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Vexillum society is homonormative, and as such, it is common to either adopt pups, or find a surrogate to bear yours and your mates children. The Familia system keeps all of your chosen family together, honoring them in society as much as a biological family would be honored. Mates in civil unions often become part of one Familia, that they share together, and they are able to invite as many others into their Familia as they wish.

Familia often live and work together, sharing in both status and glory. As such, becoming part of a Familia is another, separate means for a Damnati to work their way up through the ranks, as they would have a sponsor, and someone who can speak for them from within the pack itself. Centurion often also form Familia with other Centurion that they have strong bonds with, and during times of hardship, take special care to watch the backs of those they hold dear.

Familia do not need to be approved, nor do they need permission to form. They can be created between any number of wolves, for any number of purposes, and can be just as easily broken. It has little effect on ones status or rank, but may get people talking, if it is a dramatic affair. For Damnati, however, if they are ousted from a Familia or have one dissolve before they are allowed to rank up, must seek alternate means to gain status.



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