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Eli shouldn't have been surprised by the look of sheer panic on the wolfdog's face but damned if he wasn't going to take advantage of it and bolt knowing she would tail him. While it was quite impressive how quickly a three legged dog could actually go it didn't take long for Ashe to not only catch up but start gaining ground. The distant snorting, however, was enough to set a fire under his tail.

"Boar!" he managed to bark, "Big pig! Huge tusks!"

The tripod didn't want to talk to long, though he dared not look back he kept his ears pealed for any signs of pursuit behind them. There was a far off squeal, perhaps a warning, but the boar must have known two fleeing half pints were not worth it's time. These two wouldn't be returning to it's den. Regardless Eli was not comfortable stopping yet. He wanted as much distance between them and the pork chop on steroids. He ran until he couldn't run anymore.

"There," he panted, heavily plopping his butt to the ground, 'I think-I think we're good." He looked up to Ashe, "Now you know...what they smell like. Phew!" He chuckled, trying to catch it breath, "I haven't run like a long time. I still got it!"

With a deep breath Eli's head was no longer spinning. He was proud he could still move like that, but right now he had a more important point.

"If you smell that again, you gotta get out of there," It wasn't his intent to be bossy but Ashe could have been torn open if she lingered there alone and unaware, "Boars are dangerous, you can't take them alone." He offered a little smile, "It did ruin breakfast plans, though, didn't it?"

((If you want to turn this into an open thread like you were saying, Azi, feel free to tell me and I'll change the title and we can post in gem chat))

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