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Word got around fast.

The birds sang and the Aviaris whispered. He's arrived. The chosen one. Our new king.

The Roc felt an overwhelming sense of suspicion, even betrayal. Who was this new leader and what made him worthy? Kaxlan was mostly surprised that it happened as quickly as it did. She heard of his promotion in the same breath as she'd learned of his arrival. While others were viewing this as a blessing, some sort of gift from the stars, the Obsidian felt as though it gave her enough reason to be defensive. It didn't feel right.

Through the use of bargaining, threatening, and persuasion, Kaxlan got a pair of parrots to share that fellow Aviari Miriam had taken part in the new leader's trial. It was Miriam she set out to see today, wherever that obscene Crystalline was hiding.

Because Kaxlan was so magnificent, finding Miriam was not a problem. Confronting her seemed to be more of a chore.
While clearing her throat, the small Aviari stepped towards her pastel packmate. "Miriam," The greeting was flatter than days-old pepsi. Miriam wasn't as dreadful as most Crystallines, judging by the miniscule number of instances they've interacted, but being overly excited may inflate her ego. That wasn't necessary. "A little birdy shared you've met with our new Phoenix, is it true?"  


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The Crystalline woman wasn't very far from her den, preening herself next to a crystal clear stream that sparkled in the sunlight. Kai and Saline sat in the grass by her side, soaking up the sunshine. However, as serene as this scene may appear, what one couldn't see from the outside was anything but peaceful. Miriam's fur still bristled at what she saw in Xiu's temple, and in response, her preening was more aggressive than usual. No one else would be able to tell the difference, though, not unless they knew how the woman cleaned herself normally. The weasel and snake by her side could see the difference, and they both kept an eye on their master. It was unsettling to see her this way, because they knew all to well how far she could fly off the handle. Fortunately, they were never on the receiving end of such moments, but they pitied the fools who saw the blazing fire in the woman's pastel pink eyes.

Miriam twitched an ear at the sound of approaching footfalls, Kai and Saline lifting their heads. The pastel woman turned her head, eyes hard and narrowed. She hated being snuck up on or approached from behind. Plus, her nerves were already rattled from current events, her fuse shorter than usual. Needless to say, she wasn't in the mood for more snide remarks from other families.

Miriam was surprised, however, to see Kaxlan materialize from behind the foliage, expression one of expectance. The Crystalline could find no sign of mockery or scorn on the Obsidian's face. So, it appears the Obsidian woman had been looking for her. Whatever for?


The flat tone did not go unnoticed, and turning her body around to face Kaxlan, Miriam greeted the other with the same flattery. "Kaxlan," she said in a monotone voice that lacked any sort of emotion, as if bored by this mere exchange of greetings.

"A little birdy shared you've met with our new Phoenix, is it true?"

Ah, so this is why the Roc sought her out. Why was it any of her concern? Why did it matter to the Obsidian? As far as Miriam was concerned, Obsidian's didn't dwell too much in the politics of the tribe. They were more interested in their barbaric culture and finding something to sink their teeth into. Politics surely wasn't on the menu.

Sitting properly with her head high and tail wrapped neatly against one side of her body, Miriam gazed at the dull visage of the other with scrutiny. "Perhaps..." she drawled while shrugging her shoulders, refusing to give a straight answer to the Roc. It was hard to say what Kaxlan's motives were. The Crystalline didn't know what side the Obsidian was on. Did she approve of their new Phoenix, or did she feel the same as the Crystalline woman? "Why so inquisitive? I was under the impression that you and the...others did not incorporate thyselves with such principal affairs." While subtly calling the Obsidians "dunderheads," she also added an extra amount of fluff to test if the Roc had the brain capacity to understand, or if all the fluff would make her insult float right over the Obsidian's head. It would be amusing either way.

But it would also be interesting to see what the Obsidian thought of their new Phoenix, and if other families shared the same sentiments as the Crystalline.

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