Private Roleplay  I never made a gold record [Toki]
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And I've never been to Mars
But I've traveled around this world
Shooting fireworks and falling stars, and prison bars

Afua thought that he'd grown weary of traveling, and had often wanted to rest. Now that it was done and he was free to rest, he was weary of sitting still. It seemed what ever he did or where ever he went he wanted to do something else and be some where else. The burn wounds on his leg were tight and painful whether he was moving or not, but he did grow tired and sore quickly when he went on walks these days. 

He lay next to a still pool and looked into the water, it was clear and looked refreshing but he had never been a water lover. Where he came from it was as likely to find a croc in it as not... This water was transparent and seemed pleasant enough but still he only looked. He didn't even know if water would ease wounds, what kind of idiot would he look like to climb into the pool only to find that it did nothing, or made it worse.

He heaved a deep sigh and rolled on his side, wondering where his brother had gone off to. He'd told the small and strangely clad wolf that let him into Gemini that he would be useful, and he did intend to keep his word. At the moment though, he just wanted his thoughts to stop plaguing him and his leg to feel mildly better.
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