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[OOC: Seeking acceptance or enslavement at the borders, come what may]

Snow-capped mountains had always been a favored climate of the wolf. She thought her white fur blended just beautifully with fresh powder. Wasn't it grand how she could travel so scarily seen amongst a backdrop of white? Yes, her lush coat was quite a sight to behold- If you were lucky enough to spot movement against the darker shadows of pine and spruce. She stepped lightly, paws gingerly parting a path into the frigid forest. A pack lay somewhere beyond the hills ahead; Ruen could smell them sure as she could hear the obnoxious squirrel chattering high above.

Red eyes lifted to the pointed trees. "Dreadful little beast," she commented, ears flicking back in a vain attempt at dismissal. Yes, yes, there's a wolf below- Everyone could hear his squealed alarms. If only he would scitter right on down that tree, then she'd really give him something to holler about. He had probably just ruined her chances at lunch- If they were near, any mice or birds in the area had fallen silent. How she loved a good cardinal or a bluebird now and then; difficult to catch, but oh so rewarding to crunch into and savor. Guess she'd go hungry, but then again, perhaps it was wise not to hunt so close to packlands.

Instead, Ruen forged on through the snowdrifts. The scent of the pack wafted closer with each step, so she entertained the idea of a visit. Who might call such a place home? The wolf paused to assess her surroundings. Perhaps in summer, this sleepy forest might transform to lush greenery, thick with rabbits and young fawns. Ah, she hadn't tasted the luxury of larger prey for quite some time. It's simply too much effort to hunt down a deer by oneself, and the odds of success were slim to none alone. In a pack, however, surely it would be easier to dine on the richer of red meats. Would it be hard work though? See, wolves in packs were obligated to work and look after the well being of the group, and well, Ruen's just not about that life.

A sudden gust of frigid wind pulled against her coat. The wolf squinted into it, bracing herself. If not for food, then shelter must surely be the next impetus behind joining a pack. This place was a whole new kind of cold; She liked it. Snuffing snow from her whiskers, the girl straightened and headed closer to the borders. If anything, it might be interesting to see what they called themselves- Why they were who they were. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? She could leave anytime. 

Wait. Was that movement? There... Between a broken, bare pine. Lightening must have struck it clean in the middle some time ago. It had split ten feet up and the top half had long since fallen to the ground, now covered in snow and ice. The bark at the split lay splayed open and half connected, creating the point of an upside down 'V' between the two halves.

Her head tilted, but the falling snow made it difficult to see if someone might be lingering near the gnarled branches of the splintered tree. She waited a moment more, then decided she might as well address this shadow. If it was nothing but a tangle in the branches, she might as well be speaking to the wind. No one would know.

Ruen cleared her throat expectantly to drawl in idle fashion, as if bored or amused, "If by chance I'm correct, and there is someone lurking just ahead- Why don't you introduce yourself, dearie~" Proud and poised, she arched her neck to peer into the haze. It's horribly rude to creep from the shadows, you know. What a terrible first impression of this place. My, hopefully this pack wasn't all so garishly insolent.

[Image: e4WOPyk.png] LIFE (); Ain't it a cakewalk, baby? Thrown in the

World, we dance and dance, and oh, so few earn a prize.

So in the whirling snarls of snapping teeth, I grab

What I wish is mine. And so it becomes.

Power, Illusions, Possessions~ They belong to me.

So grabba hold a ya mind, sinner, 

Lest you lose it.
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