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The tiny blue wolfess surveyed her latest creation with a critical eye, absentmindedly blowing her over-long fringe out of her eye. Hm. The structure seems sound enough, and the adjustable whatchamacallums are firmly attached to the whatchamathingies. The thingamiebob is aligned with the thatthingone and thatthingtwo... yeah...yeah it should do! And she made a new friend to boot - Hakan would be so proud! She smiled to herself for a moment, thinking back on that meeting. It's curious how such a humongous guy can be so afraid, like, even more timid than she was. 

With his help, she'd been able to get enough bark to enable the building of this contraption. It was indeed a Contraption. Justifying the capital C. It looked like a basket spawned by a hellbeast - a rig, to put across the back, with four triangled rods entertwining and supporting a flat bottomed, high sided basket. the basket was double reinforced, with two smaller baskets nestled within. Now hopefully, if she'd made it correct, it can be adjusted to fit the back of most wolves (her new friend excluded, his back is too big). Then th epups can be inserted in the top end, and then the carrier wolf can easily traverse the river without getting the precious cargo wet.


Um. It needs to be tested.


the young wolfess looked around, wondering how or who on earth she could ask to try this thing out/
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