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Anyway, here's Wonderwall.
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For @Belioh, but any of the puppies from Shatter can pop in.

In the nose, out through the mouth. Cuirass feels too tight-- or maybe that's just his ribs. He's trying to clear his head, the image from behind his eyes, scream out of ears currently swiveled to the sides uncomfortably. He doesn't even know her name, but she couldn't have deserved that. Nobody does. Not even him.

Things like that aren't supposed to happen in Inaria-- that's why he came-- but maybe hell just follows him now. He probably deserves it.

But she didn't.

Amando sits in the soft dirt, closes peridot eyes and hopes it'll help. In the nose, out through the mouth. The healers are helping her now, and even if they can't save the eye, at least her life. At least, before infection sets. Maybe the scenery will clear his head.

What he sees is a child, looking back. He makes his best attempt at a smile. "Hey... How you holdin' up?"

Hopefully, better than he is.

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