You Sit and Talk the Stars Down From the Sky [Lucretia]
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Hiraeth was a beautiful land, covered in dense forest and large, sprawling fields that gently caressed the waters edge that did it's best to separate them from the rest of the world. It was a world full of wonder, and magic; a place where those who were lost could once again find a place to call home.

The best part of Hiraeth, if one was to ask it's Queen, was the pack at night.

Deep within the forests little lightning bugs would spring from their hiding holes and begin to dance through the night sky, illuminating the world around them with a soft golden glow. Through the patches of sky lights in the tree tops the stars and moon could stretch in to view and make any spot a spot to stop and admire the beauty that lingered in a once forgotten home that had long since been repurposed by a pack of wolves that did their best to return to the Mother all that they could.

The greatest spot for taking in all of the beauty, however, was easily found somewhere down in a field. It was a prime spot to watch the water gently roll past from waterfalls somewhere not too far off, but far enough that their sound no longer echoed through the wind; where one could lounge and watch both the forest and it's inhabitants while also enjoying a prime view of the star studded sky.

It was here that Valen sat, golden blue eyes staring up at the inky void above her, her ears laid back on her head as she took in the familiarity of home. It had been some time since she had been able to find herself a moments peace since her departure and arrival home. There was the ceremony, the new members, and countless loose ends that needed tidying. And yet, under the cover of darkness, the Queen found time for reprieve from duties and the chance to take in a moment of quiet and serenity. It was as if on this particular night the All Mother had come to her and graced her with a blessing of calm collected peace.

She gave an audible sigh as she sat in the field of flowers and saplings, content with how things had begun to shape up in her home thus far, though concerns plagued the back of her mind of what still needed to be done for them to finally begin taking the right steps.

The Queen closed her eyes for a moment, offering a small smile as she turned her head towards the forest. A familiar scent was approaching, and Valen couldn't help but feel her heart pause in her chest as a smile curled round her lips. She opened her eyes to look at the approaching entity and gave a soft chuckle.

"A lovely evening, is it not?"

Spirits white as lightning,
shall on my travels guide me
The moon would quake and the stars would shake,
when' ere they espied me.

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