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Iorek He/Him
Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold?
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I don't trust anything
Or anyone, below the Sun
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      The forest was shrouded in shadows that masked the movements of a dark-furred beast. He was moving away from the river at a steady pace. He moved with feline grace that made his seem like a shadow in the forest or a ghost. He wore little in adornments, only the necklace around his neck and a handful of trinkets in his mane. A magpie and a crow perched on his shoulders and in his teeth was a bag made of rabbit skin.

      Iorek wanted to get back to his temporary home as quickly as possible. He had precious cargo in the bag he was carrying, worth as much as silver or gold in his eyes. He would feel much better when his discovery was hidden away from others. He knew that within Gemini, he didn't have to fear thieves since it seemed like everyone meant well. But he would rather be safe than stolen from.

      The hybrid beast found a collection of beautiful stones, iridescent white that sparkled in the light. The stones were smoothed down like the stones in the rivers he found them in. He couldn't have asked for anything more perfect than that. The possibilities were endless with the stones he now possessed. The jewelry wouldn't be easy to make since the stones were smooth but they looked prettier that way so he would have to figure out how to make the jewelry without anything to easily tie to.

      The scarlet-eyed scavenger's pace slowed as he arrived at his destination. A large tree, one that didn't look too different from its brethren, covered with moss and ivy stood tall. The beast moved aside a curtain of plant life at the base of the tree to reveal a hollow in the roots. The light that was allowed in glinted off of the shiny objects within. The beast placed the rabbit skin bag in the hollow and covered it. Brynn hopped off and into the nest she made on one of the branches.

      The brindled beast turned away from the tree and headed back towards the river once again. Perhaps he could find more.

I have no idea where I was going with this. Takes place in the Grasping Wood! For Caronel!
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Caronel he/him
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Caronel did not visit the Gasping Woods except for when the pup felt very adventurous. He did not like places in his home that overwhelmed his senses and the wind blew away all the scents and filled his ears and somehow made the ground unsteady to his paws in a way that he experienced nowhere else. Sometimes the puppy craved a bit of a challenge in his life to combat the monotony that came with having parents who were somewhat overly protective of a bundle of children with disabilities; he wouldn’t let his blindness hinder him more than it could though, so he needed to visit the impossible place every once in a blue moon to keep himself on his toes. There was much to learn here.

The collector need not worry about Caronel stealing away his lovely, glittering stones. It was the smell of the rabbit-pelt sack that drew the curious pup’s attention and without thinking of consequence he began to test his teeth on the hide, as puppies do. The scent was familiar, but different, and the rough texture of it felt nice in his mouth. He might have punched a hole in it with his tiny teeth if he could gnaw for too long, but he swore he heard another.

Hey, I found something!” Caronel dropped the bag to bark at whoever could hear him. “Or you dropped something. I’m not sure.” He clamped onto the bag once again and tried to drag it to get a feel for its weight. “It’s weird! Like a food-thing but not. Smells kinda gross-ish. What even is this?


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