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Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold?
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The moment you arrived
they built you up
The sun was in your eyes
You couldn't believe it
Riches all around, you're walking
Stars are on the ground
You start to believe it
Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you
You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do
      Iorek wasn't one to enjoy the rain despite his tiger heritage. Even though his coat to some degree resisted water, he would rather be anywhere else than in pouring rain. Okay, maybe it wasn't pouring, more of like a drizzle but regardless. The hybrid would not get wet unless he absolutely had to. He did not have to get wet right not and had a perfectly nice cave to keep himself, his companions, and his belongings dry.

      The dark-furred male managed to find a nice den hidden away from others. It was in one of the first mountains in view of the highlands but the entrance to the den was hidden by coverings of moss, ivy, and lichen. There was a skylight that allowed the beast to see fairly well in the darkness of the cave and years of rainfall had carved out a place for the rain to collect. The first part of the cave was large enough for the beast to call comfortable but not large enough to make it feel empty. He no longer felt like he needed to hide everything in his bag and he was able to lay his collection out, but not in what he could call "the open".

      A second smaller part was where the brindled beast stored all of his treasures, separated from the main cave by stalagmites and stalactites with moss and lichens hanging off. There was an opening that allowed the beast to enter and a small amount of light was allowed in, the perfect amount for a creature like the feline to see in perfect clarity.

      In the main part of the cave, there was what could be described as a large shelf where the hybrid beast made his sleeping area with some pelts lining it. There wasn't much in the first part of the cave to be perfectly honest but the feline had moved in not too long ago.

      The birds found their own sort of home in the stalagmites and stalactites thats imperfections made them perfect for nests.

      Despite the carmine-eyed creature not wanting to leave his shelter, there was a gnawing at his stomach that did not want to be ignored. The birds were also hungry which led to them not using words but landing on his head as he gazed outside. Hermes even pecked at his ear, a movement that read easily enough.

      "Okay," the scarlet-eyed scavenger sighed almost resigned as he pulled off all but the dragon pendant and padded out in the rain. At least in the pitter-patter of the rain it would be easier to hunt. He looked at the birds if saying, 'You better help me on this hunt' as he padded out of his cave, making sure that no one saw him leave.

      The red-eyed Recruit headed further along the mountain area looking for his preferred prey, goats. The pair of avians took off from his back and he slowed down, knowing that the birds would help to guide him to a kill.
Nights at the chateau
Trapped in your sunset bungalow
You couldn't escape it, yeah
Drink of paradise
They told you "Put your blood on ice
You're not gonna make it"
Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you
You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do
Hunt with Iorek!
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