[MON PLOT] Event - Moonstone Lake
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Chapter Two

This is the thread for the corrupted bat event at Moonstone Lake.

Information about what is happening in Nardir can be found - HERE
(so I don’t have to copy + paste the entire thing everytime)

Information about the chapter of this plot, as well as links to other threads can be found - HERE

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Kyra mumbled in her sleep, the gathering bats over the lake were incessant. They had gathered in bits and starts and just started falling and flying and screeching and calling and Kyra was at a loss for action. She just wanted to stay in her den, keep her growing belly safe. It was all she had now.

One flew into her den. White speckles oozing off its body.

With a wild and crazy screech that echoed through the entire castle she scrambled away from it, pressing herself against the wall of her comfortable nest.

"DAD!!!!" She screeched, calling out to the first person she thought of.
"MERCURY!!!!" Came the second person she thought of, screeching and hollering and scrambling to get away from it. It would bounce off her walls and she would scream whenever it got too close.

Finally she fell out of her den, panting and gasping. She scrambled even further away toward the lake, but she was dive bombed by another infected bat and another fell dead by her back leg. She shrieked and pressed herself against a cliffside wall, against the Castle. Her eyes wide.

Hakan wasn't here.

"In my Den! It came in my den! It's infected!" She screeched at whoever was listening or trying to attend to her.

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