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Dawn RPG

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Dawn is:
-Realistic to semi-realistic wolf rp,
-Described as freeform and sandbox,
-With no word count and a focus on character development,
-Encouraging speed over post length but expecting literacy

Our stories and characters inhabit a fictional territory somewhere close to the Canada border and the Pacific Northwest US, set in the early 1900's. 

Dawn is an open-world, free form sandbox roleplay- which is to say that there is no grand, overarching plot to the website, and all things are determined through the actions characters take within the fictional space as adhering to the rules of the site. Dawn's plot is shaped by in-game actions, allowing plots and relationships to develop organically through the members' mutual love for writing and character exploration. As such, all threads are considered open to all - with few exceptions -, with no plotter pages, and no out of character plotting. 

Dawn hopes to foster a friendly, welcoming OOC environment, with members who realize that participating and writing on the site is merely a hobby meant to be enjoyable and help distract us from everyday life stress. The majority of our member base are adults, and the site itself is 16+ - this means that a lot of the member base holds full time jobs or education, and we try to promote a relaxed atmosphere in which no one feels pressured to post when they're unable to or otherwise have the site become a source of anxiety for them. The staff team is always open to hearing member issues and suggestions, and hope to be a helpful and reassuring presence

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