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There was a faint sound of something moving quietly in the thicket. It came from just beyond the shadows of the ancient woodland halls, adjacent to the durable, weathered down home of the Chariot. It moved with a clear drive, a single purpose, creeping in swiftly, steadily, moving closer, closer...!
In a matter of seconds, a small figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of his father's tower, icy blue eyes flitting about, cutting the stagnant air with his sharp gaze, searching, looking—
It didn't take long for the darkling child's gaze to eventually settle, landing on the only other occupant inside the tower, and he grinned sharply, ivory fangs flashing. Ah, Vorpal. Figures he'd be the only one inside while it was still light out. Snorting, Glamdring shook out his coat and approached him.
It wasn't like he had any other options to choose from.
(Lucky you, little Lu!)
"Vorpal," he said, casting a shadow over his brother's smaller frame. There was a strange sweetness to his tone, despite the obvious dominant stance. Glamdring waited for his sibling to acknowledge him, hovering closely, resisting the urge to shift impatiently.
When Vorpal finally did what was nonverbally commanded — he'd get a chastising nip (too gentle to draw blood, yet still hard enough to sting) on his flank if he was ignored — he'd find nothing but a bright smile beaming down on him, full and toothy and wide.
"Come with me. I wanna show you something."
He wagged his fluffy tail excitedly.
"It's really cool!"

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