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The air pressure felt like it was becoming suffocating and mentally distracting ever since the first sighting of the black ooze. To this day the third eye youth didn’t seem to be able to feel quite right, and he’d been curiously involving himself in places he probably shouldn’t dare trek to. The fact that Percy was feeling off too, meant that something ominous was on the horizon. All of Saboro didn’t need a seemingly insane boy to tell them all they were in danger, but that didn’t stop him from trying to read the signs and hopefully further their ability to combat whatever thing was trying to harm them.

The earth shattering, booming stampede was nothing too scoff at or take lightly. Andi hadn’t been near the impact of it himself, only hearing the herbivores bellow in death and pain as the snow overtook them from the mountain tops. For a moment the jungle born man wished they weren’t in a place of such chilling climate, but he knew that even in the jungle these horrors may have followed.

It was Saboro’s curse, at least that is what he believed.

A distant humming noise, like a heavy vibration brought the effeminate figure towards the mountain, carefully inspecting the damages and the corruption as he went. Streaks of viscous black was spilling down the hefty slope, and the boy paused in the knee-high snow among the graveyard of ram corpses. A deceptive gentle breeze was carried down from the top of the mountain, with it came that same foul stench penetrating his nose with toxic ferocity. This time, it was more potent and he squinted and winced, turning his head as if the scent was physically burning his face.

Ah…” He exclaimed to himself, turning his head and fighting the urge to keep his face tucked. Long black hair draped delicately over his face as he stared hollowly at the peak.

Icy blue eyes scanned at the mountainside, trying to see if he could find some kind of sign within it all. From his current distance, he couldn’t see anything. So from there, he stepped into the unknown, unsure if he’d step in black blood or the frozen body succumbed to a icy grave.

He cared little.

The humming didn’t stop.

You can’t stop me.” He spoke aloud, seemingly to no one.

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