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Come check out Pokemon Chaku's open beta!
  • No minimum word count means no high pressure; you're free to write as much or as little as you feel like in the moment.
  • Eight classes to choose from help make each character feel more unique. Become a Trainer, Coordinator, Caretaker, Ranger, Researcher, Explorer, Homesteader, or Criminal!
  • Our skill system helps provide a sense of progression outside of just catching and training Pokemon. Become the strongest or fastest or most musically gifted trainer around through practice. We also allow Aura Users and Psychics!
  • Simple battle mechanics help keep things fair and completely eliminate the possibility for meta-gaming. All stats are equalized and can be custom built up in any way you want, meaning all Pokemon are equally viable partners. Evolution doesn't actually make Pokemon stronger on Chaku, stat-wise, though it may still offer advantages in move availability etc. In other words, if you want to be like Ash and have the world's best Pikachu partner, or like Youngster Joey with the Top Percentage Rattata, you can!
  • Because Chaku is in open beta, we are constantly launching new features! Currently in the works are Gyms, more routes, and a carnival with a variety of minigames to play, among many others! So come check us out!

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