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Fiammetta She/Her
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       Fiammetta walked a tail's length from the border that separated Inaria from the outside world. She wanted an actual challenge since this job was already boring unless she had someone to let into the great lands. Unfortunately, as of recently, Inaria hadn't been the destination for most nomads looking for a home.

       It was their loss, who wouldn't want to live in this purple tree paradise?

       So now the hellion was left to pace and walk until her legs fell off or she decided that she was done for the day. It wasn't easy with her stubborn self and even if this job was a bit soul-sucking the life out of her, she wouldn't give up so easily. That was not how she worked. Even though the fiery female would sell her soul for something interesting to happen to her.

       In hindsight, selling your soul was not a good idea but when did she have good ideas?

       The green-eyed Sentinel found herself back at the place she started when she began her patrol and she felt like she was done. Well it wouldn't do her any good to overwork herself, was it? Screw whatever she thought earlier, she was done for the day and decided to go on a break to do something else. The lead sentinel wouldn't care, would they? She thought not.

       The feisty fox trotted back into the Inarian forests.
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Colleen She
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It was a gorgeous day and the earthy colored wolf couldn’t help herself from being in a happy, spunky mood. Dainty paws danced along as she made her way toward the border to fulfill the duties of her rank. Ghost had found her on his travels and recruited her to come back to his homeland, but it had a catch of course. Colleen would have to assist the pack and he had told her she was to become part of the sentinel rank. She was implored to make a routine of patrolling the borders for two very important reasons. Reason one, to make sure there were no out siders needing acceptance and most importantly, reason two, to make sure there were no outsider’s meaning harm upon the pack. Respectful strangers would of course heed the scent markers designating the pack’s claimed land, they would howl, and whichever sentinel was closet would hastily make their way to where the call came from to analyze the newcomer and their intent.

Colleen had been briefly given the gist of what to ask, the basics of ‘Who are you? Where are your from?’, but most importantly it had been expressed her to make sure anyone that was wanting to join could bring a benefit to the pack. There was no need for dead heads that just sucked life and resources from valued members. Those induvial that added to the life and society of the pack should not have want and provide to those that sit idly by. Yet again proving why she had been enlisted into a rank immediately when added to the pack.

Beyond screening wolves in acceptance, she also had to keep a bright eye for invaders. Colleen wasn’t keen on all the details and history of her new homeland, yet. She wanted to know more, but it didn’t seem in proper etiquette to pry, so she would just keep an ear out of any of the details that sprouted up around her. It seemed as if the pack had troubles from outside aggressors, she had even heard brief rumor that the pack had been involved in a war. So, it was quite known to the girl how much keeping up with her duties was necessary.

Nearer the border she came, following a usual path that is well worn by herself, other sentinels, and even other pack members. She knew she was getting closer to the outer reaches of the pack’s lands when scents began to trail off and only those she commonly encountered on patrols were beginning to be the only that remained. Her eyes went here, there, and everywhere, soul still blissful as she basked in the warm spring morning. She felt confident and self-assured, knowing she was doing the right thing and going to accomplish the goals she had set for herself that day., that was until an irresistible tone danced into her over sized wolf ears.

It was a hollow chiming, and it took all her attention in one complete swoop. Immediately all prior plans faded from her mind as she became fixated. Sounds like these excited her, making new and strange sounds occupied her for hours, and happening upon one in the woods unprovoked, what a thrill! Absentmindedly she had already turned from the border and faced off in the direction the sound was coming. Big ears flickered, and eyes darted around the trees as she took a few more steps off the trodden trail.

There didn’t seem to be any others around, who would notice if she slacked a day? Or just was a slightly bit late? Smiling she took a few more steps left and listened, the clanking in the breeze was fainter in this direction, so she returned to center and went right. Yes, that enhanced the sound telling her she was getting warmer.

Moving inward, back tracking her previous steps she followed her ears for the hollow sound, until they were filled with the foot steps of another. Her eyes grew wide, ears set back, and she crouched slightly, caught off guard by the approach of someone else. Behind a lush blue berry bush she hopped, its branches full with leaves, she watched the other trot down the trail. Comically her nose stuck out of the bush, along with ears peaking above it. Quick sniffs told her that this other was another Inaria pack member, but what was she doing all the way out here?
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