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It was mercifully quiet.  There was no ooze, no monsters, and nobody's surprise kids (and what surprises they brought!). So the graying wolf was grateful for the fallen trees and buzzing bees around him.  When he was younger the quiet bored him.  He thought of imaginative ways to entertain himself and those around him; but now he reflected on his family and his children, and whether he was a good father and a mate all these years.  Regrets?  Sure.  Good times?  Plenty.  There were so many good times he had, it dampened the regrets he had.

Except the loss of his mate.

The older wolf snapped on the dead branches, shaking them and tearing them apart.  The animals nearby fled at the sudden action as he threw them on the ground.  Still unhinged, the wolf clawed the bark of a fallen tree so hard holes broke through the hollow trunk.  It wasn't enough.  Another tree.  Another trunk.  More branches.  The sawdust that billowed in the air agitated the bees and they flew away to their hives in haste.


After a moment, Buckshot left the bee's hives.  He left the fallen trees.  He left the catacombs where his kids stayed--two of his kids stayed.

He didn't know where he was peetering to; just that he would be back after dark when everyone was asleep.

And mercifully quiet.

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Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song
Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song
Scorpion sting, I don't wanna bleed
Tell me that I'm not lost
Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song

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Day in.

Day out.

One after one after one after one.... At first she had been ok when he vanished, when he pulled a her... When he left her to fend for herself. Eventually she went numb, the ooze, the monster, the sickness, everything one after another, after another.... Slowly face by face members of Nardir just seemed to.... Vanish. Stellairria hadn't exactly been the best member, at least not recently and now the small Arctic was a bit older, a bit wiser, a bit number. She...She wasn't going to let herself hurt any more, wasn't going to hide any more, wasn't going to ache over others any more. If she was destine to be alone in the world then so be it. She would be a friend for those in need, a quiet companion for comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the small sunny hued canine looked upward, smiling as a dark bird called to her.


The raven called in a monotonous voice. Stella turned tot he dark bird, humming softly to herself. What a strange thought, but... She felt the urge to act on it, she was quiet for a few moments, watching the bird as it watched her, both animals curious of the other. The small wolf was the first to act.
“Oh Raven won't you sing me a happy song?”
She sang out to the dark bird who only answered in silence. Sweet merciful silence.

She moved onward after giving the bird a nod of thanks. She was wandering now, looking for other lost souls or maybe even a meal. The sunny wolf never thought she would actually run into anyone... Let alone someone whom had ties to the very family she did.

Well... This was... Different.

“Buckshot... Right?”

Her voice was soft but, friendly as she approached, wanting to keep the comfort of the quiet, she just wanted to be sure she knew who she was seeing. The small Arctic strode up to the taller male, heh... Not surprising there, she was a small lass after all.

“I'm here.”

Two words that could set fire to so many emotions, despite being spoken calm and quiet. She kept close to the other wolf, falling into for her, a comfortable silence. If he walked on, she would walk with him, if he stopped, she would stop with him, she was there to be a comforting figure, be it he talk or yell her ear off, just keep silent, attack, heaven forbid, or need someone to hold him while he wept. This would be her role so to say, her personal role, a creature of comfort for those left. IT was the least she could do for the people who had done everything for her.


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