[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Saboro
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Chapter Two

Whatever haunts Saboro, it appears to hide in the mountains. It hides in caves and moves through tunnel systems, perhaps seeking refuge from the snow that continues to settle outside. The black blood continues to turn up here and there in the snow, it’s foul stench continues to linger.

One night, all hell breaks loose.

The Saborans can wake up to their world shaking, an eruption of events that could end in catastrophe. A herd of a hundred charge down from the mountains above, a stampede of rams that bleed black from their eyes, nose and mouth. The snow to the left of them begins to collapse in its structure, falling and tumbling down below in an avalanche. But the herd don't seem to realise, their focus seems confused and muddled as the herd splits and heads in multiple directions.

A good number get swept up in the avalanche, others trip and fall and are then trampled to death by the rest. Once everything has settled, there is only a small group remaining. Around 6 rams are all that remain of the hundred; the rest buried in a frozen grave or left as mangled carcasses on the mountainside. But the 6 that remain are still dangerous, attacking each other and anything that comes close.

Something lurks up near where the avalanche had originated; a huge hulking figure covered in dense fur that lets out a challenging roar before making its move to leave.

(Black blood leaks down the snowy slopes).

There are TWO EVENTS for Saboro:
Corrupted Rams fighting near the lake
Monster sighting up in the mountains.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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