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So far, the two wolves met inside the borders of El Dorado... or Syn Cadrys, whatever this place was... Were interesting. The scarred doctor was a neat one, rough around the edges. Though, it was the sun kissed Illidan that caught her attention most. With his locks of beautiful dark hair, and how astonishingly gentle he seemed to be.

Tortuga has rarely produced kind souls with that level of innocence, little limping Zuriel had been the only one that sprang to mind. So of course, Brielle would seek out Illidan again sometime. She looked forward to their next interaction, tug him closer, her mind demanded.

Not today though, today she spent her morning wandering under the dawn-streaked sky. Gathering interesting looking flowers, plucking stones from the ground, cutting thin sticks from the ground and branches of thick bushes, the odd bird feather or two from the ground. Already possessing twine from previous packlands, woven into tight bundles around sticks.

When pleased with her haul, and how it was neatly tucked into her pouch, Brie wandered off to her den. Sprawling onto her new regular spot in dappled sunlight, a smooth plank of wood was set into the ground, where she emptied to stones, sticks, her bundle of twine, the feathers, and other items.

Here she tested a stick for it flexibility, pleased as she bent it slowly into a curve. Careful not to snap the thin twig, tying it as the ends met in a circle. Leaving it laying in a warm spot while she grabbed her twine, and unraveled a length. At this point Brie began to wrap the circle tightly with the twine, over and over and over...

She felt peaceful, working quietly on the project.

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Beansprout She/her
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Beansprout had kept her little net from earlier. The vines weaved together seemed strong enough, but whatever she was going to use it for now was a little up in the air. She had met a pretty, angry boy a couple days ago but she hadn't seen him since. But she couldn't help but be curious when she spotted movement in the distance, and ended up trailing after the blue and orange woman as she collected all sorts of bits and bobs.

"Hello," She greeted once Brielle was working with her twine, the teenager finally revealing herself with her makeshift vine net slung over her back. The leaf on her head bounced as she trotted over, slowing down deliberately as she got close since she didn't want to ruin whatever it was that the woman was creating. "What are you making? Can I join you?" Bean made no attempt to hide her curiousity over the many strange trinkets that the former pirate had, eyes hovering on the accessories with feathers for a little while longer than the rest.

Had she been a part of this pack for long? Everyone seemed to have feathers except for her!

"I'm Beansprout!" She gave a little introduction with a smile, closing her eyes briefly to make the gesture extra friendly. "I'm new around here, so I don't have any feathers yet." She quieted down as she observed Brielle's work for a while, quietly prodding for more information with another question.

"Are you also self taught?"

It would be nice to have a friend that liked to invent too!

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