Meeting  Thrillkill This Wolf [Rita BEHEADING]
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Read this first pretty please!!

This is a retroactive thread that was meant to be up a while ago, but we were all just… busy, so so busy. It takes place before the party in Inaria, which means any member who went to said party can also post here. That includes the sharitas and other kids! I'm sure you'll all behave and not be terrible monsters.
We were going to make this a proper trial, but for the sake of time, since we already took so long, this is simply the verdict. Me and Rhiow discussed this stuff with Akante beforehand, so don’t worry about it messing up any plots.

Please let Akante post first, then you can have your characters come in to comment or say they were present. Bullets are fine too. There is no post order otherwise, and I’m probably not going to post again unless a character asks a question, or like one of you hooligans causes a SCENE.


The king and queen sit together on a high stone. Behind them looms the castle, mossy and wrapped in thorny blue roses. Shade falls over the gathering, the breeze knocking the tree canopy back and forth. It’s a decent day in the last grip of Gemini’s brutal winter. Grass is rising from between patches of snow—a promise of better times ahead, or so they all hope.

Akira swishes her tail, a gesture wholly unwolf-like, and peers down at the former captain with a hawkish glint in her eyes.

“First, I would like to apologize for the miscommunication. I understand you believed you were barred in the cave where your mate is recovering. That was… not our intention. We hope you will enjoy the length of your freedom beyond its walls. The fields are quite lovely.”

She clears her throat, not out of embarrassment but because she’s trying not to *laugh*. Maybe it was some sort of karmic retribution on the smallest scale that such a tyrant would be subjected to something so humiliating.
“I would never pass forgiveness onto you for the people you have hurt. If they seek justice for the pains you inflicted on them, that is their prerogative, especially beyond our borders.
 Many of those sheltering in Gemini have done terrible things in their lives, and they are trying to better themselves. We support the idea of a second chance, if those around are also welcoming to the idea and no danger to our own people is present.
The queen and I offer you two choices.
One. You and your family may stay until your mate is recovered and your children are grown enough to travel safely. You will remain under supervision, but you will be granted additional freedoms if you prove yourself peaceful and helpful. Then, when you are prepared and healthy, you may leave without hinderance. We will not follow you.
Two. You and your family may stay and make this your home, provided you work to make amends. This will not be easy. We will work you hard, and any place among us will be earned. Prove you are a friend. Prove you want to be better. That is what we ask of you, should you choose to join us.
Tell us which you would prefer, and it shall be done.”

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