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Eli He/Him
Get a Load of That Dog
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((Time warp back to late winter))
 The dog let out a defeated sigh as he sat outside the dilapidated tent. It hadn't collapsed, not yet anyway, but between the wind and snow of the passing season it certainly was...floppy. Not a problem for a short little dog, but the elvhen would have to make some adjustments when he got back. And that was a definite when. Gaven ahd been gone longer than expected, but Eli knew he meant it when he said he'd be back. Dogs, what can you do?

It was getting harder and harder for him to uphold his side of the bargain however. The snow was receding leaving all of Gemini in a layer of mud, mud that had to stay outside the tent. In truth it was starting to get warm enough where Eli could sleep under a bush, but who would sleep under a bush when a pile of furs was right there? Besides, a little dirt never hurt anyone, right? The tripod did the best he could to wipe the mud from his feet on the remaining snow before setting on the ropes that held the tent. He gave a few solid tugs with his teeth, lifting the tent in a jerky motion. It wasn't until he tried to wrap the slack around the post he noticed a scent on the air. He had company.

"Hello?" He called out before seeing who was there. He'd give the rope a quick wrap around before turning around. Wether or not he could see the visitor he'd continue, "If you're here for Gaven he's not back yet. Can...I help you?"

Truth be told it had been a lonely winter guarding the camp, the only other canines he'd stopped to talk to were on his hunting trips. Eli was starting to suspect perhaps Gaven wasn't as popular as he had lead him to believe. Not many seemed to come by to check on him. The tripod knew the feeling.

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