Fledglings' Flight [Kastra, Beatrice, Shimmah, Aeneas]
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Things had once again quieted down in the Moon Kingdom.  The outside threats of monsters and mayhem had been thwarted, and the internal family dramas had quelled.  Kyra was now the mother to two new Nardirians, and the pack was once again congregating together in celebration.  But a queen's work is never done.

Mercury therefore turned her attention to the last of the Wayward children.  Three youths remained in Nardir:  Shimmah (Shimmer? She would need to ask the girl which name she preferred.) and the two remaining children of the X Clan: Beatrice and Aeneas. With the disappearance of the X Clan after Akutan's desertion, Buckshot was now a single father.  Oh, she knew Adolph was playing a big role in caring for them, but the Elder could probably use a break.

They were yearlings, or thereabouts, as far as Mercury could tell.  Old enough that they should have already begun their training. With so much else to discuss, Alana had not stated how she had trained the youth of the pack in Mercury's absence.  Kastra would be the best to ask, and as usual, she relied on her nephew for the memories she did not have.  They had discussed his interest in taking on a more leadership role, and this would be a prime opportunity.  She would be able to mentor him and the children alike, although the curriculum would be vastly different between the students.

Waking early, she made her way from her den down to his, admiring the morning light on the waterfall that cascaded down the side of the cliff.  It would be a clear day, perfect weather for training.  Turning her head, she took in the view from the top spiral bridge. She ran the lake every morning, and did not find it overly tiring, but perhaps the children would be unaccustomed to the distance...  If Kastra led them, she'd be able to monitor from the rear... wasn't that how Byakko had done it?

"Kastra." She called softly at his door when she arrived. "I could use your assistance."

Let's go wrangle some kids.

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