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Our planet, Okaria was created by Rhoszelys, a being who now exists only in tales passed down through centuries. To protect this planet, Rhoszelys had created guardians of powerful energies to watch over and guide okaria's life. These guardians soon became revered to as deities.

One day, Rhoszelys mysteriously disappeared leaving the deities in distress. Upon her disappearance, a new entity was created. Something not quite alive, but not quite dead. Something with energies that made even the deities weary. Whatever this thing touched would be devoured by it, and broken down into but figments of what it once was. this swirling mass was decorated with chaotic colors and patterns, and no one was sure what to make of it.

This entity was soon dubbed the abstraction. Whatever touched it would be devoured and transformed into an abstract thought, stuck in a limbo between reality and imagination. Forever trapped in a state where existence lay just out of reach.

As the abstraction grows, the whole world glitches. Continents would shift, people would find themselves somewhere completely different than they were a moment ago, and some would even find themselves in other universes. Likewise, individuals from other universes would mysteriously appear in okaria.

Whenever the abstraction grew, this glitch would occur, sometimes it was more severe than other times. This phenomenon became known as rifts, and though they were few and far between, it was still a huge threat to the world. Fear began to circulate that the abstraction could devour the entire world, as it had already done to several small islands.

What happens to us when our world turns to shards? Is there anything we can do to stop it?

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