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Valravn can pop in whenever; absolutely no obligation. <3

I pack my case, I check my face
I look a little bit older
I look a little bit colder
   "Val." In the shade of the pyramid, she can't tell if he moves. "Val, she's home." Not stopping to see if he follows, Akuna instead marches through the halls, out into the jungle. Akuna's featherless head is high as she expertly weaves the path to the temple.
   Akuna attached herself to Valravn in the interim as closely as she had to any family, but there was always a sort of closer kinship with Iris-- the sort only sisters have. Akuna's skyward eyes, and Iris's gaze on the outside. She's home, though, a chiroptera. Some sick part of the Sapphire is almost glad for it. Now we'll have even more in common.
   "... Iris?" she breathes, coming upon the dark-pelted woman. "Sister, have you come back to us?" Have you come back to me?

I was just an only child of the universe

And then I found you
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