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Hopefully this is in the right category, please notify me if not!
The plot is to gather up some canines (preferably dogs, but wolves and wolfdogs are okay). Hoping to get a little group together to eventually form into a pack, when there's enough involved.

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Late afternoon.
The sky was just darkening, the sun descending below the horizon. The silenced forest was seemingly empty, devoid of any life. The breeze was comfortable, and carrying a distant scent...

Large, blue paws crashed against the soft, verdant earth of the forest. The pitbull emerged from the woodwork and looked around the area laid out before his silvery eyes. There wasn't much to see in the Ancient Forest; it was undoubtedly old. There was something in particular that had drawn the canine to this place.

Kojak huffed, releasing a cloud of steam akin to a bull, then excessively sniffed the air. The scents carried by the wind were faint right now, but being cautious as always, he raised his tail and assumed a tall posture that positively radiated dominance. His forbidding silver eyes examined the silent territory, but no one appeared to be here. They would come eventually, he decided. He had howled earlier for a gathering, for anyone interested in what he had planned.

Unceremoniously, he released a long yawn that revealed all of his several curved teeth, most stained with blood from previous battles. The brute's jaws clicked as it ended, and he scanned the area once more, wondering if anyone else would show up. Admittedly, he definitely was not the most approachable male. He had to force himself to come here. But, with a hope to soon start a pack of his own for the misunderstood, supposed it would be in his best interest to start gathering up any interested canines.

My little "pack" of canines has disbanded so long ago... we were not strong. We never were. It almost seemed pathetic. Spineless! Weak!
His lips curled into a snarl. I wish I could have rose to alpha, I could have definitely made a pack out of those members. Perhaps... I could form my own. I'm sure I could gather a few strong canines... Kojak's thoughts then shifted to a deep, booming voice echoing in his head. It was his father. He had always remembered those important things he had told him when he was just a pup.

"Now, Kojak, remember what I told you earlier. Be nice with the other dogs. We may be a bit different than others, but we don't need any unnecessary bloodshed."
Kojak would say, "I understand."
"Good. Now go have fun!"

That's basically how it's always been. 'Go and make some friends!' Although he was often undoubtedly dominant and aggressive, that's what the young pitbull truthfully hoped for. He wanted to gather up a group of friends, to form a pack that would be revered for a long while. He wanted some significance; he always seemed to just blend in... to simply fade into the background while others before him thrived in their packs and prides.

How proud it would make him proud to have a pack, and for others to know of its greatness. He knows he's struck respect into the hearts of many in the past, and it was time to do so again. This time, with a pack beside him.

"No guts, no glory. No legend, no story."
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