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Travelling, it seemed like something she had been doing a lot of lately, even if her body wasn't the biggest fan of it (and boy did it let her know), but she had her little medicines to help with that, and they managed to ease some of the strain, but they had rested a lot. A lot more than she would have liked, but that's just how this would go.

The ginger woman would make it a point not to complain nearly as much, that would've made the trip all the more miserable than it already was, choosing instead to make small comments here and there. Searching the wilds for potential packs was foolish given they hadn't a clue where to start. At this point they were grasping at straws and winter's cold would not be kind to them, as it nipped at their heels.

But a days journey out of Alteron accompanied by three jacks, she hand picked herself, would be surprisingly fruitful. For the umpteenth time they'd come to a stopping point for her to rest, keen eyes glancing at the mountain peaks in the far distance, each capped with white snow against a clear blue morning sky. There stretched pine trees as far as the eye could see, and as the wind picked up suddenly, Telana's nostrils flared. "Do you smell that?" She said plainly, eyes shifting to the others. "A pack, let's move, it seems pretty close."

As they continued on the treeline seemed to get denser, she'd often wondered if Alteron was the worst pack geographically speaking, but no, this one had to take the cake. Who'd make a pack in the cusp of the north? Telana frowned in annoyance, the stench of a border reeked. Ah, so here we are? "You'll be proving yourself as competent jacks, I will only interfere if you fumble. Remember, only what we want them to see." Amber gaze fell on each of them and then she'd tilt her head back and howl out a summons, moving her way to sit behind the three jacks.

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The trial by fire had arrived. The Jack was on her first mission and she wasn't alone. Schorl didn't know how to feel about the entourage. On one hand if something went awry there were other soul to blame it on if she could out talk them in front of the alphas. But that was the catch. And alpha was here. There was no shadow to hide under, no chance to come up with a story. Telana limped along before them, setting their pace and taking the lead in finding potential allies. Schorl didn't mind the pace, it was cold here, it was cold at home. She was in no hurry to return. It gave her time to think.

The hellion as actually surprised to find a pack so quickly. When she had lived on her own it seemed packs were few and far between. Schorl stopped when Telana did, giving her space to call to whoever might inhabit the thick trees. The Hierophant gave her gentle warning and retreated behind her Jacks. Schorl swallowed an amused smile as she watched her. Calling forth the beasts then letting her henchman stand in front. She wasn't surprised. Instead she gave an understanding smile, bowing her horned head slightly.

"We'll make you proud." She gave a quick glance to her fellows to gauge their reaction before turning to face the woods. Hopefully whatever emerged wasn't a threat.

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A summoning howl on the borders was quite rare now a days, most recruits were intercepted by their now Saborako or other sentries before they had the chance. They were usually barks and yips to get attention at short range, calls Sincate would never hear this deep in the second ring, but the howl echoed across the valley and bounced off the glacial mountains. A twinge of hesitation came to the Sabora, remembering the ramifications by Nero when they greeted Borogrove on the borders. Those times were over, the red queen was absolute law.

So, they stood from their perch and proceeded to the call. Curiosity swelled, it wasn't often something exciting happened. It hadn't in a while, at least. They didn't want to think about the things that lurked, either, and so Sincate pressed on, questions drifting around in their head.

They came upon a group of four, one sitting in the back and the other three standing forward as if presenting a bargain. It wasn't hard to notice that the auburn wolf in the back was their leader, watching them with a close eye to make sure things went smoothly. Those splotches and patterns reminded them so much of their beloved Peregrine before she disappeared. What a shame, Sincate liked Keanu. If things hadn't been the way they were, they probably would have become a Kestrel.

There were no introductions made first as the Sabora approached them. That was a disappointment right off the bat, blue eyes squinting to each of them. Sincate wondered if they even knew where they were? "What is your business here? You're on Saboro's borders." they stated with clean proficiency. The old Ambassador had given a lot of knowledge to Sincate, and they would finally use them in a real situation without an Elite stumbling over to nab them by the scruff.

