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BELLAMY. she/her
the magician
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Pronouns: she/her
Location [IC]: Arcana
Rank [IC]: Lunaris
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After months and months of positively dreadful waiting, Arcana finally had its own territory to call home. Finally, Bellamy had somewhere to lay down her roots and lay seeds for figurative rose bushes, lovely and charming at first glance but thorny if you get too close. Finally, the vixen had somewhere to call home where she wouldn't be considered a criminal. Finally, the Lunaris had somewhere to build her stage and dazzle all those who came to see her, sometimes taking payment in more ways than one. Finally, the Magician had somewhere to perform her magic.
For now, however, Bellamy was a bit preoccupied. The triad still had a lot of work to do, organizing their people and starting up their little enterprise. Fae had decided to wait until they had gathered everyone and gotten their territory to finally figure out ranks and the like, something Bellamy had found a sound idea. As long as she got her wishes, the starry-furred fox was perfectly content with whatever Fae had in mind. After all, Arcana was initially hers before she had convinced Bellamy and Argentum to band with her. The Lunaris just wished that the warm-toned female had forewarned her of all the planning they now had to do.
It wasn't as if Bellamy disliked planning. After all, the amount of planning that went into one of her shows was appalling to many, especially if they weren't used to the flairs that she was somewhat known for. However, the planning that Arcana needed was very unlike the kind that Bellamy oft used. And it was particularly loathsome to talk about anything but her section of Arcana: the performers. But she understood the need to talk of the dominions of her comrades, the Solaris and the Terris. After all, how could you be a performer if you had no laymen to perform for?
For now, though, she was taking a not quite deserved break to laze about. She was sure Fae or Argentum would come barging over at any time, demanding she come back with them and continue with organizing--especially since her creative mind was indeed a useful one. But at least she could enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted, even if her negligence didn't merit it. Nonetheless, she lounged on a log much like the one Fae had first found her on, laying on a patch of moss as the sun filtered through the leafy trees and scattered on her unique, colorful pelt.

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