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Something had been gnawing at the back of the Roc's mind since the news had broken, since they had been graced with the new Phoenix.  While Moxie knew that the tradition was written in stone, and Xiuhcoatl's word was law, there was still something gnawing at his mind about it.  It ate at his dreams, and caused him to become distracted when completing routine patrols.  He needed to get away from the tribe, from the buzz, from all the shit that was being passed around, and think in silence.  There was only place he knew of that he could think of, that would provide him the peace and quiet he craved.  And while it was usually only utilized during the Shadow Ritual, Moxie often found himself gravitating towards the island his family had been abandoned on, even though it held nothing but feelings of hatred and distain.  

It was the only place he felt most connected to his family, and to Coyopa and Xiuhcoatl, besides the pyramids.  

And there was no lingering eyes, or eavesdropping ears like fucking Itai creeping around.  No, Obsidian Isle was protected by the fact that only the Obsidian family knew how to navigate the caves to get in and out of the treacherous island before the tide came in.  Speaking of which, once on the island, he'd most likely be stuck there until morning. Which he was fine with, he was sure the tribe would be happy to be rid of him for a night, so they can have their own peace and quiet.  

Moxie took one look back at the big island, before ducking down, and making his way through the narrow caves, small enough for Aviari to get through, but too narrow for larger breeds to squeeze through.  He dipped and he weaved through the tunnel system, and came out on the other side to the sun just beginning to set, the waves crashing over the narrow stone walkway that led to the isle, his paws and forelegs getting wet as he made his way over the pathway to the black sand isle.  A feeling of  an eerie calm crashed over him as the waves broke on the black sand beach.  Pillars of obsidian glass could seen until the horizon met the sky.  It was odd to think of this as home, but in a way it was.  He was raised here with his siblings, and his cousins. His entire family had passed on generations on this isle, and yet there had been nothing but hatred for it.  

Moxie dipped his head as he walked passed the countless pillars of glass stacked along the beach, the tide never touched them, protected by Coyopa himself.  He only raised his head when he was near his own family's pillars, marked with three slash marks along the side.  Moxie sighed, gently sitting beside his family's markers, staring out onto the horizon as the sun set, watching the tide creep in.  

"Coyopa.. Xiuhcoatl..  I need to know if this.. Kukulkan is worthy.  I know he bears the sigil but.."  He stopped, growling under his breath, "Fuckin'...Why? How? Can he lead us, he is  a fucking kid. He has no damn experience, he is young... too fucking young. I need to know that he is right for Syn Cardrys, that no other family will suffer as mine has."

Waves crashed ashore.

"I need to know."

And he snarled out, as he stood, looking to the sky


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