Gladitorial Handbook
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Gladiatorial Handbook

  • Fight fairly, and not to kill, unless both fighters agree to those terms. (Must also be discussed oocly.) Everyone deserves a fair chance.
  • Please the crowds! They're here for a show!
  • Obey the referees, or anyone of higher rank, in case there is a lack of referee.
  • Attempt to appease the gods with bloodsport. Don't be afraid to tear off an ear.
  • Keep the aggression to the arena. There's little need to make enemies of those you live with otherwise.

Good Sportsmanship
Don't urinate on your opponent, or attack their belly. The point of being a Gladiator is to win honor, not dig yourself further down. 

Hygiene & Behavior
Take good care of yourself, and show pride in your brutality, and the crowd may favour you. Make them love you.

Illegal Moves
Using any of these tactics when not previously agreed on, or when directed not to, may deeply affect your favour and votes within the pack. No one likes a spoil sport.
  • Biting the throat, genitals, or belly.
  • Blinding or otherwise maiming your opponent.
  • Choking.
  • Any bodily fluids that aren't saliva or tears.
  • Attempting to kill.
  • Attacking the crowd, or referee.

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