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It had been a lengthy period of time since Tyrg had last eaten. He could normally stay his hunger well, but this time he waited too long. He slowly moved his large, lumbering body, smelling the air occasionally with his long forked tongue. Despite the discomfort of his hunger pangs, he managed to find some comfort in the weather, with it being neither too hot nor too cold. His lumbering about came to a stop though when he picked up a scent. Venison. He thought to himself. Cautiously, he followed the scent hoping to find food, and luckily enough he did. A male Elk, standing in place in a small clearing, eating at a fern, unaware of Tyrg’s presence. Tyrg slowly moved towards the elk before he stepped on a fallen branch, cracking it under his weight. The elk quickly looked at Tyrg, made eye contact and started to run to run. As soon as Tyrg was found out he bolted at the elk, his large frame going from slow, quiet, and lumbering, to quick, loud, and deadly within a matter of seconds. Tyrg quickly snapped at the rear of the elk, his serrated jaws tearing into it and stopping it in place. He whipped his head around trying to kill or incapacitate the struggling elk. It took a few minutes but eventually the elk went unconscious or died. Just to be certain he crushed the elk in his large jaws before swallowing it whole. Now tired and with a full belly, Tyrg lied down to rest and let his food digest.
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