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His eyes were red, his stomach turned and his tongue was coated in a thick whitish red substance. Dominix needed to get out of here, he needed to escape. But how? This place was a prison, the rock’s twisted and turned like a maze and there was no colouration in anything. The rocks where a dark grey and here and there a rock would be stained red, a few bones here and there. Dominix hadn’t seen Yibio in quite some time and it concerned him, thought he had no time for thoughts of Yibio at the moment. The smell of illness clung to ever crevices and every blade of grass. Dominix could smell all the illnesses... the White Blindness... the White Mouth... Even the No Speak... it was all here. Every single one of them, all here. But why? He didn’t understand, how did he get here... when did he get here? And where can a wolf get a bite to eat around here? He quickened his pace, Dominix raised his muzzle to the air and let his nose lead him.

      A few hours passed since he first started to look around for food. It was no use though, there was nothing here. Dominix was already 2 times his normal body weight and growing thinner by the second. His gums hurt, he had ear mites, and his leg was twisted up a tad bit. His leg only slowed Dominix down, and he was getting tired of it. The wolf turned his gaze to a moving bush, if anything
he would be glad if it was the mangy old raccoon he saw three nights ago. But he let his hopes get the better of him, it was only a small mouse... mouse? How did it get in here? How did it get out? The wolf dropped down to the little creature and whispered out.
“Hey there little guy,” his voice a soft coo. “Can you show me how to get out?”

Dominix was going insane, ‘for Lupis’s sake I’m talking to a mouse’ he thought. The mouse, being a mouse, only squeaked and turned away. He barked in annoyance, and followed the mouse into the bush. The mouse squeaked and rushed away, Dominix stopped dead in his tracks and whispered out in awe. For he could see trees, he could see sky, he could see moss and bird!
“I’m out...”
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