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Baskepts they/them
Run boy, run. This world is not meant for you. Run boy, run. their trying to catch you.
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- ♔ - Down by the river bend, with blood shot eyes and a shaky body; he rose to his feet. The silencing nostalgia of familiar sights and sounds and smells, though only his eyes seemed to work. Baskepts knew this droopy, damp, lethargic place. His home; his safe heaven, but nothing ever really changed in his eyes... it was just drenched, droopy and bog like. He snapped his closed and felt his chest tighten, his home... gone. All due to a month's worth of water gathering in the beaver dam a day's walk towards the sun. It was all gone... In a blink of an eye. His head drooped as he whispered. 

"Ma...Fa. Im so sorry."  

- ♔ - Oh, how he wished he could have known sooner; how he could have warned his parents. But you can't control rain, and you cannot control the dam. His paws kissed the ground as he quickened his pace. As much as he loved this place, he couldn't stand to see it like this. Like the warmth of a mother's voice beckoning its child away, he ran. Baskepts ran as hard an as fast as he could. The beast's slender legs beating the ground like a whip to a horse's rump. He felt the sickening pulse inside his skull as if a parasite laid a foundation into his brain and was eating away the gloppy organs. With no warning, Baskepts' legs stiffened and the beast fell onto the ground in an unconscious, cumbersome slumber.
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