Meeting By Moonlight [acceptance]
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The night was illuminated by the full moon high in the clear starry sky, constellations cluttered to blue-black abbess of its vast expanse. Deep in the forest, Carrow padded along his long pointed ears raised in alertness. All he could hear was the songs of the nightly critters and bugs echoing from the looming trees. Carrow’s steps were light and silent on the underbrush as he naturally avoided twigs and other debris. Narrow, clear golden glowing eyes guided him effortlessly into the unknown territory.

Carrow was not sure if he was in the packs territory yet or not; he had been following the scent of the pack for days now and only tonight had he found the edges of their land. He had hoped to run into a patrol or a lone guard by now, but there had been no such luck, the day and sank away without a sign of any other wolf. He had not planned on investigating their scent nor actually finding their territory, but an ach to rid himself of this loneliness pushed him onward.

Carrow was not like other wolves, he technically was not even a wolf. His body was smaller, and fur not as thick or coarse. Carrow’s father had been a dog from a man village and his mother had been a wolf, this left Carrow at, what he considered a disadvantage. At a young age, Carrow had been taught that he was different and not wanted by other wolves or even by humans; he had tried to integrate into a village but was chased away. Therefore, he was alone, and had been for a long time.

A snapping branch made Carrow stop, one paw raised in a half step he listened intently. Nose twitching, but only the smell of pine trees filled his nostrils. “Hello? Someone there?” he asked into the night air. 


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The whole pack had decided to take turns monitoring the border while Kyra was nursing her pups. For Alexander, it was more of a forced chore to scout the borders near his lake retreat before going off to meet with his mentor Hakan, or his sister Mercury to learn more about Nardir and his own history. It was all still so new and fascinating, but the boy found himself falling deeper and deeper in to the hole that was made for him in a pocket of his brain that he hadn't before known to exist.

Tonight was different; he had put off patrolling the borders until after his lesson with Hakan. His mentor had given him a task to do; something the golden prince would have been able to do as he walked around the borders edge. So he walked on, the moonlight cascading through the tops of the trees and shining its pale light on to his back every now and again. There was no one- no sign of traitors, no sign of...well, anyone really, and frankly Alexander wasn't surprised. Who was going to just show up in the middle of the night? Well, aside from him of course.

The boy hummed and continued on his way, slowly retreating back in to the pack lands when the scent of another caught his nose. Ears perked, head lifting on alert as he allowed the strange scent to fill his lungs and carry his paws in the direction of the stranger that had found themselves encroaching on his homeland. Golden green eyes began to scout ahead as he followed the lingering trail back in to his own borders, spotting the figure not too far away. The prince inhaled slowly- he'd never really met another at the border before, nor did he really know how to handle this sort of situation? Sure, Mercury and Kyra had explained the basics to him, but now it was his chance to put that in to action.

“Hello? Someone there?”

The boy stopped mid stride as he approached from behind, his head lowered but rising slowly as he slowed from a trot to a walk.

"Yes, hello." he said, his entire demeanor changing from the usual unsure self in to the prince he was meant to be. He gave the stranger a look over, his body language instantly changing. Something about this newcomer had him suddenly very excited. The newcomer sort of...well, sort of looked like a dog. Alexander's ears perked up instantly, tail wagging. Was this dog looking creature actually a dog? They looked... well they looked like a dog, but not fully a dog. Either way, the golden boy couldn't help but find himself standing there excitedly, his tail wagging behind him.

"Hello! Yes, hello! Welcome!" Something tugged at his heart, some faint and distant memory of a home he'd long since left. He didn't know this stranger, but just the sight of him made Alexander smile widely. It took him a moment to recoil back in to his mannerisms, blinking several times before straightening up.

"Welcome to Nardir. Please state your business, friend."

Kyra and Mercury would be so proud of him.

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