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Humidity, it was to be expected as Alteron slowly trudged into spring, and everyday was threatened with rain showers, but Ross was one more rain shower away from having a full blown conniption. That was, until his mother pointed out very recently that all those pretty flowers that he sometimes loved to put in his hair were all growing thanks to these frequent showers. Ugh, he'd just have to put up with it.

But having frizzy locks and looking like the local swiffer duster was not on his list of things to be remembered by, so stepped out the den after a NEARLY four hour long regime of trying to get his locks to lay as flat as possible the pup groaned and had to relent that mother nature was only half beating him, as his fringe began to curl up as he met the warm air, nose wrinkling at the smell of wet dirt and green eyes scanning over the dense fog. The usual sight to be greeted with most days and this one looked particularly happy to stay around the whole day.

The pup frowned. "I wish Mother Nature would back off, it's not my fault she's a haggard bitch." He mumbled, a little cuss he'd picked up from somewhere (he wasn't going to tell) besides it wasn't exactly proper for him to be cussing, and if his mother found out he'd be in trouble. "It's not my fault I'm beautiful, like, I can't control that." He went on to whinge with a flip of his fringe, huffing.

He didn't get too far from the den (to be honest it was probably about five to six feet) before he was already trying to fix his hair again, having found a small puddle that would act like a mirror, ears pulled back as he fussed over his hair. "WHY COULDN'T WE HAVE LIVED SOME PLACE WHERE THERE'S ALWAYS SUN?! NO RAIN!!" The boy snapped angrily.

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     Rosmarinus was the last to leave the den for the day, his preparations taking the longest by far, and Vorpal stayed inside until it was finished. He didn't want to leave at all, truth be told, but it's worse when he's alone... and so he goes.
     He follows less than eagerly, eyes shifting restlessly although apparently content to follow the other's heading. He snorts at the slur, silent to his sibling's rant otherwise. The treeline casts shadows not far from their father's lawn, and Vorpal can't help but imagine what could be lurking within, though he deeply doesn't want to know.
     He flinches when Ross raises his voice, resenting his choice of company with a sigh. "You're so prissy..." Vorpal mutters perfunctorily. He's glad they've stopped moving, no matter how irritating his brother's self-obsession is.

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