal height.  From their position, the "low road" party would not yet have Kastra and the "high road" party.

Meanwhile, as Kastra was making his way around the lake, he was climbing a less sharp incline.  Here the ground sloped gently to another beach, before becoming more rocky as they approached the waterfall.  Kastra and Kodiak also heard the growls, and as they climbed.  Then, a scent upon the breeze. Bear.  For the moment, it appeared that the expedition was downwind.  They had a moment to plan, and they would need to consider their next step carefully.

Shimmah was continuing her spelunking adventure.  She walked passed an opening back out into the forest, beginning to turn down another of the darker tunnels.  From the opening, she could catch the scents of Kodiak and Kastra as they passed close by, then Aylie's scent as she followed along behind them.

Tallulah walked among the pines, her quiet steps muffled even further by a blanket of pine needles.  Even the birds here were quiet, as though a permanent hush dwelled here. Then there was a tree with a stone marker at its base; A moon and well worn runes scratched upon its surface.  A few feet away, another.  There, a pair of sticks fashioned together with a bit of sinew, human trinkets dangling from it.  No breeze blew, and the stillness was omnipotent.


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    As the small group walked, Kastra paused when the hard scent of bear came to him and he heard the growls. He looked at Kodi, tilting his head towards it. The prince didn't want to make much sound, just in case the bear might hear it. The less they talked, the better, or at least he hoped. From what he could tell, the pair were the only ones within true reach of the bear. He would get close to Kodi, sniffing at the air. "We're downwind." He breathed out. This was one of their advantages. There was little chance they could actually kill the bear, even though Kas felt some hatred from the past building up. "If we can't kill it, we can chase it down the beach, out of the territory." Was it a good plan? He wasn't sure, he hadn't dealt with a bear before. Plus, he wasn't sure how far the territory kept on stretching. His mind was racing, trying to find a solution. The boy didn't think in words, mainly pictures and feelings. It would probably be a bad idea to chase it south, towards the others. But that would also bring in more Nardarians to help fight it. Kastra decided the best idea was to attack, and see where it went. He kind of hoped the other group would join them and they could take it out. They had options, and they would only be chosen once the steps were taken towards them.

Kas goes right and then down, to try and get the bear by surprise

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