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A howl.

Ears twitching, Zanna turned her head toward the source of the sound. She was already in the first ring, but far on the other end from where it seemed their visitor was waiting (they’d better be waiting).

Since being promoted, Zanna had spent a lot of her time getting herself familiar with the territory. Previous to being War Caption, she’d isolated herself to the second ring. As a slab, she felt no need to wander to the first ring, fearful that it might only bring unwanted attention upon herself, that it would only bring suspicion of her actions. What would her intent be in the first ring? She had no right to be handling acceptances, and she feared she’d only be stepping on toes otherwise. It was best that she just stay in ring two.

Now, since she held an Elite rank, she had access to all of Saboro. This territory was still quite new to her to begin with, but now she needed to learn the geography of the third, fourth, and first rings – places she’d never been, aside from the first ring upon arrival. Today, she happened to be snooping about the borders when she heard the call.

Changing her course, she set her sights on the West, moving toward the outsider (or outsiders?) with an urgency to her steps.

She hadn’t had a chance to meet with the current Jackdaws or Spectres, but she imagined that would be happening soon, as plans of action fell into place for the mystery slime that plagued Saboro as of late. She was simply assuming they were doing their duties, and making sure she had her own eyes all over the territory to keep the alphas, and the pack, safe.

The maroon girl came upon the group just as Sincate themselves made their appearance. Emerald eyes stared daggers into the outsiders, taking note of the three in front and the autumn-colored female hanging back behind them. They seemed calm, composed.

Zanna fell in step behind Sincate as the Sabora addressed the group, the War Captain eyeing them carefully, attentively. She would be ready for anything, should this group decide to make the stupid decision to attack. Sincate could rest easy knowing she had protection.

Flanking the Sabora, Zanna would remain silent for the time being, allowing Sincate to handle the formalities and simply offering her support whenever the Sabora decided they needed it.

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Ezra He/Him
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It was always cold it seemed, the boy cringed and made a face but continued to move forward, running like always; perhaps from his fears as well. It nibbled at his toes and he considered trying to find something to fashion some boots to protect his paws, but he’d refrain given that he didn’t want to be seen as weak. So Ezra puffed on, as if he ever did anything other than just puff on, but today it seemed there was intrigue brewing. A loud summons at the border, confusing to say the least to the green youth. Since his time learning about pack life, he had yet to experience such a situation as recruits were rarely so loud. And yet he felt as if he was drawn to it, it was something he should and could concern himself with and he would.

Blue eyes blinked away a bit of water from the chill, short curly locks bouncing as he turned and directed his motion to the border. It was a short trip, if nothing else the boy was quick on his feet and arrived shortly after the new War Captain. He didn’t know Zanna he didn’t believe, especially not to know of their new rank, but he offered them a polite bow after offering one to the Sabora. He felt a slight bit of unease at the situation, seeing the strangers standing calmly at their border—and one in the back… Zanna stepped to one side of the Sabora so Ezra decided to step to the other softly, he was no fighter but he was tall enough to at least look like he might be able to hold his own. He hadn’t been ranked as a Jackdaw by the Sabor for a reason, his aptitudes were elsewhere and he was eager to try and prove them.

When the Sabora spoke business, Ezra blinked calmly and offered a faint smile as he peered around, resisting the urge to add something profoundly ridiculous to the conversation. They weren’t exactly here to lay on sandy beaches and drink fruity drinks, that’s for sure. He’d glance over at Zanna for a moment, before looking back at the group. What’s going on? He doesn’t know but as long as he can participate, he’ll happily wait and see without grinning too much.  

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Old Blood
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  The borders are a Sentry's domain, and he has always been devoted to his work. With his family splintered, it's all he has. There is movement in the first ring, a band of four approaching, quickly met by three of Saboro's own. He joins in, to even the odds. Sincate is the only to speak, gruff and to the point. Gabriel respects that.

  He looks over the awaiting band, a silent, imposing figure to support the Sabora's words. While they speak, he considers who is the easiest target, in the event of a conflict.
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