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Please leave a message after the beep (Tanta) - Eli - September 05, 2019

((Time warp back to late winter))
 The dog let out a defeated sigh as he sat outside the dilapidated tent. It hadn't collapsed, not yet anyway, but between the wind and snow of the passing season it certainly was...floppy. Not a problem for a short little dog, but the elvhen would have to make some adjustments when he got back. And that was a definite when. Gaven ahd been gone longer than expected, but Eli knew he meant it when he said he'd be back. Dogs, what can you do?

It was getting harder and harder for him to uphold his side of the bargain however. The snow was receding leaving all of Gemini in a layer of mud, mud that had to stay outside the tent. In truth it was starting to get warm enough where Eli could sleep under a bush, but who would sleep under a bush when a pile of furs was right there? Besides, a little dirt never hurt anyone, right? The tripod did the best he could to wipe the mud from his feet on the remaining snow before setting on the ropes that held the tent. He gave a few solid tugs with his teeth, lifting the tent in a jerky motion. It wasn't until he tried to wrap the slack around the post he noticed a scent on the air. He had company.

"Hello?" He called out before seeing who was there. He'd give the rope a quick wrap around before turning around. Wether or not he could see the visitor he'd continue, "If you're here for Gaven he's not back yet. Can...I help you?"

Truth be told it had been a lonely winter guarding the camp, the only other canines he'd stopped to talk to were on his hunting trips. Eli was starting to suspect perhaps Gaven wasn't as popular as he had lead him to believe. Not many seemed to come by to check on him. The tripod knew the feeling.

RE: Please leave a message after the beep (Tanta) - Genim - September 28, 2019

This, Genim had decided, was a terrible time of year. Not quite cold enough to justify a full coat of fluff, but still too cool to take on a summer coat just yet leaving the boy in a messy looking in between stage. Thicker tufts here, thinner bit there, why he looked practically half plucked as he squished his way about.

In all honesty Nim wasn't really sure what he was doing wandering about in the muddied area but, well, here he was. A small smirk would however pull at his lips at the feeling of wet mud between his toes though he just knew he'd regret it later on. But that was a problem for then not for now!

Suddenly, his head would snap up from where he'd been busily flipping over old sticks looking for new supplies as someone called out to him (wow, good job being observant there Genim). Though he still wasn't paying full attention, eyes having instantly returned to a small rock buried beneath the slush, Nim still had enough awareness to ask, "Who's Gaven?" Did he know them? Should he?

Speaking of which, "And who're you?" Although, now that he'd stopped his collecting to inch closer and take a better look at this new person the boy had to keep repeating to himself not to ask about what looked to be a missing bit. No, no, mind your manners...Mother would want him to be polite right?

((I live! So sorry for the delay.))

RE: Please leave a message after the beep (Tanta) - Eli - October 01, 2019

"Oh." Eli wasn't overly surprised at this point that the sudden wolf didn't know whose little patch of land he had landed on. The lowlands, it seemed, were not as populace as the thicker highlands, "He's, uh, the guy that lives here. I'm watching it for him for a while."

The dog checked out his visitor. A wolf, unsurprisingly. He couldn't tell if they were young, small, or both. Well either way it was nice to run into a stranger that didn't tower over him. Hopefully he'd stay that size. While Eli was sufficiently muddy at least his short coat led to the tufted mess that stood before him. He gave a tail wag, a silent chuckle disguised as a friendly greeting.

"I'm Eli. I-" A flapping noise behind him caught his attention. The rope he had just tightened slipped and the tent once again had a sizable divot, "Crap, hold on a minute..."

The tripod hopped over and gave the ropes another tug. This was so much easier when the humans,er, elvhen, did this work. He was not the craftiest of dogs. More carefully this time he set to wrapping the slack tight. When finished he carefully examined his work and the state of the tent. Better, he thought.

"Sorry. I'm Eli. I live here, too." He finished his earlier thought, turning around, "And who are you?"

RE: Please leave a message after the beep (Tanta) - Genim - October 17, 2019

First one slow blink then another would follow as almost incredulously the boy would ask while motioning to the muck around them, "Someone lives here?'s all muddy!" Nope, nu-uh, he couldn't live in a place like that. Although, he supposed with a tilt of his head, it probably wasn't always like this either but still!

" you need some he…?" There hardly even seemed time to finish asking before Eli made his way over and did whatever it was that needed doing to fix the situation. "Nevermind then…" The question that followed, however, seemed almost to catch the youth off guard as he could've sworn he'd said his name earlier but then again, the new rock nestled in his pouch had likely distracted him from it entirely. "Oh, sorry, I'm Genim."

Wrinkling his nose once more at the state of himself Genim couldn't help but ask, "So Eli, why don't you all find somewhere less muddy to stay? I mean there's gotta be somewhere else you can squeeze in around here. 'Sides, what if it gets even worse out here?" Unless Eli and the mysterious Gaven liked living in the mud in which case, well, Genim didn't know what there was to say about that beyond a whole lot of do not want.

RE: Please leave a message after the beep (Tanta) - Eli - October 28, 2019

"I got it, but thanks Genim." Genim of Gemini, that would going to make it entirely too complicated to remember. Hopefully the wolf was forgiving, "If it falls again we'll see if you can pull it up further. You're probably stronger than me, wolf and all."

Eli's paws squelched through said mud until he found rockier purchase to sit on. He went to work shaking off the gunk, though the dark mud mixed well with his socks.

"Yeah, we live here. I honestly don't know if he stays here this time of year. He said his old clan moved around, maybe he moved around around the territory to avoid...this. I don't know, it's my first winter with him."

The tripod had resigned to the amusing fact that winter was destined to be his lonely season. His first spent in self imposed exile under the castle, and this one with Gaven off on some brave trek. Oh well, he was growing used to it, and he had the occasional spirit to talk to. And wayward wolf.

"I hope it doesn't get worse. I told Gaven I'd watch the camp, I can't just up and leave it." His smile was kind enough as he turned the question on the wolf, "What's you're excuse for coming to mud country?"