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Avinalora she/her
I won't shiver, I won't shake. I'm made of stone, I don't break.
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Dies irae, dies illa,
solvet saeculum in favilla.
Confutatis maledictis,
flammis acribus addictis.
voca me cum benedictis.

       The stone ruin was better-kept than most with the smell of fire and herbs making it obvious that it was occupied. The silver healer pushed the curtain of moss and ivy aside to indicate that the clinic was open and had a medic inside. It wouldn't be much use if there wasn't a medic to make a clinic a working clinic.

       The stone ruin's interior was clear. A stone table separated a part of stone storage shelves, obviously the healer's workspace. She emptied her satchel on the table and began sorting the collected herbs into their own piles. She added to the inventory book on the table before adding the herbs to the large rock with widened crevices that held the rest of her supply. When she was done, the medic placed the book in the other shelf alongside other books and pulled another book out.

       Behind her, the moss nests sat empty and the fireplace was barely-lit coals. A silver and grey pine marten padded from the upstairs with a greeting, "I see you've returned," she stated as she joined the medic at her desk. "Do you have anything new?"

       I have pretty much every desirable herb in these stores, if I found something new, you would be the first one to know, the argent Aviari responded as she was reading through the same journal as always, her mother's journal. It had drawings and notes about almost every herb in Syn Cadrys.

       "It's a nice day outside, Avinalora," the female said as she climbed onto the herb storage to look down at the moon-washed medic.

       I can see that, Elkumis, the scarred female replied as she turned another page. I'm needed here.

       "I can tell. Elkumis deadpanned.

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