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Zanna she/her
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Rank [IC]: Right Wing & War Captain
Played By: shortyhooz

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“Then protect me.”

The words rang in the War Captain’s ears as emerald eyes searched the smoke for her Sabora’s familiar figure. How could she lose her? It happened so fast, she hadn’t had a chance to think about it.

Considering their position and their intent to stay hidden and to sneak up on the people of valley, she was hesitant to call out to the Sabora and give up either of their positions.

Gritting her teeth in frustration, she did the only thing she could and continued on. Sincate couldn’t have gone too far, she was sure she’d run into them soon. Sincate was capable, they’d be able to hold their own, even if they shouldn’t have to.

Briefly, she wondered what reprimand she’d face from her Sabora being that she was just promoted not long ago to this Elite position.

Pressing on, she fought through the smoke and stayed low as she waited for anyone to appear before her.

Suddenly, a dark figure shifted in the confines of the smoke. Much darker than her Sabora, and appearing to be going in the opposite direction of Zanna.

Deciding that was enough evidence to prove this wasn’t an Alteronian or Saboran, she lunged forward, making no sound as she did so, simply aiming to collide with the escapee and take them down.

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Ashtaroth She / He
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   Still a silly girl; it hadn't occurred to her that although the smoke may hide her, it would also conceal anyone else. The War Captain bowls her over easily-- far Ashtar's senior and five inches superior. There are, however, facets to her advantage. A Tactician's training, for instance.
   The Boshin rolls-- once, twice-- until she has a small range of space to evaluate the threat. She stays crouched, belly to the ground, body lengthwise while she watches the Saboran approach, tail thumping the ground in erratic anxiety. Ashtaroth's first thought is an irrelevant but true-to-form, pretty, followed by a note on deeply saturated colours, an unfortunately thick neck, and finally: the scars on her right, the closest thing to weakness she's likely to find.
   As soon as the opportunity is identified, feigned-fearful eyes narrow the instant she lunges past Zanna's right side, snapping at the foreleg in hopes of dragging it under her, pulling old wounds in over-extension. Here's hoping you stretched. No matter how her attempt turns out, she darts by the larger woman, back into the blaze.
   Trained by Tacticians, oh yes, but the Jin taught her it's best if they never know where you're coming from.

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