Short Form RP  Tit for Tat [Basma]
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Large eyes scan the tunnels they know so well-- Bitterkeit has lived here far longer than those returning, revealing the odd spot but, of course, keeping the best to themself. What Bacchus has set up as denning is expansive and accessible, unlike Bitterkeit's own lodging, away from the rest. They reek of grain mash to any passerby, fullblooded and accustomed to it. A smile spreads on the dire's maw as they emerge into the ministry cavern, another idea foaming in his head.
The expression instantly falls when met by another. It was supposed to be their nephew, Rainer, the Minister, and instead they face the grinning halfbreed Historian. "Basma, lad," the Bacchus begins, affably. "Been a while, eh?"
They are surprised, is all, to find him swathed in the other's... admittedly stale scent. "Whatever 'ave you been up to?" Bratty boy-king cume bedfellow, what have you done with my sister's son?

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