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Winter’s icy grasp waned as it fought with springtide. The skies remained clouded over but the ground and the wildlife that wished to sprout from it was recovering. Once frozen, then soaked again and again from melting snowfall, made for a slow restoration. However, this moment was promising. Even in the hush of night, the weather behaved. Even temperatures, soft winds, and unfrozen waters gave way. Basking in this comfort she long missed was Barracuda, toiling away by a river’s edge. 

A shadowy spot in the soil marked where a hollowed branch once sat. Now clamped between tough yellow teeth, the dead wood slowly made its way towards sounds of rushing water. Barracuda struggled with its weight. Winter had changed some aspects of her life as it did for all others. Time in between meals had grown since her trapping had become less successful. She could not remember the last time she got on her paws and hunted something tooth and nail. Now she was reluctant to do so but figured she could establish traps elsewhere in hopes of a better outcome. Her jaws let loose of the branch when she came to the shores and her one eye peered down at the flowing river that was alive with freshwater fish. Examining the course of the water, she searched for something more relaxed. Further down and cast aside was a pool of sorts. Something more stationary for fish. Sauntering down to this spot she eyed it down once more before beginning to dig. Close to the water’s edge her paws quickly worked away the earth to create a deep hole that she would use to capture her next meal. Next, she would smooth down the soil between her deep-seated trap and the pool to channel water into it. Retrieving her branch she placed it where it saddled the in-between. Calm water from the pool coursed through its hollow body and dribbled into the trap. She refined the earth around the branch. If something decided to poke its way in now there would be no way out. 

Barracuda tiredly put herself on her haunches to take a breather. Surrounding her was vast temperate plains with scattered pines. The grounds wished to be ripe with mosses and ferns but needed more time to flourish. It stretched far within the distance, halting where mountains arose. She was used gazing out onto waters that touched the horizon. She felt familiar with coastlines and not so much areas like this one. To say the least, she was homesick. Far from the lands she had been raised and had come to gain mastery over. Be that as it may, she felt winter had forced her to move. Life had given her a new hand. There was good that could come from this change.

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[Image: 84kr45c.png]

       A female with fur the color of winter's grasp frolicked through the fields with a grin on her face. Silke loved all the seasons but spring was the most interesting to her. So many beautiful smells and the birds were singing again. Even though she couldn't see the sights, she could still enjoy everything else.

       Rhiannon followed behind her, the hulking form guarded and tense. She did feel warmth in her heart as she saw the hellfox gallivanting but she was always on guard. She heard something that made her turn her head and look off into the distance, surveying for threats. But by then the fox was gone.

       Silke padded through the undergrowth, hearing the sounds of a river. She liked to listen to the sound and the water was always pleasant. The texture of the rocks and the sand would be nice to feel and she moved through the grass easily with her whiskers and using the scents and sound to warn her of obstacles. The hellion padded out of the grass where she could hear the river. But also another scent.

       Hallo? Was machen Sie? The blue belle asked as she padded closer to the scent and the sound of a wolf. Her blind eyes were friendly and she smiled, tilting her head up to where she could hear the exhales.

Hope you don't mind Silke and Rhiannon (who will come in later)! Hoovertext translations provided for the German Silke speaks! Btw in German, the "W" sound is a "V".
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