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    There was a new Phoenix, and in all ways, it pissed Miguel off. If he knew how to write, he would be the guy that wrote a list and nailed it to the church (pyramid) door: ‘100 Reasons Why Fuck This Guy’. It would take a while. He couldn’t think of 100 reasons. Instead, he went over lists in his head. Why was Miguel so salty about this? He was a salty little man, and he dived in when he felt an ounce of salt upon his little heart. It made no sense, he had decided on a good while ago. It was overall very dickish; as many people would say, he hadn’t even met the guy. But he would argue that 1. The new king was not even an aviari, and 2. Fuck you. If they had been, he’d probably still have an issue with them, but bringing that into the argument was pointless because he would ignore it.

    He was a sparrow, having to yet do his trail, having yet to actually have a job, but he’ll be damned if he did not have an opinion. Still, he could do little to act on it. Grumble to others when they would listen, and blame Him for any misfortune. As he snapped at the water trying to grab a fish, he gave a low rumble with his miss. It was annoying to try to catch fish with such long, luxurious whiskers/feathers. Despite the fact that he sported an alligator tail, he didn’t want to dip into the water. It was already annoying enough that his facial feathers were getting wet, but he had a hard craving for fish and he could not resist. Finally, after many more snaps in the rushing water, he felt his teeth make a connection and brought out a silver fish, the tail hitting his face and his teeth crunching awkwardly, horrible, on the creature’s eye. Vomit started to rise in his throat as he flung the fish to the ground.

    “HuUUuUU!! HuuuUUUUuuuc!” Oh my god, that was so gross. Some vomit dripped from his mouth, as he tried to let the disgusting crushed eye run from his mouth. “Oh my god.” It felt all pretty out, but then he felt his stomach heave, felt it all come up. As he threw up, there was a very distinct, “Goddammit.” from him. Finally, he looked at his fish, with a face full of defeat, but now a belly void of even food from earlier. No longer craving the food but knowing he must eat, he started to tear into it, lips pulled back in a very delicate way that a dog does when they’ll eat the food their person gives them but they won’t enjoy it. The rogue boy looked around with anger and disgust, and was that a hint of embarrassment? Oh dear, hopefully, no one saw his little episode. That sure would be a shame. Wouldn’t it, mister new Phoenix?

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