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Securing The Border
Single Occurrence  Event


Participation Rules
  • The first set of posts [Round 1] will establish the posting order. At the end of the order the event will be advanced by a Mother Moon post.
By posting in this event thread, you are stating that your character will participate in this thread until the event until it is concluded.
  • Once entered, you consent to subjecting your characters to any range of events, including harm. This event is not intended to turn deadly, but may become so with improper action.
  • Members may choose to skip their turn, as long as their character is not actively involved in an event action (an attack, obstacle, or other specified challenge)
    • If you decide to skip a turn, please still make an OOC post in the thread, stating you can be skipped.
    • If a character needs to respond to an event action, but you are unable to make a full post, please post an OOC notice with bullet points of how your character responds to an event action.
  • Members who fail to maintain activity/OOC check-in may become ineligible for participation prizes or event rewards. Repeated lapses in activity may result in denial of future event participation.

Event Specifics
Mercury has issued a decree that the pack was not allowed to return to their former den sites until the borders have been secured.  In the meantime, they stay in the communal dens in the Mother's Hills, a place dubbed "The Castle" by several members.  Knowing that this decree is rubbing the fur of the elders the wrong way, Mercury has tasked Akutan to accomplish the task.  The new Ursa Major will take a team of explorers (of any rank excluding Canis Minor) to map out the territory.  Once Akutan makes the call, the event begins.

  • In this event's Round 1, Participants will meet Akutan, at the Castle.
    Keep in mind that this event will have various challenges, so characters with different strengths are encouraged!
You have until July 22nd to post a short introduction with your character's arrival.
You may not use an OOC reply as your opening entry for this event.

  • Round 2 begins the exploration!  Each participant will begin by stating what their character does, and where they're going.
  • Each additional round every character will receive individual prompts from Mother Moon to explain what they find, or what dangers they face.
  • As your characters explore, the map will be revealed, unlocking actions and events.
  • Characters will be represented on a map by their rank icon.
  • Each character will have an area of effect, represented on the map.  Your character will be unable to act on anything outside their outlined area.
  • There will be 3 types of Tokens your character for this event.  Evasion, Health and Influence.
    Evasion Tokens are used to dodge negative effects. Once your character runs out of Evasion Tokens, they must take damage.  Once damage is taken, these tokens reset.
    Health Tokens record damage. If your character runs out of Health Tokens, they will be Knocked Out. Health tokens are recovered through Rest.
    Influence Tokens allow your character to make actions. If your character is a member of a Guild, they are granted guild specific actions. Influence tokens are recovered through Rest.
  • If your character is Knocked Out.  You will be unable to continue the event unless a Healer spends an Influence Token to revive you.

Current Participants

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Akutan was standing in the Mother's Hills, preparing to start the exploration and security of the borders. As he had predicted, Byakko hadn't been happy about having to travel all the way there from their haunting grounds but he understood better than Akutan had why it had to be so. He assured his nephew that things would be fine and they would be back on their sacred grounds soon enough.  "Be careful, Aku-Aku." came the voice of Rapture. The brown and black pup with white hair had come to stand by him, her bicolored eyes looking up at him. "It'll be fine, Rapture. Just keep an eye on your siblings and your mother for me." he said, bringing his head down to nuzzle her. Rapture's tail wagged as she trotted to where the Clan was. Akutan smiled after her. Their bond had gotten strong as she grew older, which would make training her to take his place that much easier. "I'll keep them safe, Akutan. Good luck." Ticonderoga said. He was remaining behind with the Clan to give Sara, Buckshot, and Byakko a paw. Akutan nodded at him before raising his maw to the sky and letting out a howl. 

"I'm in need of volunteers to secure our ancestral home. All those able to help in this venture, gather to me!" his call rang out.

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    Kastra had tried to keep calm in this new land, but he felt on end the entire time. He hoped that once they truly settled that he would calm down. Right now others might call them settled, but there was tension in the air, and they were all bound to what was called the Mother Hill. Even if Kas didn’t know the X-Clan that well, he could tell that something was up with them. It wouldn’t surprise him if they had a plot of land they claimed as their own and wanted to return to. Maybe his family had one as well. There was the doubt it would make him feel more welcome in this unknown land, but it was worth a shot.

    He had been making small talk with Bintang when the call from Akutan came. "I'm in need of volunteers to secure our ancestral home. All those able to help in this venture, gather to me!" Kastra got to his paws, looking over at the tiger to see if he would join. Bintang simply turned his paw over, small cuts and tiny amounts of dried blood on his paw. Kastra got what he meant, that he had had to travel faster and with less breaks to get here. (Bintang said he blamed Aylie, but there was also some relief to the tiger that they had made it so fast). Kastra walked towards Akutan, nervous but not letting it show. “What’s the order?” That sounded very official.

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Raka was content to cuddle up to Byakko, roughly grooming his ruff - how the man got it so knotted was beyond her understanding. She merely flicked an ear at Aku's howl, wishing that she could go but knowing it would be useless and possibly dangerous. She gave a particularly hard tug at a knot, maybe illiciting a growl from her mate which she replied to with a glare. Yeah ok, let's be honest: she was taking out her fristration at being useless on him. And Schimmah's scuffling wasn't helping her mood either.

"Go." she said to the youngster.

"But. Um. What ifnI.."

"Just go already. You'll be helping the pack, and maybe you'll find something you like to do." She turned to the smaller blue girl and gave her a gentle shove with a paw. "Go on now, I'm fine."

Schimmah gave her a last panicky look, and then slunk up towards Akutan. There was already another male there, eh, something starting with a 'kah'? She didn't recall right now. Ok great, at least she wouldn't be alone...with two intimidating males...uuuggghhh! Taking a deep breath she scowled her fiercest scowl, tucked her head to her chest to make her ruff stick out like porcupine pines around her face and marched up to Akutan. Her tail tucked tight into her buttocks was the only sign that she was actually quivering with fear.

