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This Gemini had been an odd territory, lands so wildly different than anywhere settled before. Stones that were placed with purpose atop one another, to stretch a structure never before seen. Partly fallen to pieces, yet sections of Gemini made additions. She was weary of these structures, uncertain of them them.  They're require a closer inspection.

Today, was meant for herself. To explore this new home, to learn what she could and get some bearings. Lifting her head from her feet, to rise her rear into the air and stretch like a bowed cat. Shaking herself out as Deirdre move swiftly forward into a walk. A strong wind blowing her sideways slightly.

Eyes watered as her head turned into the wind, beginning to follow and pick her way toward a cliffside. Though the terrain was brutal, and she found herself curiously staring as stones leading downward... Purposely placed? Again? Cautiously moving downward along the slick steps, wet from mist and afternoon rains.

As the beach below came closer into sights, Deirdre's eyes widened at the sight. The sand... was black. She stood all four feet on the last stone step, leaning forward the sniff the black sand below her. Before carefully placing a foot down, lifting it back up to look at the bottom of her toes, then moving forward leaving a neat trail behind her.

Toward the Ocean, as the sun began to go down. Little did she know the water would begin to glow in only a short half hour. Her world felt weird, and her head went upward to the sky to watch and reflect.

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