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   A little brown mouse scurries through the dirt, nosing at flowers and digging in assorted stones. It takes a sliver of lapis lazuli in its overgrown teeth and skitters out again. Outside, Lorcan is on his stomach, waiting. "Find anything?" he questions, eyes not straying from his position as lookout for the den's owner. When the mouse presents the stone, his eyes narrow. "Don't get us caught trying to impress me." Still, he smirks, not entirely displeased. Companions have their uses, he supposes.

   Movement in the distance draws his attention, too far to be more than a tan and blue wolfish shape. "Stash that somewhere, would you, Coaxoch?" he casts, standing to greet company while the mouse takes off into the brush behind him. The Riverine smiles politely as she approaches, feathers flexing in a bit of compensation for how decorated their newly inducted craftswoman is. "Brielle, great to see you." His sparse earrings catch the light when he nods, looking her over. "Settling in alright?"

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