Immigration Services (Border, AA, Etc)
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Immigration Services

Immigration - Open

Those who come across Bacchus usually are one of two types - they have come searching for us through the desert or they have stumbled across us after being lost hopelessly in the desert. Either way, Bacchus opens their arms - cautiously. Any who seek entrance into the lands of Bacchus must pass through the Outskirts of Civilization, as there is no other path into the land. Any may enter the desert and the Visitor Center, but it is expected that they remain there, where the scents are laid heavily to mark the path that must not be crossed. They may call for a greeter if there are none present at their arrival.

Once welcomed in the Visitor Center and intent to immigrate is made clear, the potential immigrant will be taken through the Tunnel to the Immigration Center. There, they will be questioned by an immigration officer and if deemed worthy, will have a temporary letter painted on their face "n". This will wash off after several weeks and leave no residue.

▐ Who Can Welcome: Any government official, any adult citizen.
▐ Who Can Fully Accept: Any government official, any immigration officer.

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Visitors, Caravans, Etc - Open

We welcome visitors, though be wary that we will be watching. You may enter the Visitor Center by way of the desert and wait there for someone to greet you. If you do not plan on staying long, such as if you simply wish to check the bounty board, you may rest in the Visitors' Quarters. However, if you wish to stay longer, you must meet with an immigration officer or any government official to be cleared for entry. This is especially useful for those who come with trading caravans or as visitors from other packs.

Visitors will have the letter "v" painted on their face, the paint reapplied whenever it seems to be fading. If the visitor changes their mind and decides to stay, they must go back through immigration services, see the box above.

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Auto Acceptances - Open

We allow auto-acceptances on occasion. Note that the pack is still young - auto-accepted characters would probably not have been born in the pack. However, if you have some idea of how your character would have joined that may not have been a standard immigration, please let us know in the "other" box. Please send this form to this account.

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