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Carbine she/her
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Devil, devil
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      Carbine padded through the territory once again, set on exploring parts she had yet to see. She padded through the shallower section of the river, taking a moment to dry off and fix her fur before she left. She had little to fear from her own territory and stuck to paths that were well-traveled by the Alteron members. She held her head high as she walked through the kingdom, being the daughter of the Chariot gave her a bit of an ego. She would be the first out of siblings to make it this far and she wanted to make a good impression. The silver scion was already growing into a lovely specimen.

      The forest-eyed daughter was ever so polite when she made her way through the hollow. She had learned much from her "teachers" and knew not to make enemies if she could avoid it. But being nice to others would get her something in return; a shred of loyalty was better than nothing. But nothing was very interesting in the hollow so the Progeny continued onwards.

      The tri-colored female saw something red that caught her interest and she headed in that direction. She found a garden of roses and other assorted plants. The scents were pleasing to her and she admired the beautiful scenery. She had spent much of her time in the dense forests and the garden held more beauty than she had ever seen in one place.

      The monochrome maiden's gaze was pulled back to the roses. Such beauty with thorns that would draw blood from anyone unwise enough to try to pull the flower away. How fitting for many aspects of Alteron, including Carbine herself. She learned to keep herself guarded and never let anyone close to her again. She learned that if she wanted to never feel weak again, she too should grow thorns.

      Such a beauty but wise enough to grow thorns to keep others away.

I'm rusty with Carbine, please forgive. For Telana!

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Telana she
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"With a mind like that you could rule any pack." The reply was dull, deadpan, as the ginger woman stepped from the brush, brow rose. That same tired expression resting upon her morose face. "There's many out there who wish to have both, but they're usually one or the other and then they completely overestimate how smart they really are." She blinked glancing from the child to the bush of flowers and back again.

It was odd how she came to think of Arith then, a sister who played the game well enough, charmed many, but in the end wasn't able to get away with it without dire consequences. Their family had always been a mixed bag when it came to strengths and weaknesses. Telana had always considered her elders sisters to be the lucky ones, until they weren't.

It wasn't exactly clear who the child belonged to, though she had heard about the Chariot and whatever her name was (kinda bad taste for not remembering a packmate's name) having a litter, this could have been one of them. She felt herself almost roll her eyes at the thought of children just wandering around, but Alteron was in dire need of new blood, true-born blood.

She made she to keep a bit of distance between her and the kid as if she was afraid of the other's germs or something. "Do you like the roses?" Came a simple question as she rolled her shoulders and winced at the tense feeling of her joints. "I don't no if it's particularly wise to loiter around here, there's a monster that lives within the bushes and I've heard she like to gobble up the children." Perhaps it wasn't nice to start such a rumor like that about poor Sarissa, but Telana didn't exactly care, and she had a feel that she wouldn't have either. "And with a broken body like mine, I don't think I'd be able to protect you."

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