"Iwannavolatee." she squeaked at him, her voice betraying her too.
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She had been resting for a change when the call for volunteers jolted through her. She recognized the voice instantly and easily and wasn't too thrilled about who the owner was but they'd managed to work together, sort of anyway, exploring the caves and she had experience in securing places and protection and various skills that would likely be useful for the endeavor so..hopefully her luck would hold out. She wasn't going to count on luck for everything though at least not when she didn't have to. Everything from the scents to the sounds and volume of the call indicated that the gathering wasn't too far from where she was so she had time to try and collect herself and to brace for being around others and dealing with them. She wasn't exactly a fan of crowds even though she was well aware that they were sometimes a necessity, like now, with a meeting being called for a security detail.

When she was about as ready as she would ever be she made her way to where the call had come from and everyone was gathering. She looked to Akutan but kept quiet, there was no reason for her to say anything at present, at least she hoped, as her showing up should be indication enough that she was here to volunteer. Then she shifted her attention somewhat to glance at and take stock of the others in attendance as she wasn't the first to arrive but hoped she wouldn't be the last either as there weren't too many others here. If she did end up being the last to arrive though well..so be it. It wouldn't be the first time she had encountered a situation like this and she knew it might not be the last either. That was just the way the world worked, it wasn't always nice, it wasn't always fair and the odds weren't always in your favor.

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She had been resting, her head still hurt on occasion and sometimes she felt dizzy but it would get better with time right? She was laying and watching a leaf fluttering, partly due to her breathing on it and partly because when it moved she would gingerly bat at it with a paw unable to resist the movement of it. That was when she heard the call. It was the type of call she had heard before in her old home when it was announced that the pack was at war. Her momma had gone to help..and had never returned. She had gone searching for her but had never been able to find her. Instead the pack had fallen and she had ended up in Nardir. And now Nardir seemed to be in a similar position as her old home had been in before the end.

She had assisted with the war effort as much as she could then as she had still been young and not full grown so now would be no different except that she was full grown. Not a hundred percent healthwise maybe but full grown. She moved towards where others seemed to be gathering, hopefully this was the right spot, and when she spotted the one who seemed to be presiding over the meeting, one she had met before, she nodded in an uncharacteristic solemn manner holding a subdued demeanor as well as she reflected on the past and thought about what would be in store for the future.
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Her father was actually... grumbling? She had never heard him grumble before, she had never before witnessed Hakan in disgruntlement. Disappointment, sadness, anger even, but... disgruntlement? Over what? A few more days before he can go back to his old spots? Its been this long, he can wait a few more days. He was really starting to show his age lately even though he was one of those super healthy spry old coots that would probably outlive his own kids. Grumbling did not fit him well. She left him to fitfully organize his dwindling stores of herbs in his new den.

Kyra shook her head to herself as she went to go see what Akutan was doing. She had been feeling a little more steady on her paws in the last few days, it was still rough. She still really couldn't stomach anything with fur lately. And her father kept shoving this strong smelling root at her constantly and these bittersweet leaves. Honestly the herbs were probably what was helping her stay upright lately if she was being honest.

Speak of the devil she was about to see, she heard her lovers voice calling for volunteers. She always loved getting into the thick of things and this was the perfect opportunity to get cracking on settling! Of course she was one of the last to arrive, what better way to make an entrance? She sidled up beside Akutan and with no qualms at all gave him a kiss on the cheek and an affectionate nuzzle. She was feeling much perkier lately and ready to tackle the venture.

"Hello, my Love. Count me in." She said in greeting and sat next to him. It was quite the group gathered around! Kyra gave Kastra a nod, they'd probably work good together. The blue one though was a little more on the tentative side, she'd seen her around tagging along behind her father but hadn't really took the time to get to know the kid. She recognized the cat and Aylie from traveling and then rescuing Adolph. She never put two and two together though about the history between Akutan and Aylie. She'd actually forgotten Aylie's name already, like she had forgotten Shimmahs and Tallulah's names.


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The call hit his ears and he'd feel his muzzle crinkle, though only a sigh slipped out. In truth, he was rather glad that there was finally work for him to do, even if pack work was far different than the work of a dog sled team, there had to be some similarities, right?

When he arrived to the Mother Hills, there was already a small gathering of others, a brow would raise though the large wolfdog would remain quiet and more so toward the back of the ground. Blue and gold eyes inspecting everyone here, though it did little good, he didn't know a single face here. Cool, great. Tail twitching with annoyance and face looking less than pleased.

A tingling in his toes made him almost feel cagey and anxious, crowds got to him no matter how big or small, Kodi was a guy who loved his silence and space. Working was the only time he really felt at ease, his mind could wander as his body was on auto pilot. Plush coat bristled at the urgency, please just let me do stuff.

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Monochrome ears perked as Akutan's call rang out, calling for volunteers to help secure their home. Vienna's maw gave the barest glimmer of a grin, 'Perfect, something to do.' Vienna had been taking a short walk around the perimeter of where the pack was staying, trying to prove her usefulness after the bad start earlier. She had been contemplating going back to where Sara was and catching up with her sister and acquainting herself with the pups, but so much time alone had made Vienna much more standoffish than she ever had been and, frankly, she didn't know what she would even say.

So with the promise of adventure, Vienna made her way to the Mother's Hills. She saw the gathering of wolves immediately, a little knot of different furs around Akutan. She only recognized Akutan, Kyra, and the other wolf who had attacked her earlier, and felt a brief pang of regret for leaving so long ago; she had missed so much. She gave Akutan a silent nod before sitting down at the outskirts of the group, awaiting their orders.


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